Burn Out continued: This scene takes place after the tag scene of "Burn Out."

J. Edgar's Ghost continuation: continuation of the tag scene, where Amanda has just blackmailed Lee into dinner at Spencer's and they are leaning over the desk, VERY close

From Nothing Comes: (external link ***no longer works) An answer to The Alphabet Challenge. This is a story that contains 26 scenes, each one dealing with a different letter.

N is for 'Nothing': Part of the Alphabet Challenge. Lee and Amanda do 'nothing'

Rumors of My Death continued: This story takes place after the tag scene of "Rumors of My Death." I always wondered what happened after . . .

She's Gone: What happens when she's gone?

Spies Among Us: (external link ***no longer works) We've seen the shows and read the stories from Lee and Amanda's points of view. What about the people in the businesses where so much of the activity takes place?

When the Time is Right: Lee and Amanda take on a case that brings them closer together.


The Letter: A Lee & Amanda adventure told mostly through flashback


Amanda King and the Seven Spies: An impromptu masquerade plunges Amanda into another world. (cowritten with Overall)

Outtakes From: Amanda King and the Seven Spies: What might had happened had the story been part of a real episode. (cowritten with Overall)

Yesterday: Small `missing scenes' throughout Amanda & Lee's relationship.


G is for Ghosts: Letter G in the alphabet challenge.

AKA Amanda

Nothing Changes: I can't it would ruin the story.  But Amanda does get a codename.

Amanda in WI

E is for Eavesdropping: Round 2 Alphabet Story. Coworkers misinterpret a conversation.

Fight for Love: Amanda confronts Lee a few years after he transferred to New York. A/U

Five Card Draw: Lee and Amanda play poker on Valentine's Day with a stakeout.

My Best Friend: Lee and Amanda's last night together before their wedding.

Happy Valentine's Day -- Love, Scarecrow: Lee is in store for a surprise.

Last Minute Thoughts: The bride and groom do some thinking while walking down the aisle.


Amanda King, Queen of Denial: Amanda finds out about her code name

Love, Me: A vignette at the end


Beneath the Surface: a forgotten enemy comes back through the most unusual means


In der Stille des Nachts: Filler for The Legend of das Geisterschloss

Innocence Lost: Amanda must deal with the implications of her job.

The Loss: The King/Stetson family must deal with the loss of a loved one

Questions and Answers: Lee and Amanda are having a sleepless night.

Scarecrow and Mr. Jones: Scarecrow and Mrs. King/Twice in a Lifetime crossover. Lee discovers that he has some regrets. A/U.

The Shadow Knows: Lee has a ghost to bury.

Simple Desires: This story is in answer to a challenge posted on the egroups archive site. The original challenge was posted by Ruirui.

Thou Shalt not Kill: Lee and Amanda must protect the daughter of a senator

Time Heals All Wounds: What if someone hadn't immediately forgiven Lee and Amanda for all the lies?

Wrath and Fury: Lee and Amanda's past comes back to haunt them.


Along the Yellow Brick Road: This is part two of 'Hope, Love and Eternity' It's Amanda's turn to become the vulnerable one, and Lee become the strength, breaking down all the walls of her past. . . uncovering the woman she was. Discovering the woman of the future.


N is for Necklace: Round 2 alphabet story. Several fanfics have been written about Amanda's heart shaped necklace, which she first wore in the first episode of season three. What always intrigued me was that at about the same time she stopped wearing another necklace. This story tries to explain why.

Over Every Limit: A spoof look at out of character stories. Please do not take seriously.


F is for Forever: Alphabet story. 11 years after the series ended.

H is for Hand Holding: Round 2 Alphabet Story.

I'm Movin' On: Lee learns the meaning of movin' on with his life.

Should Be Sleeping: Lee spends a night thinking about Amanda. Late third season, right before ATWAS.


All in a Day's Work: Fourth Season Filler.

Bay Window: Lee loses track of Amanda during a deadly mission on Chesapeake Bay. His surprising reaction, and his friends' efforts to assist him, provide insight into the developing relationship between the pair.

Last Respects: Filler scenes for "Remembrance of Things Past." What happened during those three days between the attempt on Lee's life and the 'funeral'?

Manifest Destiny: Whether therapeutic or unsettling, dreams are reflections of reality. Are they portents of it, as well?

Neverland:  Seriously injured during an averted political assassination, Amanda dreams of pirates, pixies, and the Lost Boys.

Not Today: A short 'What if' after Unfinished Business.

'O' is for 'Over': Alphabet Story -- first season

A Sticky Situation: Where did Amanda's second season haircut come from anyway? Based on the all-dialogue challenge.

The Woodshed: Billy resumes his cover as a jazz musician to help a Russian pianist seeking asylum, but what begins as a routine defection ends up being considerably more complicated than anyone bargained for.

BB Fan

Fore! . . . Play: Lee comes back from an assignment across the 'pond', and gets a sneak preview at what lies ahead for both of them. Takes place late 1986.

His Secret is Out of the Bag: A Continuation of 'Need to Know'

Interruptions: Lee gets in Over his head.

M is for Mom: for Round 2 of the Alphabet Challenge

Silver Thunderbird: A bittersweet glimpse into Amanda's youth.

You Didn't Hear That: What followed after Utopia Now.

Becky Moe

Reaching the Limit: Filler for 'Over the Limit', Amanda's thoughts as she leaves Lee's apartment to go spy on Trans-Oceanic.

U is for . . .: Part of the alphabet challenge. Lee and Amanda share a special time.

