The Vacation

Author: Carolyn

Rating: PG 13

Summary: Lee and Amanda tell the family about their wedding.

Timeline: After my story ‘Samantha’.

Lee pulled his corvette to the curb in front of Amanda’s house. The station wagon was in the driveway.

“Mother’s home. We can tell her before the boys get home. Then we can tell them.”

“Maybe it’ll be better if you do it. I’ll come back later when the smoke has cleared.”

Lee knew Amanda wouldn’t go along with it.

“Lee, I have seen you face a roomful of KGB agents without blinking an eye. It’s only my mother.” Amanda knew that this scared him more than any of the situations they had ever been in. “Besides what can she do? We are married and you are part of the family.”

“I know, Amanda. I don’t want to be the reason that you and your mother have a fight.”

“Lee, we are not going to fight; we are going to talk about it. Loudly.”

Amanda touched Lee’s arm. “We are in this together. We will do this together.”

Lee knew she was right. Lee nodded, “Ok. Let’s do it.”

Dotty was in the kitchen making herself a cup of tea when they came in.

“Amanda, your early. Lee, hi. I just made some tea, would you like some?” The look on Lee’s face made Dotty stop for a second, “What’s wrong?”

Amanda crossed to her mother, “Mother, come sit with us.”

“What’s wrong, Amanda?” Dotty’s voice showed her worry.

“Mother, it’s not bad.” Amanda led her mother to the couch. Lee followed.

Dotty’s face brighten. She smiled and said, “You’re engaged!”

Amanda looked at Lee and then back at her mother. “It’s a little more than that.”

“What?” Dotty’s smile faded.

“Mother, please sit.” Dotty did as she was asked. Amanda sat next to her mother and Lee took a chair on the other side of the room. Amanda glanced at him and he changed his seat a little closer to her.

“Mother, Lee and I eloped.” Amanda braced for her outburst.

Dotty jumped up, “What!!” She walked into the kitchen. “You what? When?”

That was one detail that she forgot to discuss with Lee. Amanda turned to Lee. He just shrugged his shoulders. Amanda didn’t want to lie anymore. She decided to tell her mother the truth about everything.

“Mother, there is more.”

”You’re pregnant!” Dotty shouted.

“No, no mother.” Amanda answered. Lee shifted in his chair. This wasn’t going the way they had planned. “Mother, please listen.”

“Mrs. West, it’s because of my job.” Lee said.

“Your job. You work for a film company.” Dotty was now turning her anger on Lee.

“No, I don’t. Neither does Amanda.” Lee decided to tell her everything.

Dotty looked from Lee to Amanda and back to Lee.

“Mrs. West, I work for the government.”

Dotty was quiet for a few minutes. She sat in the armchair.

“I don’t understand. What do you do for the government and why couldn’t you tell me about you marriage? How long have you been married?” Dotty was directing her questions to Lee.

He took a deep breath. “Mrs. West, I can’t tell you a great deal but what I tell you can’t be repeated to anyone.”

Dotty nodded.

“I work for an undercover part of the government that deals with national security. Mr. Melrose is my boss. Amanda is my partner.” Lee waited for a response.

“A spy? You and Amanda are spies?” Dotty said.

Lee nodded. Dotty stood and walked around the room.

“Amanda, how long have you been a spy?”

“Most of the time I was a spy in training and only worked part time. I have been a full time agent for two years.”

Dotty sat down to let it all sink in. “How did you get into this?”

“It’s a long story.” Amanda turned to Lee. He nodded. Amanda looked at her mother, “One day when I was dropping Dean off at the train station Lee handed me a package and asked me to pass it on to someone on the train. I did.”

“Why?” Dotty asked.

Lee leaned forward in his chair. “You know I always wanted to know the same thing.” Lee said.

Amanda looked at him and smiled. “I always wanted to know why you chose me.”

Lee shook his head, “I don’t know there was something about you. I think if I weren’t working I would have asked you out. Why did you take the package?”

“Your eyes. That and you sounded so desperate.”

“I was.” Lee leaned over and kissed her.

