Father's Day 1987

By: Brenda
Summary:Father's Day in the King/Stetson house
Disclaimer:SMK is property of Warner Brothers and Shoot the Moon Productions. They do not belong to me. I am just having a little fun. The story does belong to me.
Author's Notes:(Father's Day, 1987 was June 21, 1987 I am pretty sure of the date, thanks Beth.) This is set June 1987, 4 months after wedding, with the common knowledge that everyone knows Lee and Amanda are married. This is a VSS. I got this suggestion from Amber's site, Write a story with Lee celebrating Father's Day. (Submitted by Angela).
This story has been beta read once by Gaylynn and once by Kim, so I hope everything comes out ok since I didn't have it read one more time after corrections. Thank you so much Gaylynn and Kim!!
Also I couldn't decide which story I liked best so I am posting two here.


Version 1
Amanda was sitting on her couch the night before Father' Day. She had been trying to read a book but really couldn't pay attention to it. She was worried about Lee. There was no reason to be, he was just out having a couple of drinks with his friend Paul Barnes.

She put her book down, and got up from the couch to get herself a refill of coffee. While standing at the sink, she gazed out the window, thinking about how much she missed Lee's tapping on the window at night. But she wouldn't change anything, especially now that they were really together in everyone's eyes. Walking back into the living room, she grabbed an afghan and sat back down, sighing, 'it's been a long week'.


The boys had gotten out of school on 12th and had been enjoying their summer vacation so far. As for the adults in the house they were wishing school was still in session. Everyone was still adjusting to having a man in the house at all times, but it was something the family had needed for a long time. Phillip and Jamie had both been excited when they found out that Lee and their mom were married. They couldn't wait until he moved into the house, that had been less than a month ago.


Amanda wanted this Father's Day to be special for Lee. He never got to share this day with his own father, but now it would be different. Shortly after sitting back on the couch she drifted off to sleep. Only to be awoken 30 minutes later by a sweet kiss on the lips from Lee.

"Hi sleepyhead."

"Lee, when did you get back?"

"Just a few minutes ago, you looked so peaceful I almost didn't wake you up."

"I am glad you did, I like how you wake me up."

Lee grabbed a hold of Amanda's hand and led her up the stairs for bed.

The next day, after Amanda, Phillip and Jamie had finished packing food for a picnic in the park, the two boys ran upstairs to grab a ball and bat, along with their gloves. As they left the room, Jamie turned around reminding Phillip to grab Lee's present they had been hiding in the closet.

After they all were finished eating, Dotty decided to take a walk. The boys, spotting some friends, took off to where they were. Getting up, Lee moved behind Amanda, putting one of his legs on each side of her. Wrapping his arms around her he placed a soft kiss on her cheek. Amanda knew what Lee was thinking.

She laid with her back against his chest as they watched their boys play. Lee was so happy that Amanda had come into his life. She is so patient, loving and caring. They sat there for a while, closing their eyes and just enjoying their love for each other, neither noticing when the boys came to stand in front of them. Phillip stood there clearing his throat, doing this had gotten his mother's attention

Amanda had finally spoke, noticing the big grin on her boys faces. "What are you hiding behind your back Phillip?"

"We have something for Lee for Father's Day."

"Well we did get a little help from grandma too," Jamie had added.

Looking from his wife to the boys, Lee couldn't stop the big smile spreading across his face. "Phillip and Jamie, thank you so much," Lee said as he opened up the package Phillip handed him. Lee was surprised to find that the boys had bought him a new baseball glove.

"Well Lee, do you feel like trying out the new glove with Jamie and me, we brought our stuff with us?"

"Boys I would love to." Lee got up, kissed Amanda on the cheek and said, "thank you for all this." Before she could answer him, Lee had taken off running to catch up to the boys. Amanda sat there laughing at her husband thinking, 'boys will be boys'.

Dotty came walking up and sat next to Amanda. "Just look at those three, I am so glad Lee came into our lives. I have never seen you this happy and I know the boys love having him around."

