Author:  Tina

Disclaimer:  This is borrowed from Shoot the Moon Productions.  I am not trying to take that away from them.

Summary:  Ease droppings on both Lee and Amanda's part, make them both rethink their feelings for one another.

Timeframe:  After Dead men Leave no Trails.

Rated:  PG

Authors note: Just thought about how it would be if after 3 years of working together and there feelings for each other are
growing, if ease dropping on each others conversations, would drive them apart before they even get together.

Feedback: Yes that would be kind. Let me know what you think.

Amanda came into work the next morning after the little peck on the lips from the night before, very happy.  Thinking that her and Lee just might be getting closer.  After all he pulled her toward him.  He kissed her on the lips.  She was in such a good mood not letting any little thing get to her.  She sat down at her desk and began to work on the report on Steven Sali. Billy had told her and Lee they could finish the reports the next day, so they left and had dinner at her place.  She can't get her mind off last evenings events, things are really progressing between her and Lee.  She is hoping that they can talk about it today.

Amanda, got up from her desk to go over to the *water cooler* to get herself a drink.  There were already several other female agents standing there whispering.  When she walks up to the fountain, they stopped talking and looked at her.  Amanda just looks at them and asks "Is there something wrong ladies?  Do I have something on my face?"

They didn't say anything right away, until Amanda starts to walk away and then one said, "uh..  Mrs. King can we ask you a question?"

Amanda turns around and says, "I guess, what is it?"

"What does it feel like to work with Lee Stetson?" Donna says, she is younger than Amanda is and has blonde hair.  She is fairly new to the Agency and rumors have it she has been hitting on Lee since she first arrived.

"I'm not sure what you mean?"  Amanda says in confusion.

"I know you have worked with Lee for quite sometime.  And I have seen him around a lot, but what is it like to work with him."  Donna asks curiously.

"She isn't going to say anything, Donna.  Mrs. King is his partner and won't talk about her, *assignments* with any of us."  Says Lisa, using her fingers to emphasize the word 'assignment. She is the older lady there. And has been around the agency a lot longer then Amanda, from what Amanda has heard, Lisa and Lee were an item, for awhile.

Ann, the redhead said, "Yes, Lisa should know more about Lee Stetson better than us all.  I mean, she and Lee were quite and item years ago,  even before you, Mrs. King."

Amanda had remembered Francine mention Ann's name several times.  All Francine had said was that Ann and Lee would show up at bars alone, by the time the evening was over they would leave together.  She couldn't believe she was standing here listening to these women talking about Lee, like this. This is the first time she has been included in it and she feels like one of the girls.  "Well, ladies I don't know what to say, but Lee is quite a savior."  'Boy that sounded stupid', she thought.

Donna wanted to know something more though, she wanted to know what Lee was like in a more, sexual way.  "Yeah, but is he a good kisser?"  She prods.

Just then Lee gets off the elevator and starts walking to where he sees Amanda, and the others, as he gets close enough to hear what they are talking about he stops.  He hears Donna ask if he is a good kisser, and he decides to ease drop on what is being said.

Lisa says, "Oh yeah, I have never had anyone kiss me, the way he does.  He really knows how to make you feel good, when he kisses you."

"Well, all I can tell you Donna, is that after the first time Lee kissed me, I couldn't get him off my mind.  It was like he blew my mind with that first kiss."  Says Ann, with a devilish grin.

All three women look at Amanda, expecting her to say something about the subject.  Amanda knew that if she wants to be part of the group she has to say something, but what?  She is in love with him, and she doesn't want to admit it, not to them.  Finally Donna asks, "Well Amanda, did you ever kiss Lee?"

At this, Lee tries to extend his ear, so he can hear what Amanda will say.  "Well, uh....I...Uh..." She doesn't know what to say.

"Come on Amanda, it is just us.  Have you ever kissed Lee Stetson?"  Ann says, in a demanding tone.

"Well, we have only kissed on assignments.  What I mean is when it had to do with our jobs."  She finally says.

"Oh come on Mrs. King, are you trying to tell us you have never kissed Lee, outside of work?" Lisa questions her.

Amanda, feeling kind of put on the spot, starts getting a little nervous.  "Yes, that is what I am trying to say."

"Well, did his kiss leave you intoxicated?"  Donna says.  "Was it like Lisa and Ann said it was?"

Lee is really listening now, he wants to hear Amanda's explanation of how she liked his kiss.  Did she feel anything when he kissed her last night or at anytime?