Amanda turned back to her mother and said, “Do you remember when you told me if I found I had a good thing, don’t hesitate. I didn’t.”

“I didn’t mean that you should elope and become a spy. When did you get married?”

Amanda took a deep breath, “Just after I became a full agent.”

“Two years! Amanda, what where you thinking? You couldn’t tell me?”

“Mrs. West, at the time we got married we felt it was better to keep it a secret. First, no one knows at work and they can’t. Amanda and I may not be able to work together. Second, we thought it would be safer for the boys.”

“What about now?” Dotty asked. “Won’t the boys still be in danger?”

“Yes, but now Amanda’s a full agent. The dangers are about the same.” Lee moved over to Dotty. He knelt next to her. “We know there are dangers. That’s part of our job. It’s no different than if I was in the CIA, FBI or a police officer. I have almost twenty years in the agency and I plan to retire soon. If Amanda gets pregnant she will leave the agency. Believe me I won’t risk her life or yours or the boys.”

Dotty touched Lee’s hand, “What if..”

Lee interrupted her, “There is always a what if, Mrs. West. I love Amanda. I would give my life for her or her family. I wish I wasn’t in this business but I am. I have traveled all over the world as a child and an adult. I have seen the good and the bad in this world. When I started in this business I wanted to make it a safer world. I have made a difference. Amanda has made a difference. Forgive her; forgive us for lying to you. We may have made the wrong choices but we did it for the right reasons.”

Dotty looked at Lee still kneeling in front of her. She looked at Amanda and realized why they married. The love in their eyes told the whole story. How could she be mad? Her daughter had been happier in the past two years than she had ever seen her, even when she was married to Joe. Dotty reached out to Lee and took his hand. “Take care of her, please.”

“I promise.” Lee smiled.

“Welcome to the family, Lee”

Lee reached up and hugged her and she returned the hug. Amanda smiled.

Just then the back door sung open and in ran the Jamie and Philip.

“Give it back! Philip!”

Philip was making a kissing noise, “Oh, Jamie, I love you.”

“Philip, give it back to your brother and stop teasing him.” The boys stopped when they saw Lee kneeling on the floor in front of Dotty. Amanda and Dotty both looked as if they had been crying.

“What’s wrong?” Jamie asked.

Amanda stood and went to her boys. She put her arm around them and smiled. “Nothing’s wrong. We just told your grandmother that Lee & I eloped.”

The boys looked at each other. Philip was the first to speak, “Cool. That’s great. Lee’s our step dad!”

Jamie added, “Dad was right.”

“What do you mean?” Amanda asked.

“He said that you would marry again, too. He said he was sure that it would be Lee.”

“What about Joe?” Dotty asked.

“He knows everything, mother.”

“Your mother and I have another surprise for you.” Lee said.

“What?” The boys asked together.

“I have a friend who has a place in the Bahamans. Your mother and I are going for a few days but next week we want you and your grandmother to join us. What do you say?”

“Is it by the beach?”

“It’s on the beach.” Then he turned to Dotty. “There is a cook and a housekeeper. You won’t have to do anything. Just relax and have fun. What do you say?”

“Sounds wonderful but are you sure you want us around?” Dotty asked.

Amanda put her arm around Lee’s waist. He had his arm around her shoulder.

“It was Lee’s idea.” They kissed. “I love him for it.”

Lee tried to move but his right arm was asleep. A pain rushed up his arm making him open his eyes. Amanda had fallen asleep on his shoulder. Her hand lay across his bare chest. He looked at her. Even in her sleep she was beautiful. He was so lucky. He thought of his parents, how much he missed them. He wondered how different his life would have been had they lived. Would he have been a spy? Would he have met Amanda? Amanda moved and opened her eyes.

“Morning, sweetheart.” She said. “I fell asleep on your arm. You must have been uncomfortable.”

“As long as you’re in my arms, I’ll never be uncomfortable.” Lee said.

Amanda moved so Lee could move his arm. He winced in pain. He smiled as she rubbed his arm to start the blood circulating again.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked her.

“Yes.” Amanda kissed him. Lee pulled her closer. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” He returned the kiss.