X is for Xanadu: Part of the second round of ABC stories. Lee reflects on a special place in his life; scenes and situations from all four seasons are mentioned.


Lee Stetson - Firefighter?: A story about Amanda's kitchen fire that she mentioned in "Spiderweb"

Mother's Arms: Shows what might have happened between the zap gas and engagement ring in "Nightcrawler"

Tell Me About the Good Old Days: Is Amanda trying to Kill Lee?

Beth J

Like Father, Like Stepson: Philip meets his true love.

P is for Photographs: Alphabet story.

Renaissance: A/U What might have happened if Adi Birol's kidnapping had affected Amanda differently.

Vigilante Housewife: What if there was only one man in a red hat on that train? Would that moment on the platform be all Scarecrow and Mrs. King ever shared? Of course not!

Y is for Yo-Yo: Alphabet story.

Bohemian Fling

W is for Wishes: A "W" Alphabet story. What does Dotty want for her Birthday?

Z is for Zulu: The Z Alphabet story


Zat You Santa Claus?: Story based on the song of the same name

Zat You Too?: Why was Lee there and what was he doing?


Changes: Amanda is trying to arrange some family time but encounters problems from Lee. Will there love still be strong enough?

Everything is Not What it Seems: Phillip goes to a Halloween party. Never underestimate the unexpected. With everything going on will Lee be able to spend time with Amanda? A Season 5 Story.

Father's Day 1987: Father's Day in the King/Stetson house

Our Love: Lee and Amanda's thoughts sometime during late 3rd Season.

R is for Reflecting: Alphabet Challenge. The letter R can be used a lot in Lee and Amanda's life, right now Lee is reflecting on his life, after having Amanda in his life for 6 years.


Old Enemies/New Alliances: Sabrina Duncan, investigating a money laundering scheme, gets a little unexpected help from IFF.


Change of Heart: Lee has to come to terms with Billy's sudden death and his temporary promotion.

Come With Me: Lee and Amanda end their long life together.

Dancing with the Cat: Lee has to work with an old girlfriend who tried to get him to the altar.

Facing Fear: Lee and Amanda take the family on a Christmas vacation.

Family: Lee decides to visit his uncle and make up for all their lost time.

Going Home: The kids gather together for Father's day with Lee. He is still trying to come to terms with Amanda's death. The old house holds many memories of Amanda and Lee's life together.

Goodbye, Lee: Amanda has to be strong after Lee disappears.

It's not my Day: Lee comes to terms with Joe's return home and into their lives.

Lee's First Father's Day: Amanda and her mother go away leaving Lee and the boys alone for a week. Lee finds out how it is to be a father and how the boys really feel about him. He has his first Father's Day.

A Problem with Love: Lee and Amanda deal with the pressure of work and home.

Samantha: It's Lee and Amanda's second wedding anniversary.

A Taste of Honey: Lee has to deal with Amanda's sudden illness and how it affects their lives.

The Vacation: Lee and Amanda tell her family about their marriage.


Another Embassy Party: Lee tells Amanda to mingle while he meets a contact.

I is for Interrogation: an alphabet story. Amanda brings her work home with her.

Less than an Hour: Filler scene for 'Suitable for Framing', Amanda comes over to Lee's apartment before he has to leave for New York with Billy.

Mysterious and Ooky: An SMK/Addams Family crossover

No Time for Byron: Filler for 'Murder Between Friends.

The Right Way to Leave the Gym: Filler scene for 'The Wrong Way Home'.

Pigpen: Filler scene for "Burn Out". Contains spoilers for "Burn Out" and "DOA: Delirious on Arrival".

Scarecrow and the Brain: Lee and Amanda Investigate a plan to take over the world.

Taxi Dance: What Lee was doing picking Amanda up in a Taxi in the opening credits.

Christine B.

M is for Mine: Alphabet Challenge. A typical day for Lee Stetson, family man.

O is for Obsession: Round 2 of the Alphabet Challenge. Filler for 'Brunettes are In.'


All Work and No Play: What if Amanda hadn't been shot during "Mission of Gold?"

Code Name: Amanda gets a code name

Oh My Gosh: Amanda's mother discovers her secret

What's in a Name: A filler story for "Off to See the Wizard"

Cobra Death Grip

I'll be Home For Christmas: Lee wants to spend some time with his wife at Christmas. Canon -- Stupid mystery marriage is still a stupid mystery.


SMKDrabble: 100 word glimpses into the characters' lives.


T is for Train: Alphabet story. Lee and Amanda celebrate their 10 year anniversary

The Truth Will Set you Free: Amanda and Lee find out their sons' secret.


Just Because: Francine poses a question that starts Amanda thinking. J in the ABC Songfic Challenge.

Operation Rimrunner: An incident between Lee and Amanda causes Billy to make some changes.

To Pay in Blood: How high of a price will Lee and Amanda have to pay for bad judgment?

Diane M

The Scarecrow Starts to Understand: When Amanda turns Lee down for an assignment, he gets suspicious and follows her. What he finds out, may just surprise him.


Christmas at the Eleventh Hour: Scarecrow and Jack Ryan. . . what more can I say?

Principles of War: How Lee and Khai may have met.

Dixon Hill

Father Christmas: Another typical Christmas in Arlington, without gunshots.

The Right One: How do you write a summary for a story with no real plot? I assure you, any resemblance to any plot living or dead is purely coincidental. Perhaps - The evening after the kiss some of us waited three years for? 


Steak and Baked Potatoes: Lee and Amanda discuss their dining habits.