"Well Amanda, how was it?  Was it everything you thought it would be?"  Ann chimes in, as they all wait to hear her answer.

"Oh, come on you guys, Lee is just like any other man.  Why is it, everyone in these agency thinks that Lee is such a wonderful man to be with?  He is just a man."  Amanda tries to evade the question.

Lisa says, in a negative way. "You didn't really kiss him, did you?  Because if you did, you would know what kind of kisser, Lee Stetson is."

Amanda, knew that Lisa is trying to bait her and it is working.  She had kissed Lee, it was intoxicating, but she isn't going to tell the whole Agency, let alone these three women.  "Well, if you want to believe that Lisa, go right ahead, I did kiss Lee, when we had to get married to protect our cover.  It was okay, but I have had better. Every women in this Agency, keeps talking about the, *great Lee Stetson*,  how good he is in bed, how great a kisser he is, but when he kissed me, I could take it or leave it."  She says, not realizing Lee is listening to the whole story.

Behind the wall, where Lee is eavesdropping, he hears everything, Amanda has said.  'She could take it or leave it.  She had had better.'  Those words stung him. He couldn't believe she had said that.  Now he knew how she really felt about him.  Lee knew he has to get out of there, but didn't want the women to know he was listening to them.  Just then he saw Beaman and realized this was his way out of this.  "Beaman, there you are.  I need to talk to you."  He says as he walks around the corner, were Amanda is.

"Hi Lee."  Amanda says.  But he doesn't respond.  He was too hurt at what he had heard.  And even looking at her was hard.  He just continued to talk with Beaman as the walked into the bullpen to Billy's office.

As Lee and Beaman walk into Billy's office, Amanda wonders what is wrong with Lee. He didn't even notice her being there, that isn't like him.  Usually when she walks into a room he greets her with a big smile.  And after last night she thought maybe there might be something more to his greetings, but nothing. He didn't even say 'hi' to her.

Lee turns to look out in the bullpen to where Amanda was now sitting at her desk.  He couldn't believe what he had heard her say.  He was so hurt by what she had said and wanted her to hurt too.  "Lee", Billy calls to him.... " *Scarecrow* can I get your attention for just one moment?"  Billy says in a rather loud voice.  Lee turns back around to see the look on his face.  "Do you have your report done on the Steven Sali case yet?"  Billy asks.

"Uh...No Billy sorry.  I was on my way up to my office when I remembered something.  I will have it done this afternoon, Billy."  Lee says in a quiet tone.  He was still reeling from the earlier comment he had overheard Amanda saying to the girls.

In the meantime Amanda had gone out for awhile to run some errands and had missed Bob Mathews asking about her.  Bob Mathews was a new field Agent that had just come to the Agency a few months ago.  He had an immediate attraction to Amanda the first time he had seen her.  He had been asking everyone at the agency if Amanda was dating anyone at the time.  He expressed his interest in her and every one he had talked to said that they were not sure, if he really wanted to know, was to ask Lee, he seemed to know a lot about Amanda's professional and personal life these days.

Lee was sitting at his desk trying to finish the report he was working on, with little progress.  His mind kept going back to the comment earlier by Amanda.  "Had she really meant it when she said, 'I had better. I could take it or leave it.' No she couldn't have meant it.  But then why would she say that if she didn't?"  Lee then was brought back to the present when he heard a knock on the door.  'It's Amanda' he thought.  "Come in." Lee says.  To his disappointment it wasn't her, it was the new agent Bob Mathews.

"Hello Mr. Stetson, can I talk to you for a moment?"  He says as he walks over to Lee's desk.

"Bob Mathews, right?"  Lee says extending his hand for him to shake it.

"Yes, I am new here, been here for only 2 months.  I hear you are the best field agent Mr. Melrose has here."

Lee is flattered by what Mathews has said to him.  "Well thank you and I have heard a few nice things about you too."  Lee responds in kind.

"Mr. Stetson..." Bob begins but is cut off by Lee.

"Please call me Lee. Now, what can I do for you Bob?"  Lee asks.

Bob surprised at how nice this very experienced agent is to him.  "Well, I kind of have a question to ask you.  Everyone here says that if I need to know about this I should ask you because you know a lot about her."  He says.

"About who?"

"Amanda King,"

Just as Bob begins to talk about Amanda she walks through the door leading to the Q-bureau room and hears her name being mentioned, she hesitates and listens to what is being said.

