Burn Out continued

By: a_bit_dotty
Summary:This scene takes place after the tag scene of "Burn Out."
Time Frame: second season, directly linked to the ep Burn Out
Type: tried to stay within the canon of the show
Disclaimer:Don't own 'em. Just wanna have fun. The first few lines are taken directly from the ep Burn Out. I don't know who the writer was but if anyone knows for sure please let me know and i will credit that person/people.
Author's Notes:ok, made a small comment in a chat saturday, commented about fanfiction idea, then got pressured into writing this. small continuation of burnout tag. it's not much, but i decided i really couldn't do much with the tag, i liked it too much. this is done solely on the basis of peer pressure. i decided to post it based on some comments in the Lounge forum about amanda making lee squirm a little more for hitting her.

"Amanda, you should be very proud of this," Lee said, holding the award Amanda was just given.

"Well, I am," Amanda said with a smile. "I just wish I had a place to hang it."

"Oh, yeah. Your mother and the kids," Lee realized.

Amanda shook her head. "They can never see it."

"Well, look," Lee said, looking around the bullpen. "I'll talk to Billy and maybe we can find someplace here in the Agency."

"Yeah, that would be nice," Amanda said as she shyly looked down.

"Well, you deserve it. You did a good job. Especially faking getting shot," Lee stated.

"You know..." Amanda started, rolling her eyes and picking up the pink sweater.


"You really came awfully close with that bullet," she said, looking for the bullet hole in the sweater.

"Well, I...I, uh...I had to, you know," Lee was looking decidedly uncomfortable. "Otherwise they would never have bought it."

"Yeah. I know," she said, as she put her finger through the bullet hole.


"Think maybe the Agency could reimburse me for this sweater?" she asked, showing Lee the hole.

Lee, with a twinkle in his eye, grasped her finger and said, "I'll see what I can do about it," leaned over, and without breaking eye contact, placed a kiss on her finger, and winked.

"Oh," was all Amanda could say.

Before Lee could release her finger, Amanda took her other hand and placed it on top of his. She leaned over, getting very close to his ear and whispered, "That was sweet. But if you ever hit me again, it'll cost you more than an apology." And she stood up, winked back at him, and strode out the doors of the bullpen.

Lee could only stand there, mouth hanging open, turning to watch Amanda as she left.

THE END (maybe) (probably) (more than likely)