Steak and Spaghetti Straps: After much talking and debating on the group about the eating habits of our fair Amanda and Lee, dear Aunt Lillian who owns the boarding house, and cliche over-kill. I decided to write this little tid-bit. Hope you enjoy it!

U is for Underestimate: For round 2 of the Alphabet challenge. A bet in the Agency has Francine asking questions.


The Long New Years Eve: What really happened on New Year's Eve at the Russian Embassy? Takes place during the second season, and shows the New Year's Eve party we never saw.

More than Friends: When did Lee first realize that his feelings for Amanda had begun to change?

An Open Heart: Ever wonder about Amanda's heart pendant? Also contains an alternate ending for the episode "Dead Men Leave No Trails".

Out of Delirium: What else happened during DOA before the antidote kicked in? During my story 'The Long New Year's Eve' I investigated things Lee might have said or done if he weren't in full possession of his faculties. After watching DOA, I was thinking, what might Amanda have done if she weren't quite herself. This is my answer to that. Feedback welcome.

Three Little Spies and a Leaper: This is a SMK/Quantum Leap Crossover story (of course this makes it an AU story).


Coincidence or Not? That is the Question: One day as Lee and Amanda Looks at some old stuff in the attic, they come across some interesting information. Coincidence or not? I will let you decide.

E. Eileen

The Long Journey: A box in her closet brings back memories of a very special year in Amanda's life.

Stetson in Wonderland: This is an answer to the challenge of what would happen if Lee and Amanda's roles were reversed when they first met.


Angels and Agents: SMK/Touched by an Angel Crossover.

The Stetsons on Millionaire: Just what the title says

The Stetsons in San Francisco: The Stetsons go on vacation.


The Circle Game: "Joe's a great guy . . . it just . . . it just didn't work out."

K is for 'Keys':  Lee has a present for Amanda. Part of the Alphabet Challenge.

K-I-S-S-I-N-G: First kisses . . .

L is for Leaves: Round 2 alphabet story. Follows Lee and Amanda through 3rd and 4th season as their relationship progresses in her backyard.

Legacy: Lee's parents' story

Miz Ernie Tells It Like It Is: An elderly neighbor of Amanda's dishes out all the gossip.

Que Sera, Sera: Filler for 'Bad Timing'. What happens when the inevitable becomes the unacceptable?

Sein: Companion piece to 'Zen.' From Amanda's POV as she attempts to complete her incident report.

Threshold: Wedding Night Jitters

When Worlds Collide: The Weakest Link meets SMK.

Zen: While working out, Lee works out his place in the world.

Zoetrope: Amanda is haunted by recurring visions of Lee's death.

Z is for Zephyr: "But come thou Goddess Fair and Free


A Kiss is Just a Kiss: Lee ponders the meaning of kisses.

Fletcher Stanton

Coda: Continuation of "A Familiar Song" and "Second Verse, Same as the First"

A Familiar Song: SMK/Remington Steele crossover. Someone's feeling unappreciated...

Golden Chance: Why Lee told Amanda he loved her when he did.

It's All Fun and Games . . .: A game is less dangerous than they thought

Lost & Found: How did Dotty really end up with Lee's sock?

Pillow Talk: A late night conversation between our favorite couple. Based on a challenge to write an entirely dialogue based story.

The Reason : Maybe Lee needed a little push to see what Amanda meant to him.

A Roll of the Dice : A game is more dangerous than they thought. Follows 'It's All fun and Games' and 'Until Somebody Loses an Eye'.

Second Verse Same as the First : Companion Piece to "A Familiar Song"

Until Somebody Loses an Eye : A game is more dangerous than they thought. Sequel to "It's All Fun and Games."

W is for Window Shopping : Lee and Amanda have some free time during a case. Round 2 of the Alphabet Challenge.


Fatal Flaw: Lee's worst fears come true, but in the end he and Amanda are closer than ever.

His Own Blood: When Addi Birol kidnapped Amanda, Lee told Billy he knew what he owed - and would pay it back in his own blood if he had to.

Saboteur: In “Fatal Flaw”, gunrunner Anthony Mancini targeted the Great Scarecrow and Amanda fell into the line of fire. Now, three years later, Lee wants his revenge. But he’s not the only person with an agenda.


All Roads Lead to Home : Picks up near the end of 'The Wrong Way Home' where all the action is centered in the middle school gym and continues the story for the remainder of the day.

Precious Memories : Dotty remember's Amanda's father.

Revelations in the Night : Utopia Now filler - Takes place right after the near kiss, and continues until the next morning.


C is for Cover : Round 2 alphabet story.


Dead Men Leave No Trails *WHAT IF* : Alternate scenes to Dead Men Leave No Trails, what could have happened if Amanda's family didn't show up when they did.

Jackie B

His Hands : Short reflection from Amanda's POV about something she loves about Lee.

Saying Goodbye : Lee visits the grave of someone he loved. (Tissue Warning!)

What did he Mean? : This is my take on what the question was that Amanda started to ask Lee when they were in his apartment in 'Unfinished  Business.'


At the Sock Hop: Amanda and Lee stop dancing around the subject of their relationship and learn that the oldies are the goodies. (Around the third season, before they start dating seriously.)

Cooking Lessons: Francine needs cooking lessons. Who does she turn to?

The Hustler : Lee gets hustled by an unexpected party.

A Long Ride Home: While staking out a potential terrorist hideout, Lee and Amanda become bored with their assignment. Does boredom reign? Not for long!

Love Is Blind: A disastrous mission leaves Lee and Amanda injured and worse. Separated by miles and conditions beyond their control, will they find their way back to the love they share?

Morning Visions: Lee finds simple pleasure in watching Amanda prepare for the day.

