Can You Feel The Love Tonight

By Nectar99

Disclaimer:  These characters do not belong to me.  They belong to Warner Brothers, and Shoot The Moon Enterprises.  

Timeline:  Set at the very end of the third season.  Off the cannon.  Slightly A.U.  

Rating: pg  


Lee hurried around his apartment.  It had only been hours since he confessed his interest in getting to know Amanda better.  They shared two glorious kisses together.  

Lee pulled on a warm sweater and a comfortable pair of jeans.  He rubbed his nervous moist hands down the inseam of his jeans.  He closed his eyes, recalling the sensation that ran through his body when he kissed the woman that he knew he loved.  A smile formed on his lips.  "She seemed to be as nervous as me," he thought.  

Lee headed out of his apartment to the all to familiar suburbs of Arlington.  Anticipation was getting the better of him.  He wasn't able to spend a long enjoyable evening with Amanda.  Between Amanda's demands at home and work, stealing a few moments here and there would have to do.  He wanted to take things very slow.  He wanted her to know exactly how special she was to him.  He just wanted to be near her.   

Lee pulled up on Maplewood Drive.  He exited the car quickly.  He felt strange walking up to the front door.  Amanda's back door was comfortable to him.   

He took a few deep breaths, and cleared his throat.  He ran a quick hand through his brown hair.  He rang the doorbell twice.  

The door opened slowly.  There she was.  Amanda greeted him with a smile.  Amanda made her way about three quarters of the way out the door, before Lee stole a quick kiss.  Amanda yelled in to her mother, "I'll be back in about an hour or so."  

The last words Amanda heard was her mother wishing her a nice evening before the door closed.  Amanda was wearing a red sweater, and white slacks.  Amanda smiled up at Lee.  "That was nice," she smiled  

Lee felt a warm sensation deep within his stomach.  He squeezed her hand firmly and led her out to the car.   

Lee and Amanda took turns stealing occasional glances at each other.  They smiled shyly at each other.  Amanda was the first to break the silence.  

"So, where are you taking me," she asked playfully.  

Lee gently placed his right hand over her left hand.  "I thought it would be a good idea to take a nice long walk this evening.  Just the two of us," he whispered.  

Amanda replaced her hand atop of his.  She began gently caressing his strong long fingers.  She delicately started with his thumb and worked her way to his pinky finger.  Amanda pulled away suddenly to push a stray hair out of her face.  The smell of his cologne lingered on her fingertips.  Amanda closed her eyes, relishing the scent.  When she finally returned her hand to the original location, she found Lee's hand eagerly awaiting.  

Lee interlocked his fingers with hers.  He didn't want to break the connection.  Her beautiful fragrance filled his nostrils.  He wanted to close his eyes and just let time stand still.   

Lee parked the car and headed around to the passenger side.  He held his hand out for Amanda.  Amanda eagerly exited, handing him the keys left in the ignition.   

Lee smiled shyly realizing his absentmindedness.  "Thank you Amanda," he breathed.   

Amanda rubbed his cheek gently.  "Your welcome," she spoke lovingly.  

They headed into Lincoln Park.  Lee put his arm around Amanda pulling her close.  As they walked together, Lee couldn't help but notice the beauty all-round.  His senses were in fine tune to his surroundings.  Everything looked brighter.  Peace and contentment overtook Lee's soul.  He realized at that very moment he was home.  

Lee stopped walking abruptly.  Amanda turned to look into his eyes.  She smiled at the beauty that radiated from his eyes.  She was able to see all the love he had for her.   

Lee put his hand on her cheek.  He stroked her face gently.  "God, your so beautiful," he breathed.  

Amanda smiled shyly.  "Lee, I--" she tried to speak, but was quickly cut off.  

Lee covered her mouth with a kiss.  He began very gently.  He felt her tongue taste his lips.  He drew in a deep breath, pulling her body tight against his.  As Amanda opened her mouth to his, the kiss quickly escalated.  One of Lee's arms made its way around her waist pulling her deeper into the kiss.  His other hand found her hair, entangled in the soft curls.  Even as their breath became ragged, Lee refused to let her go.  Never in his life had a kiss made him feel the way he did.   

Amanda pulled back slowly gasping for air.  She saw the same look of desire and wonderment reflected in his eyes.  She stood there staring into his lovely hazel eyes.  She felt everything he wasn't able to verbalize at that moment.  Without breaking eye contact, her hand approached his lips.  She traced the outline of his lips with her finger.   

Lee placed his hand over her fingers, pulling them in for a gentle kiss.  He pulled her close for a tight embrace.  He tried to talk, but emotion had overtaken his speech.  "Uh oh," were the only sounds emitted from his lips.  

Amanda quieted him softly.  "Ssshhh, I know," she whispered.  "Me too," she breathed.