"I am happy mom."

For the next hour Amanda and Dotty sat back against the tree watching and laughing as Lee ran around playing with Phillip and Jamie obviously enjoying his first Father's Day. With so many more wonderful times to come with his family.

The End

Version 2
Without the knowledge of their wedding.......
"Good morning Amanda," Lee said while stretching his legs one Sunday morning in June.

"Well good morning to you too." Amanda perched her head onto Lee's chest and with a smile on her face added, "Happy Father's Day Lee."

Father's Day, Lee hadn't really thought about it. He wished he could be around Amanda's boys more. Maybe, then he would really feel like a father. Instead he kept telling himself. "We will be a family, a real family in time".

Amanda, noticing his silence questioned him, "Lee what's wrong?"

"I wish my dad was around. Today has always been just another day, just like any other holiday. I miss being able to spend holidays with them."

"I know you do, I wish I could have met them. "

They lay in bed for a while just holding each other, never wanting to let go.

A while later Lee and Amanda climbed out of bed to start their day. The boys were spending time with their dad and would be coming home around dinner time. Amanda wanted to have a special dinner that night at home with her family, including Lee. She knew that this dinner had a different meaning, but given their secret marriage the boys would just think it was a regular dinner.

Later that day during dinner everyone was enjoying themselves. The boys were happy that Lee had came over. They talked so much during the time they ate, most of the conversation was about baseball, summer vacation and the latest pictures Jamie had taken with his camera. Lee enjoyed these times with his family.

Amanda could see the sparkle in his eyes, as he listened to the boys, she was full of joy and happiness. She knew the boys were getting more comfortable with Lee being around and knew soon they would be a family in other people's eyes. Amanda wanted to talk to Lee that night about just that. She knew soon they would have to go public.

Phillip and Jamie had gone off to bed and Dotty was in the kitchen getting herself some milk and galliano.

"Goodnight Amanda, goodnight Lee. I am glad you came and joined us for dinner tonight."

"Goodnight mother, see you in the morning."

"Goodnight Dotty," Lee added.

Dotty started up the stairs, but before she went too far she looked over at Lee and Amanda cuddled together on the couch. She could tell they were so much in love. 'I wish they would finally get married, you can see it when they are together, they are meant for each other.' Letting out a soft sigh she climbed the rest of the stairs and went to bed.

"Lee I am glad you were here tonight too, but we really do need to talk."

"We do?" Lee was trying to change the subject by nibbling on Amanda's neck.

Amanda pulled back trying not to let the nibbling affect her. "Lee, I am serious."

"What is it," he said, still wanting to continue what he had already started.

Amanda got up and walked to the bookshelf pulling out a card. Lee watching her every move in total curiosity. Sitting back down, she sat the card in her lap saying, "Do you remember when I said something the other day about going public with our marriage?"

"Yes, I remember."

"Here open this, it will explain a lot." Amanda said at the same time handing Lee the card.

Opening the envelope, Lee is happy to find a Father's Day card from Amanda but is still puzzled by the business card sitting inside the envelope. Taking it out, he asked Amanda "What is this?"

"What do you think it is?"

"Well I can tell it's for an appointment with a doctor, but I don't understand what it's doing in here."

"Well that, Lee is a doctors' appointment for me. I thought maybe you would like to go along for my pregnancy check up."

Lee felt like his heart had stopped. Amanda was sitting there waiting for him to say something but he couldn't. "Lee are you okay?"

"A baby?" Lee said in a whisper.

"Yes, are you happy?"

Lee turned to Amanda, taking a hold of both her hands and looking deeply into her eyes. "You, a baby, and all of this," as Lee looked around the house. "I couldn't be anymore happier. Thank you Amanda, this has been the best Father's Day ever. It's the best present in the world. I love you," Lee said then giving his wife a passionate kiss.

"I love you too Lee," Amanda responded, breathlessly as they parted from their embrace.

The End