Moving Day: Lee is moving into the Arlington home to live with his family. A mysterious package appears in midst of the packing and moving. What is inside really packs a wallop! But as we learn, you can't always believe everything you see!

My Love, My Life : Lee and Amanda have married. They have kept it hidden for 6 months. They realize they will have to come clean when Amanda realizes that she is three months pregnant. They only have one minor case to wrap up; then they will announce their marriage and baby to Billy and then the boys. Dotty is the only one who knows about their marriage. They felt it was important for her to know the truth.

No More Blame: Post series ending. Lee recovers from the trauma of his capture by Marsh and his men. All looks bright and promising for the agents and their family until Lee starts to remember.

"Normal? Oh Yeah!" : The infamous Scarecrow discovers that the dreaded "normal' life ain't as bad as he thought. but we're not surprised are we?

Tides of Life: The Agency has a leak and Lee and Amanda fear that permanent professional separation may be the ultimate consequence if they can’t find and plug the leak before it ruins the first joint effort of the US and Russian agricultural communities. Will they find the leak in time? And when they find it will they be able to save their family from the worst kind of betrayal?
Prologue| Part 1 |Part 2 | Part 3 |Part 4 |Part 5 |Part 6 |Part 7 |Part 8 |Part 9 |Part 10 |Part 11 | Part 12

Zapped: Lee and Amanda's thoughts while under the effects of the zap gas in Night Crawler.

Jess C.

P is for Patient: Round 2 Alphabet Story


Blind Date: I’ve written both a wedding story and a reunion scenario where Dotty and the Colonel have been married. I thought it would be nice to write a story explaining how they meet.

SMK Reunion: This is the first installment of what I feel like a script for a SMK Reunion movie could be like. This is my first Fan fic, and I really wanted to try to place Lee and Amand in the present time, 14 years after they were married. I'm introducing some new characters in the mix. This is just the beginning.

The Wedding: The story centers on a wedding in the Stetson/King family. The setting is an Arlington, VA Church. This story happens in May of 1997, so there will be a few new characters and a few changes since the end of SMK in 1987.


The Power of Love: This story is based on the premise of the aired episode "Nightcrawler" otherwise known as the proposal episode. The story begins at the point where Amanda has been kidnapped by Addy Birol, and then continues along a different plane.

Julie C.

Burning at Both Ends: Scenes that could have come right after "Burn Out," picking it up immediately after the tag scene. Lee and Amanda deal with the aftermath of her near-shooting at his hands.

Two Live Pigeons: Missing scenes from the end of "Odds on a Dead Pigeon," the way it could have been. Starts right after Karen falls off the building.

Post Possum: Missing scene from "Playing Possum", after the climax in Arlington Cemetery, but before the tag scene at the Agency. The partners deal with the aftermath of a frighteningly close call.

Julie Maglicco

Q is for Quadruped: The Q story

Julie R.

The First Day : The long-awaited Stetson baby makes its entrance into the world. Sequel to "The Longest Weekend."

For All We Know: Philip's big day causes Amanda and Lee to reflect.

The Longest Weekend: Dotty is getting remarried but all Lee and Amanda can think about is "Will the Stetson household be blessed with a new child?" This story takes place over six days that will change Lee and Amanda forever.

Return to Dodge City: Lee and Amanda are sent to help out at a training camp for a group of new agency recruits. (Co-written with Jude)

We'll Take it From There : What happened after Amanda blackmailed Lee in the tag of JEG?


Out of the Blue: An unexpected person from Amanda's past triggers revelations for both Lee and Amanda that come from "Out of the Blue".

Karen M

Look-Out Point: An answer to the challenge for a scene extension for Charity Begins At Home. Amanda says yes when Lee comes to her back door with the keys to his new Corvette, and asks her to take a drive with him. AU- time could move ahead to the third season at the discretion of the reader.

Rainy Day Rescue: This story is a "What If" for the rainy day taxi scene. It shows that even with a rainy day there can sometimes be rainbows. This is set in third season as Lee and Amanda are in the Q Bureau.


B is for Bath Towels: Bath Towels? How could Lee get jealous over Bath Towels? Round 2 of the alphabet challenge.

Kathy (mdmom)

Black Lace and Promises: Lee and Amanda try to find some time alone and a missing microdot causes the usual problems for the Agency

Francine's Need to Know: Francine has a surprise in store for her.

Lee's California: Lee is shot while on a family outing.

Miracle on Maplewood Drive: A version of how the secrets may have been let out.

Some Things Never Change: The Bombers get a new coach and an old friend of Lee and Amanda’s gets kidnapped.

Love's Spying Eyes: Amanda dreams of another time. (Follow's Lee's California)

A Spy is Born: The title tells it all.

The Tornado Back to Oz: a reunion story.


V is for Valentine: part of the alphabet challenge.

Kim C.

Appetites: During dinner together, Lee and Amanda individually reflect on their changing relationship.

Be Careful What You Wish For: Lee Stetson's world is turned upside-down. This is somewhat in line with the suggestion of the time-warp kind of thing, but also is somewhat inspired by "A Wonderful Life".

Breakfast at Amanda's: Masquerade ala Hollywood! Scarecrow doesn't want to take Mrs. King to the ball...but she gets invited by someone else. A mix-up with the guest list puts Amanda in serious jeopardy.

A Brother's Promise: Amanda's Uncle Chester tells his story and shares his insights.

The Dance: What if Lee had fought his feelings for Amanda a little more? We find out when a dry spell at the Agency leads to a spring cleaning for our trusty agents.