Lee pulled his pillow up so he was sitting up in the bed. He reached back over the pillow and pushed a button. The curtain opened. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining brightly and the water was calm.

“I could get use to this.” He said to Amanda.

“Not on an agent’s salary.” Amanda reminded him.

“No, but what about head of security for Franklin Evans?” Lee said.

“What are you talking about?” Amanda sat up.

“He offered me the job.”

“What did you say?”

“I told him I would let him know.” Lee waited to hear her response.

Amanda was quiet so Lee continued, “I told him we would talk it over. He told me to take my time. The job offer is always open.”

“No pressure.”

“No. Amanda, I always thought about the day I would leave the agency. This job isn’t for married people. You can’t have ties. It just isn’t good.”

“I know.”

Lee took her hand in his. “Amanda, think of what I could give the boys if I had a better paying job.”

“A safer job.” Amanda looked at Lee.

“Amanda, you must keep in mind that even if I leave the agency there is no guarantee that we will always be safe. I have made a lot of enemies in my life and there is always a chance one of them may return.”

“I know.”

“Hey, that enough of that. Let’s get dressed and have breakfast. We have plenty of time for a swim or something before the plane gets here with you mother and the boys.”

“Sounds good. The boys are going to love the beach.”

The plane landed late in the afternoon. The boys got some swimming in before dinner. The next couple of days were spent swimming and fishing. Lee taught the boys how to surf and snorkel. One afternoon later in the week the boys were playing football on the beach with Lee. Amanda and Dotty had gone into town to shop. Lee went in to the house to answer a call from Billy.

“Lee, just thought you should know that Lenonid Vardosk has been spotted in your area. Keep an eye open for him. He swore that he would get you after you messed up his last operation.”

“Yeah, I heard that he was sent to Siberia.” Lee answered.

“Do you know where Amanda is?” Billy asked.

“On vacation with her family.”

Philip ran in. “Lee, hurry up Jamie needs your help.”

Lee put his hand over the mouthpiece. “I’ll be right out.”

Philip grabbed two sodas and took off outside.

“Who was that?” Billy asked trying not to laugh; he knew it was one of Amanda’s boys.

“Just the kid down the beach. We have a football game going.”

Dotty and Amanda walked in.

“Lee, you have to see the dress Amanda got. It’s beautiful.” Lee motioned to Amanda to be quiet.

“Lee, am I interrupting anything?” Billy asked.


“See if you can get in touch with Amanda.” Billy tried to keep from laughing. “Lee, if you give me her number I could send some agents to keep an eye on her and her family.”

“I have it upstairs, I’ll get it to you later. Meanwhile I’ll call her.” Lee knew Billy wasn’t buying it.

“Let her know that word on the street is that he is after her too.”

Lee didn’t want to hear that. “I will. Keep me posted.”

Dotty took her packages upstairs. Amanda looked at Lee, “What’s wrong?”

Lee ran his fingers through his hair. “It’s this damn business that we’re in.”

He looked at the boys playing outside. “How could our job trying to make the world safe for kids like Jamie and Philip be the same job that was putting them in danger? It isn’t fair. We put our life on the line everyday our family shouldn’t have to.”

“Lee, what is it.” Amanda touched his arm.

“That was Billy. Leonid Vardosk has been seen in the area.” Lee took her in his arms.

“He’s after us isn’t he?” Amanda asked.

“He still sore about Station One. Don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to any of you.”

“I know.” Amanda hugged him tighter. Lee knew she was scared because he was.

“Lee, are you coming?” Jamie yelled from the patio.

“Sure.” He kissed Amanda and followed Jamie outside.

Amanda watched them playing. She tried not to think about the consequences of their job. The phone rang.


“Amanda, it’s Billy. Let me talk to Lee again.”

“Yes, sir.” Amanda went outside and waved for Lee. He came running back to the house.

“It’s, Billy.” Lee took a breath before he answered the phone.

“What’s up?”

“I need Amanda’s number.” Billy laughed, “You could have told me. Is there anything else I should know?”

“No.” Lee answered.

“Lee, you are up for review. They will do a full search you know that. Is there anything else I should know?”

