Title: Diary of an Agent: A Walk in the Park

Author: Mac

Timeline: Not after any particular episode.

Summary: It was a particularly busy day and everyone is exhausted. Story number two in a series.

Rating: G

Archive: the list archive and mine, anywhere else, please ask first.

Disclaimer: Scarecrow and Mrs. King belong Shoot the Moon Productions, et al. The story is just for entertainment only.

Author's Note: Each story in this series is complete and you don't need to read all of them. Eventually this will point along a specific thread, but not yet (read as: these are snap shots of character reactions and some other events that weren't done in the series). A very special thanks to Brenda for catching a problem with one sentence and helping me fix it up.

A walk in the park


Date: **/**/**

If I hear another phone ring, I'll scream. Today everything and everyone conspired against me. When I got out of the IT meeting and got back to my office, I found three new agents waiting outside my door, twelve phone messages, and fifteen interoffice memos, and I was only gone for forty-five minutes.

The new agents only needed to receive their new passwords for the computer system in surveillance. Thirteen of the memos were general stuff: upgrades that were implemented last night, the IT dinner, and a new policy; the remaining two memos concerned some stuff that I can't write about outside the Agency.

At lunch I ventured outside for the first time in two days. I saw the infamous couple taking a walk in the park. They sure do smile a lot when they think that they are alone. I've heard some of the gossip that trickles down to my windowless room and some of the agency footage, but I never saw them together in person until now. They truly are in love and they know it. They are already a force to reckon with. Just imagine what they can do if they were to marry· Mrs. King waved at me when she and Scarecrow walked past me holding hands. She has to be the only person who is an agent and can still take the time to learn who everyone is.

The sound of typing ceased and Leland saved his journal entry and closed the new laptop he'd been playing with. He opened another can of Fresca and turned to the desk behind him and started working on the new encryption code as he put the thoughts of "what if" out of his mind.