Do I Have to Say the Words?: Lee begins to embrace his feelings for Amanda. Letter D in the Songfic Challenge.

Evasions of the Heart: Alternate Universe. Lee Stetson is getting married.

Fear The Scarecrow: When Amanda is kidnapped, it means a turning point for her and Lee.

For Whom the Wedding Bells Tolls: Will Amanda get married... to someone other than Lee?

Holding Her Hand: [Third Season, after Wrong Way Home.] Lee remembers the night he seriously reflected on his developing relationship with Amanda.

Jumping to Conclusions: AU/What if? What if, with noble intentions, Lee had backed away from Amanda and started dating another woman? Would he give up his chance with Amanda forever?

Just Two People . . . A bit of a 'what-if'. After finishing a case, Lee and Amanda share a hug that leads to a little more than either of them expect.

Just Under the Surface: AU (does not follow canon). Amanda is under investigation by the Agency. Is she dating a traitor, who happens to be Lee's old nemesis? Is she herself a double agent? The truth will come out . . . in more ways than one.

Like Father, Like Daughter: Occurs before Lee finds the man who killed his parents. Lee comes across some old files and makes an interesting discovery. Mid-third season.

Long Time, No See. . . Angel: This is an alternate reality wherein Amanda had an somewhat different life before meeting Lee Stetson and going to work for the Agency. It takes place around the end of the third season.

Mission Accomplished: A sequel to 'Read My Lips.' Just what happened at the ball? Was Amanda able to distract Mark Logan? How quickly did Lee go search Logan's office?

People Will Talk: Lee does a little eavesdropping and receives a timely nudge in the right direction.

One Hundred and Three: Could you fall in love with your best friend?

Read my Lips: Amanda finds it necessary to prove her capability to her dubious partner.

She: He expected that she would change when she came into his life. But he never expected that she would change . . . him.

Seventeen Miles: Amanda needs some time away from Lee, just as he admits to himself that he is in love with her.

Straight As: Are You Afraid You're in Love with Him? A companion piece to One Hundred and Three.

To Have Loved and Lost: AU/What if. What would Lee have done if Amanda had died in his arms?

A Wedding in Maine: Amanda's cousin is getting married, meaning a vacation to Maine for Amanda, Dotty and the boys...and Lee?!?

With Love From Lee: While Lee is on an assignment in a foreign country, he has time to reflect on his relationship with Amanda. He writes her letters, which she never receives. Meanwhile, Amanda too has time to reflect on her conception of her relationship with Lee, and decides that while he's away, she's got to get over him for good. 

'X' Marks the Spot: An Alphabet Story

Y is for Yearning: Round 2 Alphabet Story. Immediately prior to All the World's A Stage. Lee is learning to deal with his burgeoning feelings for Amanda.


The Assignment: A folllow-up VSS to Kissing Lessons.

The Auction: Another follow-up short story to Jealous Partner Syndrome and jealousy. Amanda get talked into being a participant up for bid at a date auction for charity.

A Conversation in a Bar: Lee has a very interesting conversation in a bar...with Joe King.

The Date: Follow-up to The Auction. Lee has won a date with Amanda in a charity auction.

The Double Date: Setting is around the second season. Lee and his date and Amanda and Dean wind up in the same restaurant with some interesting results.

Francine Stetson?!? (Another VSS): Another VSS (which, by the way, are not in any particular order).

History Repeats Itself: Another VSS (which, by the way, are not in any particular order). Lee and Amanda investigate the disppearance of an old-time agent by talking with his wife, and get a few surprises.

Jealous Partner Syndrome: The title pretty much speaks for itself.

Jealousy: A sequel to Jealous Partner Syndrome, previously posted. Amanda decides to give Agent Henderson a chance.

Kissing Lessons: Another VSS (Very Short Story). Lee doubts Amanda's ability to handle an assignment.

Leslie and Dean: Another VSS.

Marital Bliss: Another VSS (Very Short Story) Lee and Amanda try to adjust to married life. Taken from a scene in one of the latter eps of the 4th season. The part from the episode is not verbatum, so please forgive me!

One Little Name: Another VSS following Leslie and Dean.

Regrets, Memories and Goodbyes: Alternate Universe story set in 2025. An elderly Lee Stetson reflects on his past and all he missed out on in his life.

Kim D.

A is for Again: Now it's Amanda's turn to reflect. Round 2 alphabet story. Companion to H is for 'Hello'.

A Ditty About Dotty: Just a bit of fluff about Dotty and her flowers!

H is for 'Hello': Lee thinks about his relationship with Amanda as he returns home from a trip abroad.

The Meaning of Christmas: A glimpse into Amanda’s thoughts during the time she spent trapped in a remote cabin during the episode 'The Long Christmas Eve.'

No Other Thought: AU-What if Amanda had been trapped in the freezer with Lee instead of Francine during the episode 'Fast Food for Thought.'

Sessions of Sweet Silent Thought: A glimpse in to Lee's thoughts during the episode 'Remembrance of Things Past' ... with a little help from the Bard.

Something Good: Have you ever wondered what Lee and Amanda did during their free time while in Salzburg? Here’s my take on what might have happened the second night with no Billy, no Francine, and, especially, no Mother and the Boys!

Kim W

The Princess and the Iguana: answer to a challenge


The Best Things in Life Aren't Free: Will Lee lose the most important thing in his life?

The First Time: Another journal series. Lee's POV

What If. . .: During a case, Lee let's the one who can help the most slip away, will he get her back?


Never a Dull Moment: An unfortunate incident brings Lee & Amanda closer.