Lee took a breath and looked at Amanda. “I think you already know.”

“When?” Billy smiled.

“Two years ago. Remember when Amanda was shot in California. That should have been our honeymoon.” Lee answered.

“Billy, don’t worry, if the agency has a problem with it I plan to retire soon anyway.”

“Lee, you know I don’t. The agency is another story. Tell Amanda congratulations. I couldn’t be happier for the two of you.”

“Thanks.” Lee took Amanda’s hand and kissed it.

“Lee, I almost forgot the reason I called. Francine just took some photos of Vardosk at Dulles. He landed about an hour ago. She’s tailing him right now.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“Don’t let you’re guard down.” Billy warned.

“I won’t.” Lee hung up the phone. “Vardosk just landed at Dulles. Francine is tailing him.”

Amanda smiled, “That’s good news. I hope Francine will be careful.”


“I know, Lee, its what we do.” He hugged her. Amanda added, “You told Billy about us.”

“I’m up for my review which includes a full search. I’m sure they will find out that we are married. Billy won’t say anything. Besides, I have wanted to tell him since we got married.”

“Me too.”

Dotty came down the stairs, “I can’t believe a week is almost over.” She looked at Lee and Amanda. “Is everything alright?”

“Yes, mother. Lee just told Mr. Melrose of our marriage.”

“Are you going to loose your jobs?” She asked.

I don’t know. It wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen. I do have other job offers.” Lee smiled.

The boys came in, “Lee, are jellyfish dangerous?”

“Yes, stay away from them.”

“Told you.” Jamie said to Philip. Then to Lee he asked, “Can we go snorkeling now?”

“Sure. Anyone else want to go?” Lee looked at Dotty and Amanda.

“I just had my hair done.” Dotty said.

“You go. I’m going to read.” Amanda said picking up her book.

The plane landed safely at the small airport and the limo was waiting to take them home. Lee had planned to stay at his apartment but everyone insisted that he go home with them. The next morning Lee stopped off at his apartment before he headed to the office. He chatted with the elderly couple across the hall. She promised to bring Lee some of the cookies she had made that morning. Lee put the key in the lock and turned it. He turned the key a second time for the security locks that leatherneck had installed. The door was already unlocked. Lee had an uneasy feeling. As he started to back away from the door, Mrs. Baxter came out of her apartment with the cookies. Lee grabbed her and shoved her back into her apartment. There was an explosion that shook the whole apartment house. Lee found himself on top of both Mr. & Mrs. Baxter. Lee’s door was blown across the hall. Lee had turned when the explosion happened and he was hit on the side of his head with some flying debris. He helped the Baxters up and picked up the phone and called Billy.

“Lee, your hurt!” Mrs. Baxter said.

“I’ll be alright. Billy, there was an explosion in my apartment better sent a crew over here. Call an ambulance.”

Lee went to his apartment but the living room was on fire. He grabbed the fire extinguisher off the wall in the hall and started to spray the fire. The fire department came in and Lee let them take over. He helped the Baxters out of the building.

Billy pulled up with Amanda.

“Lee, are you alright?” Amanda ran to Lee. She took a cloth and held it to the side of his head.

“Amanda, I’m fine. Check on the Baxters.” She nodded and went to Mrs. Baxter.

“Mrs. Baxter, are you alright?” Amanda knelt next to her and her husband.

“Oh, yes my dear. If it wasn’t for Lee I think we would have been killed. Is he alright?”

“A little bump on the head but you know Lee. He has a hard head.” Amanda laughed at her own little joke.

The ambulance crew came over to the Baxters and insisted that they go to the hospital.

“Lands sake,” Mr. Baxter said, “I’m not hurt. Check Lee he has a cut on his head.”

A paramedic was already checking Lee’s head.

“How many fingers do I have up?” He asked Lee.

“Don’t even think I’m going to the hospital.” Lee stood and passed out.

Amanda was by his side before the paramedic was.

“I guess he’s going to the hospital.” He said looking at Amanda.

“I guess so.” She replied. “Billy, I’m going to the hospital with Lee.”

“I’ll be here for a while Amanda. Let me know how Lee is.”