Lee looks at Bob with a questioning look on his face.  'Now what could this joker want to know about Amanda, for?'  "What about Amanda?"  Lee wonders.

"Well, I was wondering if she was seeing anyone at the moment?"

Amanda strains her neck to hear what Lee has to say.

"Well Bob, I am not sure that it is up to me to say, I mean that is her business not mine."  Lee says that, not wanting to tell him he knows for a fact she isn't seeing anyone right now.  If she were she wouldn't have let me kiss her last night.  "Why don't you just ask her yourself?"  Lee says, kicking himself for even suggesting that.

"Well I would, but she doesn't even know I am interested in her.  What if she doesn't like me?  That is why I am asking you.  Everyone here at the Agency, says you know Amanda better than anyone, and if I need to know anything about her, to ask you.  So please Lee, can you help me out?"  Bob says, pleading with Lee.

Lee realizing that this man has a thing for Amanda, and doesn't like that idea at all.  Just then Lee recalls her comment earlier about *taking him or leaving him* and all of a sudden Lee says, "well, Amanda is just another woman, so if you want to date her then you should do it.  I mean she is just my partner, I am not her keeper."

"I know but..." Bob hesitates, not sure he should continue.

"Yes, Bob?"

"Well, I hear you have a reputation around here on getting any woman you want.  And well, I was just wondering..." he pauses again.

"Out with it, man.  What are you trying to say?"  What Bob is suggesting is irritating Lee.

"I was wondering what Amanda is like to go out with.  I mean is she easy or does she like to take things slow?"  Bob finally says.

"What?"  Lee shouts, stunned by what Bob is saying. "What did you say?  Why would you want to know about that?  What, you think me and Amanda...  Well, you can get that out of your head now."  Lee says, in a tight voice.

"Well, you are a *Romeo*, around here from what I hear.  I mean, the stories that have come out of these women's mouths."

Lee, figures out what Bob wants him to say, decides to evade the question at hand.  If he admits he has never really taken Amanda out on an official date and they never really have kissed or even gotten her into bed.  No he didn't even want to think about it.  This was something he couldn't admit. He loves Amanda and he never would take advantage of her like that.  "Oh and thinking that I have had most of the women here at the Agency, automatically puts Amanda it that group.  Give me a break, I mean she is a housewife from Arlington, with two kids and a live in mother.  Not on your life, buster.  So you can get that thought out of your head, now."  Lee says, not realizing she is standing outside his door, listening to all of what he is saying.

"But I just assumed that since she is your partner and all that you two have..." he stops as Lee glares at him.

"NO, not on your life, come on I have my reputation to protect.  I mean, what would it look like if I, Lee Stetson would get involved with Amanda King, housewife with two kids.  Get real Bob.  So can we just let this go and not say anymore?"  Lee says, flustered by what he has just said.

Amanda listens to him say all those things, she hadn't heard him say them in along time.  She thought they have come farther than that, in their friendship.  Tears start to well up in her eyes and began trickling down her cheek.  She hears someone walking towards the door so she decides to pretend she is just coming down the hall.  She went to the door and opened it, just as Bob came walking out of Lee's office, "Mrs. King, hi!  I don't think you know who I am.  My name is Bob Mathews.  I was just coming to look for you."  He says, excited to finally get to talk to her personally.

Amanda tries to hide her red eyes, by not looking him in the eyes.  She smiles and says, "hi, Bob, right?"

"Yes, I was wondering, if you would like to go out tonight!"  He asks her, hoping she doesn't turn him down.

Lee, in his office hears Bob call out Amanda's name and heads to the door, opens it just in time to hear him ask Amanda out.  Lee, is afraid Bob might say something to her, about what they had just talked about, decides to keep her from excepting.  "Ah... Amanda, can I see you in my office, please. It is about the case we were on yesterday."  He says, in a panic.

"Sorry Lee, but I have to get home.  I have a date tonight with Bob, here. We can talk about this tomorrow?"  She says, in a tone that makes Lee realize that she is very angry with him.  She walks off without giving Lee a chance to respond.

Lee turns back to the Q-bureau, trying to figure out what is going on with Amanda. 'She sounds like she is upset with me, but why?  I haven't done anything lately, to make her mad.'  He tries to do his reports, but can't get his mind off of Amanda.  His feelings for her had begun to confuse him of late.  He has been thinking about her a lot lately, not just as a friend but more than that.  He had been dreaming of kissing her, touching her and even...  But he is afraid of what would happen if he got involved with a woman like, Amanda King, *Commitment! *  That is what scares Lee, more than anything does.