And Many More: An alternate and more sentimental ending to the series

S is for 'Surprise': A surprise for Lee and Amanda. Written for the Alphabet Challenge.


Connections: Sometimes it's easy to forget in day to day life the importance of connections.

Like Sand . . .: Amanda buys an hourglass for her family and its used over the years. (Bad summary, I know.)


Beginnings: Lee and Amanda live on in fanfic.

Dad: A milestone in Lee Stetson's life.

Where've you Been?: Scenes from Lee and Amanda's life.


Whenever you Come Around: Story based on Vince Gil's song of the same title.


Benson's Revenge: What will Lee do when someone who blames him tries to use Amanda for revenge?

Intimate?: Lee was curious when Amanda returned from dinner with James Delano. Where could their conversation have gone if Lee hadn't gotten a phone call?


'B' is for Busted: Part of the alphabet challenge.

'F' is for Francine: Round 2 alphabet story. Late summer after Season 4…the family, Billy, and Mrs. Marsten know they're married, but not the rest of the Agency, not yet anyway.


In the Chill of Winter: The loneliness of a winter's day takes it toll on Lee and Amanda.

Images: Just another picture of life in the Stetson household.

A Sleepless Night for Scarecrow: Memories and a Crisis Keep Lee from a good night's sleep.

Lisa Anne

Lee Vs. He: Lee discovers an old friend has some past connections with Amanda. Jealousy ensues.


The First Dream: Amanda has a dream of being a spy...and of Scarecrow.

L. O'Connor

Worth the Wait: What exactly happened when Lee and Amanda went to Pinetop. This answers the Did They? Or Didn't They? Debate.

Lori C.

Best Laid Plans. . . : Lee and Amanda's weekend plans are interrupted…again.

Deiffenbachia Debacle: Lee has a close call of the domestic kind

The Man in the Mirror: That would be telling

Mistaken Identity: Filler scene for You Only Die Twice, between the time that Sylvia Sampson gets murdered and when Amanda shows up at the Agency two days later, obituary in hand

The Phoenix: Filler scene for Nightcrawler

A Second Beginning: Filler for over the limit.

Lori Hanson

A Gift of Love: Filler scene for "Santa’s Got A Brand New Bag." Lee said his gift for Amanda was back at his apartment. What did he get her? Picks up right where the tag left off.

Unfinished Questions: This story is a filler scene for the episode, "Unfinished Business." Amanda was going to ask Lee a question while he was under hypnosis, but then said, "never mind." What if Amanda decided to ask the question after all...

Wishing You Were Here: Scenes from Lee and Amanda's relationship centered around Chicago's song.


School Daze: Lee learns an important lesson that he won't soon forget. Round 2 Alphabet story.


A is for Angels: The letter 'A' in the Round 1 alphabet stories.

At the Auction: Will Lee be able to admit his feeling to himself before he loses Amanda for good?

Center of Attention: A certain good-looking spy gets honored by his peers.

J is for Jeannie: Round 2 Alphabet Challenge. Billy and Jeannie celebrate their wedding anniversary.

The Meeting: Joe's fiancée is introduced to everyone.


Diary of an Agent: An agent's thoughts after a case

Diary of an Agent: A Walk in the Park: It was a particularly busy day and everyone is exhausted.

February 13: A loved one disappears. Who has to deal with the aftermath and how? First in a series that has yet to be titled (suggestions are welcomed).

The Return: Lee returns, but can he and Amanda find their way through so much change? This is a sequel to February 13.

The Smell of Autumn: A case gone awry gives Lee and Amanda a rare chance.

Mary Elaine

Family Business: Amanda is kidnapped for revenge against Lee.

The List: This is a filler for the episode "The Kruschiev List"

Scarecrow and Who?: This is a story or one of the challenges. Amanda finally gets a code name and in the process all secrets are reviled.

She's Gonna Fly: This is a story based on a song by Collin Raye.

Stolen Memories: Amanda is hurt during a routine courier drop.


A Little Company: Continuation of the tag from 'Playing for Keeps'

A Little Competition: Someone encounters a little competition for the attentions of the object of their affections. . .hmm. . .who could this be?

A Little Push: An old friend gives Lee a push toward recognizing and admitting his growing feelings for Amanda.


E is for Eyes: the alphabet challenge brought to you by the letter E.

T is for Time: Round 2 Alphabet Story. A/U


Could I Have This Dance : Lee tries to lift Amanda’s spirits with a night on the town.

D is for . . . : Disillusionment leads to Discovery as Amanda Delves into the Depths of Scarecrow's Drawers (get your mind out of the gutter) Part of the Alphabet Challenge.

D is for Décolletage: Lee tries to find a way to deal with some rather troubling thoughts. Round 2 ABC story.

From Here to Paternity: The sequel to Great Expectations. Lee starts out on his adventure as a new father.  (external link)

Great Expectations: We know he can shoot with deadly accuracy, drop-kick a KGB agent in to the next day without mussing his hair, and bootleg his 'vett into any parking space in DC. But how will the charming and dashing Lee Stetson face the adventures of becoming a father? (Please note: This is an external link, and as such some material may have a higher rating than what is in the SMKfanfic archive.).

Kansas Isn't So Bad After All: Lee has to face his feeling for Amanda when another agent finds her appealing.


Fairy Tales and Spies: This is my prequel to "A Little Mystery, A Little Magic"

Fields of Stone: Someone's building a frame around Lee, will he and Amanda survive to prove his innocence?

Lee and Amanda's Big Debate: Problems arise when messages aren't heard...