“I will.”

At the hospital the NEST team treated Lee. He had a concussion and they wanted to keep him overnight. Needless to say he refused.

Amanda was outside the ER talking to the doctor when Billy and Francine came along.

“Amanda, how’s Lee?” Billy asked.

“He’s got a concussion but he refuses to say here overnight.”

“I can’t keep him here if he refuses and he could go home if he’s not by himself. I’d rather be able to keep an eye on him here.” Dr. Norton said.

“I’ll talk to him.” Billy said as he went into Lee’s room.

“Billy, help me get dressed.” Lee said as he was trying to get up.

“Listen to what you just said.” Billy tried to get him to lie back down.

“What?” Lee winced in pain.

“Look at you. You can’t even stand up enough to get dressed.”

“Help me or I will do it on my own.” Lee argued.

“I’d like to see that.” Billy said.

“Billy, I need to go home. I can’t leave them alone.”

“Lee, I have the house surrounded.”

“I need to be there to protect my family. Billy you understand.”

Billy did understand. Lee found something good and was not about to loose it.

“Lee, I’ll stay at the house if that would make you feel better. You’re in no condition to protect them. Let us do our jobs.”

Lee leaned back in the bed. He head was throbbing and all he could think about is how he has already put his family in danger. He closed his eyes and he could see the boys playing football on the beach with him. That’s what life should be for the boys not hiding from some madman. He opened his eyes and looked at Billy, probably one of the few friends that Lee had allowed himself to have.

“Thanks, Billy. I guess if the house is guarded it should be all right. If I was there it would give Amanda something else to worry about.” Billy nodded in agreement.

“Could you do one thing for me?” Lee asked.

“Anything.” Billy answered.

“Would you have Leatherneck set up an alarm system at the house?”

“I’ll call him now.” Lee smiled at Billy’s answer. “I’ll see you later. Rest.” Lee was sleeping before Billy left the room.

Amanda wanted to stay with Lee but she knew she should be home with her, no with their family. She stopped at Lee’s apartment; the investing team from the agency was still there.

“Have you found anything?” Amanda asked as she showed her ID.

“A few pieces of the bomb.” One of the investigators answered Amanda.

She glanced around what was left of the living room. They no longer had to worry about what to do with the extra furniture. The one piece that wasn’t damaged was the end table that had a picture of Lee and his parents. Amanda picked up the picture. That was going to his new home.

“Excuse me, Mrs. King. We need to lock it up now.”

“Let me get one more thing.” She went into his bedroom and took the other picture of his parents. Then she saw a new picture Lee had on the other side of his bed. It was the picture that the woman had taken after their wedding. She wondered if any of the agents had seen it. She took that picture, too. She left Lee’s apartment as the investigators started to nail a board in place of Lee’s missing door. Amanda stopped at the Baxter’s apartment to check on them. The agency had repaired their door.

“Mrs. Baxter, Lee wanted me to check on you.”

“Oh my dear, please come in. I just made some tea, would you like some?”

“Thank you but I need to pick up my boys at school.” Amanda said.

Mr. Baxter came into the living room with a plate of cookies. “Have a cookie at least.”

“Wait a second, my dear. I promised Lee some cookies.” Mrs. Baxter hurried into the kitchen and returned with a plastic bag of cookies.

“How is he feeling?” She asked.

“He’s going to stay at the hospital overnight. He should be able to come home tomorrow.”

“He’s not going to be able to stay in his apartment.” Mr. Baxter said.

“That’s true.” Amanda said goodbye and picked up the boys at school. Dotty was working on supper when Amanda came home.

“Amanda, Mr. Melrose called.”

Amanda picked up the phone and returned his call.

“Amanda, I told Lee that I would spend the night at your place. Is that a problem?”

“No, but do you think it’s necessary?”

“I promised Lee.” He answered.

Billy shifted around on Amanda’s couch in her family room. She had offered him her room and she would have stayed in her mother’s room but Billy wanted to be downstairs by the doors if anyone tried to come in. He was half sleeping when he heard footsteps coming from the front hallway. Billy got up and took his gun. He crossed over to the refrigerator. When the steps got closer he jumped out and shouted, “Hold it right there.” The next thing he knew something heavy came down on his foot. Someone then punched him in the stomach and finally an uppercut to his face. He found himself on the floor.