A Little Mystery, A Little Magic: A Scarecrow & Mrs King/Hart to Hart Fan FFiic: Lee and Amanda help Jonathan and Jennifer Hart get to the bottom of a mystery that involves their daughter


Adventures in the Great Outdoors: Lee and Amanda find ways to occupy themselves on a perfect spring day.

In a Moment of Insanity: Lee lets something slip. How will Amanda react? AU Warning- While I choose to think this is within the realm of possibility, it doesn't quite mesh with what the writers put in the scripts!

A Tale of Blackmail and Courtship: This is just a little tale of what might have happened during the 'blackmail date'. I tried to stay true to cannon.

Wresting with Demons: Lee and Amanda struggle to deal with their pre-marriage jitters.


Forced Revelations: New ambassador in town, guess who is babysitting, when all goes to hell.

Unexpected News: Lee and Amanda are enjoying their new life together when they are faced with some unexpected news.

Movie Gal

V is for Vent: Round 2 alphabet Story.


Can you Feel the Love Tonight: Set at the very end of third season. A/U.

Just Love Me: Amanda's strange behavior sends Lee on a Journey into his soul.

A Very Long Christmas Eve: This is a tag scene where Lee was shot, and they just finished singing Christmas carols.

Utopia Now: A tag scene after Amanda innocently touched Lee’s bottom. Strictly A.U.

Wet and Wild: Strictly A.U. Lee and Amanda uncover the past they forgot even existed between them.

You're All Mine: This is a tag from the end of the episode of Billy's Lost Weekend.


Almost Friends: Francine receives death threats so guess where she gets to hide out?

Laundry Lessons: Lee tries to adjust to domestic life.

Last Chance for Revenge: a mole in the agency is out to kill Lee.

The News: My version of how Lee and Amanda may have told everyone about their secret marriage.

The Revelation: My answer to the question; When did Lee decide he had fallen in love with Amanda? I took the liberty of changing the timing of their first kiss. Please excuse my audacity, but hey, isn't that what fanfiction is for?


Amanda King and the Seven Spies: An impromptu masquerade plunges Amanda into another world. (cowritten with Adrea)

Lee Turns 50! Amanda reunites Lee with his first love.

Outtakes From: Amanda King and the Seven Spies: What might had happened had the story been part of a real episode. (cowritten with Adrea)


Lizaveta: A routine assignment gives Lee and Amanda a chance to explore their feelings for each other, but when things go wrong, more than their relationship is tested.

Matchbox Memories: Lee's first Christmas with his family.

Quarantined: A weekend in close quarters with Amanda makes Lee admit that his life is due for some changes.

Scarecrow and the Wolf: The fur and feathers fly as a new case takes a classical turn.

A Tale of Blue Boxers: Exploring the inner secrets of one man's wardrobe.

Unforgettable: It must be hard to have amnesia. But how do you make sense of the pictures painted by your returning memories?


Beloved One: Lee and Amanda welcome a new addition.

"L" is for Louie: Jamie brings home a rather unwelcome guest. Part of the Alphabet Challenge.

Now, I feel Complete: Can't give it away.

Sour Milk: Can Amanda handle an assignment on her own?

Under the Mistletoe: What happens when Lee and Amanda get caught under the mistletoe?

Window Dressing: This is the *real* reason Lee asked Amanda to dinner instead of taking Leslie to the embassy dinner party. This story is told by Lee and leads up to his asking Amanda to dinner.


The Gift: Filler for "Do You Take This Spy?"

Secret Admirer: Amanda has a secret admirer.


Disneyland, CA: An assignment without Amanda could be the last one Lee ever gets.

One Mistake: Amanda feels guilty when she has to lie to her son.

What Could Have Happened After: "Sour Grapes": Amanda and Lee's thoughts about what Almost happened.


Tag Extension for 'The Artful Dodger': What happened next . . .


Masquerade: A masquerade ball goes wrong and Amanda is shot. Lee relives the entire night and has to explain what exactly is going on to Dotty and everyone else... (external link)


I Prefer the Moonlight: A glimpse into Lee's home life.


Excused Absences: Lee needs to tell Amanda where he's been the past few days.

I is for Inner Harbor: For the Round 2 alphabet stories.

Sara Jordan

Ice Cream Afternoon: Lee seizes an opportunity to spend an afternoon with the boys.

Love, Lies, and Video Tape: Coming home leads to a scary lesson.

Riding Lessons : Lee Survives his first major parenting Challenge.

Too Cool for Mom: The boys discuss Lee

Wasted Day: A very simple assignment


A Dirty Job: Amanda refuses to help Lee with his job.

Happy Father's Day, Dad: a look at several years of Father's Days for Lee Stetson

Scared?: During a terrible storm, Lee and Amanda search for evidence in an old house and learn a bit about each other and themselves.

Secrets Accepted: what happens after dotty's "insisted" the stetsons confess all to phillip and jamie. . .

Secrets Acknowledged: what happens after the stetsons realize dotty realizes the truth about their relationship

Secrets Revealed: dotty discovers the truth about the stetsons

Tale of the Tape surprises abound for amanda, lee, and her family on amanda's birthday

True Fortune: amanda's fortune is told at a fall carnival


Coming Out: Amanda and Lee decide now is the time to come clean about their relationship. Mayhem ensues.

Fragments: A tragedy forces Amanda to make some hard choices. (Tissue Warning)

A Friend in Need: An old friend shows up on Amanda's back porch, leading her on a search for a killer. (A Virtual Season 5 Episode)

If this is a Dream . . .: Post-ep for Utopia Now

It's Never Too Late: Sometimes you really can love someone too much. Fate gives Lee and Amanda a second chance.

Little Boy Bluenote:  Some advice for Amanda becomes a walk down memory lane for Billy.

No Regrets: An alternate way Lee could have expressed his feelings for Amanda. Takes place third season.

Not Exactly: AU - totally. I've taken 'Utopia Now' and basically torched it with a flame-thrower. Come on, we all screamed at the TV when they ALMOST kissed, right? It doesn't matter how many times I watch it, I still think they...just...might...then NO! Well, I've taken some liberties and have written a filler that tosses canon right out the window.

Prescription for Espionage: Amanda's new assignment sets her out on her own

The Reunion: An old flame of Amanda's shows up 63K

The Rocket's Red Glare: When a terrorist threatens to destroy a rocket carrying a military satellite, Lee and Amanda are sent to Florida to investigate.

Time and Again: An accident leads Amanda on a trip into her past, one that she is reluctant to share with Lee.

Tongue Tied:  Lee and Amanda share a secret rendezvous.

Turnabout: Sometimes the past can come back to haunt you. What do you do when it comes back to kill?


A Change of Pace: Filler for Service Above and Beyond


It's All in My Job Description: Someone is observing Lee and Amanda

You Follow Me Down: the nightmare created by Addi Birol when he kidnapped Amanda has ended for Lee.


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: While Lee is on assignment, Amanda must team up with a new partner. Then her mother is taken hostage.


Until We Meet Again: Amanda's life is falling apart and Lee wants to help her. But can he or is it to little to late?


Veteran's Day: "Another Typical Evening (or two) with “The Spy Family"


A Night to Remember: An Answer to the Taxi Cab Challenge (external link)

Sweet Defense

Into the Light : Following their rescue from Addi Birol, Amanda's and Lee's relationship has suffered, with Amanda refusing to open up to Lee. Lee has come up with a plan to get her to relax and start to come to terms with what happened, hopefully saving their relationship.


Jeepers, Creepers: Alphabet Story. Lee and Amanda chaperone a school dance.

Z is for Zoo: Lee tries to brighten Amanda's spirits. Round 2 alphabet story.


Interesting Relationship: Amanda and Lee deal with the events up to that 'kiss' in the Q-Bureau. And the thoughts right after the 'Kiss'.

Misunderstandings: Ease droppings on both Lee and Amanda's part, make them both rethink their feelings for one another.

Not Exactly: Lee finally lets his feelings come out.

Ship of Spies (What if): This is just what if Lee never told Amanda that they were never married?


C is for Cars: Alphabet Challenge. Lee learns more about being a normal person.

G is for Good-Bye: A/U off 'Mission of Gold.' Amanda's family deals with her accident.

Wait in the Car: Joe finds out that Amanda's job with IFF isn't quite what it seems.


I Remember Bobby: Amanda reflects on her past, especially her first love.

Who'd Have Thought: It is Francine and Leatherneck's first wedding anniversary and Francine is reflecting on how they got there.


Administration of Justice: Past and present merge as Lee Stetson faces the scales of Agency justice.

Cheeseball: Can Lee bond with the newest member of the family

Crying Uncle: The main time frame is early 1988; Lee and Amanda's marriage is common knowledge. Interspersed between the 1988 scenes are scenes from Lee's childhood. These are not memories: they are "windows" through which we see important people from his past. Beyond the opportunity to see how past events have shaped Lee's personality and relationship with his uncle, there really isn't any plot, so don't be surprised when you don't find one.

It's DeJaVu: Part One of the DeJaVu Trilogy. Amanda gets a reason to be hopeful about her future with Lee.

Give Me Wings: For federal agents, risk and loss come with the territory. How far will Lee go to keep Amanda out of the danger zone?

Lost in the Sun: Is Lee ready to face his true feelings for a certain beautiful brunette??

Memories and DeJaVu: Part Two of the DeJaVu Trilogy. Lee tries to remember the interrogation. This probably won't make much sense to anyone who hasn't read the previous story.

Partners in Crime:  This is my story for the smkfanfic title challenge. How did Amanda and Lee deal with Francine's unsolicited advice about their relationship?

Past the End of His Nose: Fills in the several week gap between 'Three Little Spies' and 'All the Worlds a Stage'.

Perfect Timing: Mrs. McMurty’s post-breakout security briefing

The Real Test: A short peek at one of Amanda’s Agency training classes.

Smokescreens: Part Three of the DeJaVu Trilogy. Lee and Amanda share dinner and conversation.

A Spy by Any Other Name:  Amanda becomes the diversion in a KGB plot to kidnap a scientist.

The Thin Red Line: Lee and Amanda start to deal with the emotional ramifications of her injury.

Twenty-five Words or Less: Pure fluff. Lee and Amanda ponder their growing attraction.

Whatever Happened to DeJaVu: Follow-up to the DeJaVu Trilogy.  Lee and Amanda reminisce about the DeJaVu study.


All Good Things: Answer to a 'no-dialogue' challenge from fanfiction.net. What would've happened on a 'goody-bye' show.

Consequences of Our Actions : Lee and Amanda are still sneaking around to get time together, and all those who were peeping toms into their lives want to know how it all ended up. 
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The First Thoughts in an Uninterrupted Life: It's fall 1983, and Amanda is doing a little thinking.

Heaven Help the Lonely Ones: A few nights in Lee's life. Before Arlington, before the train station, long before Amanda. Let's say very early 80's.

The Practical Princess and the Playboy: the whole story, told fairy tale style.

Q is for Quibble: For round 2 of the alphabet stories