“Mom! Mom!” The footsteps retreated down the hall.

Billy could hear voices and footsteps coming closer. Someone turned on the light in the kitchen as Billy got up to his knees.

“Mr. Melrose, are you alright?” Dotty was asking as Amanda helped him up.

“Where’s my gun?” Billy asked.

“Here.” Jamie handed it to him.

“Mom, it worked.” Philip said. “What worked?” Amanda asked.

“The stuff that Lee showed us during the last couple of days of our vacation. He showed us how to take care of ourselves in case we ever needed to.” Jamie said.

“Did Lee tell you to use it on Mr. Melrose?” Amanda asked.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Melrose. I really didn’t know it was you.”

“It’s alright, son, it’s good that Lee showed you what to do. I guess we should have told you that I was going to spend the night.” Billy rubbed his eye he was sure that it would be bruised in the morning.

“Why are you spending the night?” Dotty asked.

“My house is being painted and I can’t stand the smell of paint.”

“Ok, boys. Back up to bed.”

“Good Night.” The boys said together and they went up stairs.

“Billy, I’m really sorry.” Amanda checked his eye. “Do you want some ice?”

“It’s alright. He has some right punch.” Billy smiled.

Dotty was quiet for a second. “Paint?”

“Mother, I don’t think you want to know the real reason. You’ll worry.” Amanda said and then added, “Do you need anything, Billy.”

He shook his head.

“Then I’m going back to bed. Goodnight.” Amanda went upstairs.

Dotty was still standing there. “I’ll worry?? What does she mean I’ll worry? Why would I worry??? Amanda! Goodnight, Mr. Melrose. Amanda!” She followed Amanda up the stairs.

Lee couldn’t sleep because he had an unsettling feeling. He checked the boys and they were sleeping. He went down stairs to check the doors. As he walked into the kitchen something hard hit him on the side of his head. He fell to the floor. Blood ran down the side of his face. As Lee got to his knees and someone kicked him in the stomach. He fell back against the wall by the kitchen doorway. He slid off the steps onto the floor.

“Say your prayers, Stetson.”

Through the blood in his left eye Lee could see a figure standing in front of him with a gun pointed at his head. He heard footsteps upstairs and knew he had to do something before Amanda or the boys came down. Before Lee could move someone screamed.

“No!” Jamie had yelled as he jumped from the stairs behind the figure and landed on his back. Philip punched him in the stomach but the man brought his arm up, hitting Philip and sending flying across the room. The man flipped Jamie off his back over his head and onto the floor.

He pointed his gun at Jamie, “I’ll teach you to interfere.”

Lee was up and tackled the man grabbing the hand with the gun. They hit the front door and fell to the floor where they wrestled each trying to control the gun. Both the men tried to stand each still holding the gun. Lee tried to keep it pointed down. Amanda pulled the boys back on the stairs. She ran to the front door and opened it to call for help as the gun went off three times. Lee took two steps back and fell onto the stairs. Jamie caught his head before it hit the steps. The man collapsed onto the floor. He was shot in the stomach. Amanda ran to the phone and Dotty sent Philip to get a cloth.

Lee’s eye was already swollen shut. He winched as Dotty tried to keep a cloth to his head.

“Amanda.” He whispered.

“She’s calling an ambulance.” Dotty said.

“Are the boys alright?” Lee whispered.

“Lee, we’re alright.” Jamie answered still hold Lee’s head in his lap.

He was trying not to pass out but he knew he was loosing the battle.

“Lee, I called N.E.S.T. they will meet you at the hospital.”

“Amanda, was it Vardosk? Is he still alive?” Lee asked.

“I’ll check.” She started to move but one of the agents came over.

“Lee, it was Vardosk but he’s dead now.” Hammond said. He took Lee’s hand, “Hold on buddy the ambulance is coming now. I can hear it.”

“Thanks.” Lee closed his eyes and surrendered to the pain.

Amanda asked, “John, how did he get in here?”

“He knocked out Larry, he’ll have a headache but he should be all right.”

The paramedics lifted Lee to the stretcher. Jamie and Philip helped them. Amanda rode in the ambulance to the hospital and when they arrived, Billy and Francine were already there. As Lee was being examined Amanda filled Billy in on the details of the evenings events. After what seemed like forever, Doctor Brown came out.

“He had a cat scan and I should be getting the results soon. He still hasn’t regained consciousness yet. I put six stitches in his head. We did x-rays on Lee and he has a few broken ribs.”

“Will he be alright?” Amanda asked.

“I’ll know when I get the cat-scan results.”

“Doctor.” The nurse said as she handed him some papers.

“I’ll be right back.” He said as he went to the nurse’s desk. He came back to Amanda and said, “The scan is fine. He’s had two head injuries within three days. I want to keep here for a few days just in case. I don’t care if I have to tie him in his bed. He can’t afford another serious blow to his head.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Amanda was relived.

After a short time the nurse came out.

We’ll have him up in his room in about 15 minutes.”

Lee opened his eyes to see Amanda asleep in the chair next to his bed. His head still hurt and so did his side. He tried to piece together the events of the night before. He remembered getting hit on the head and he remembered Jamie and Philip getting into the fight. He couldn’t remember if the boys had gotten hurt. The door opened and Billy walked in.

“Hi, Lee. How are you doing?”

Lee tried to talk but his throat was dry and sore. He only uttered a whisper.

“How are the boys?” Lee asked.

“They’re fine, Lee” Amanda said. She sat on the edge of the bed close to him. “They’re alive thanks to you.” She took his hand and kissed it. Amanda gave Lee a sip of water to help his throat.

“As I recall I’m alive thanks to them. They were great but I hope they don’t try that again.” Lee smiled.

“They love you, Lee. They wanted to help you.”

“I put them in danger, Amanda. I’m sorry.” Lee squeezed her hand.

“He was after both of us.” Amanda said.

“If anything had happened to them; I’d never forgive myself.” Billy smiled at Lee’s remark. If anyone had told him when he first met Lee that he would throw away all of his playboy life for a mother from the suburbs with two small boys, he would have laughed at them. There was a light tapping at the door and then it opened.

“Is he awake?” Jamie and Philip were peeking in the door.

“Yes.” Amanda said.

“You can only stay for a few minutes. He needs his rest.” The nurse was behind them. She followed them into the room and said, “How are you feeling?”


“I called Dr. Brown and he is on his way in. I’ll be back to do your vitals after your family visits. You have very handsome sons, Mr. Stetson.”

“Thank you.” Lee smiled at the boys.

His smile faded when he saw Philip’s black eye from Vardosk.

“You two saved my life. It took a lot of courage to do what you did. Don’t ever attack anyone with a gun again. You could have been killed.”

“Sorry, Lee, but we couldn’t just let that guy shoot you.” Jamie said.

“Besides the girls will flock around me when I tell them how I got my black eye.” Philip smiled, “I’ll probably get several dates out of this.”

Lee looked at Amanda. The same thoughts crossed her mind. How will they explain this?

“Philip, what are you going to tell your friends?” Amanda asked.

“Well I can’t tell them that someone was after you and Lee because I’m not suppose to know what you two do for a living.”

“Yeah, how many people in the film industry carry guns and listen to Russian tapes?”

Lee, Amanda and Billy looked at each other they didn’t know what to say.

“What do you think we do?” Lee asked.

“I know you work for the government. You were there that time when my dad was in trouble and you saved our lives and my dads. I think you work for the Secret Service or FBI or something like that.”

“That’s something you can’t tell anyone. Not your best friend or girlfriend or teacher.”

Amanda said.

“What about Grandma or Dad?” Jamie asked.

“Your dad knows. Your grandmother would worry.” Amanda said.

“She would.” Jamie agreed.

“I’ll just tell my friends the truth; that someone broke in out house and tried to take something that was very important to us.” Philip smiled.

“Yeah,” Jamie added, “Our family.”

The End