Meanwhile later that night Amanda is getting ready for her date with Bob Mathews.  She is wearing that black spaghetti strap dress that Lee likes so much.  She is wearing it, maybe to spite Lee, but she also wants to prove that she could have a good time with another man without thinking of *him*.  As Amanda came down the stairs the doorbell rang, she walks over and answers it, expecting it to be Bob, but instead she saw Lee standing there.

"Lee, what are you doing here?  Bob will be here any minute."  She says, shocked to see him standing there.

"I know, but I had to see you, Amanda..."

"Now you stop right there, Lee Stetson, I am getting ready for a date, now if you don't mind."  She interrupts him.

"Yes, I do Amanda. I need to talk to you, now!"  He says, in a huff.

"Lee!"  Amanda tries to interject.

Lee walks past her and pushes his way into the living room.  Not letting her say another word to get rid of him.  He is not going to leave there without a reason of what she had said to the girls earlier that day.

Amanda follows him to the living room and says, "Lee, what do you think you are doing?  I told you I have a date."

"I know what you have Amanda, I said I am not leaving until we talk."  He says, getting even more irritated by her not wanting to talk.  Just then the doorbell rang again, and Amanda answers it.

"Hello Bob."

"Well hello Amanda, you look beautiful."  Bob responds.

"Why thank you."  She says, saying it rather loud so that Lee can hear her.

Lee walks out to the foyer, surprising Bob.  "Hi there Bob."

"Lee, what are you doing here?  I thought that I had a date with Amanda tonight."  Bob says.

"You do Bob, and I am ready to go."  Amanda says, looking at Lee in an annoyed way.

"Amanda, I thought we were going to talk?"  Lee says, getting even angrier by the moment.

"Lee, I have a date, now if you want to talk, we can do it tomorrow."  Turning toward Bob she says, "ready to go?"

As Amanda and Bob walk out of her house she stands at the door and waits for Lee to exit.  Then she shuts and locks the door and says "see you tomorrow, Lee."

Lee stands there looking at the two of them driving off and says to himself, "well if you don't want to listen to me, when I want to tell you that Bob doesn't take no for answer, then I won't tell you."  He gets into his car and drives towards his apartment.


The next morning, Amanda shows up at work in a fairly upset mood.  Her date with Bob, wasn't what she thought it was going to be.  All he wanted to do is touch and get frisky with her and she wasn't ready to get that close to him or anyone at all.  'Anyways no one but Lee', she thought. She walks into the bullpen when all eyes are on her, and people were pointing at her, like she has done something wrong.  She felt kind of weird.  'Why are they staring and pointing at me?' She thought.  Then Francine came up to her and says, "Well, well, if it isn't our current little gossip story today."

"What are you talking about, Francine?"  Amanda says.

"Oh, come on Amanda, we all know about you and Bob last night.  It's all over the Agency."  Francine brags.

"What is all over the Agency?  All we did is go to dinner."  She says, a little irritated by this time.

"Oh come now, Amanda, are you saying that you and Bob never did what is floating around?"  Francine says, with a big smile.

"Francine, what are you talking about?"

"Amanda, the rumor going around is, you and Bob had a pretty heated night last night.  That what the two of you did was incredible."  Francine says.

"Francine, nothing happened between Bob and I last night.  We had dinner, went dancing, and then he took me home.  Nothing else happened."  She says, getting real upset.

"I should have known.  Perfect Amanda King, would never do something like that.  Boy a lot of people really are going to be surprised to hear different though."

Amanda, realizing that Bob must have spread those rumors about them, because she wouldn't go to bed with him, she knew she has do something about it.  Just them Lee walked into the bullpen, looking a little upset.  He looks at her and just walks past.  She knew then that he must have heard of the rumors.  She had to tell him the truth that nothing happened between her and Bob.

As the day went on Lee avoided her, he would make up excuses of why he couldn't talk to her and he wasn't going to work with her because the assignments were just questionings nothing she needed to be there for.  Or at least that is what he was telling her.

Amanda had been trying all day to talk to Lee.  To explain to him about the rumors, but he was avoiding her.  He wouldn't even stay in the same room with her.  'Damn that Bob Mathews, why did he have to spread those nasty rumors?'  She thinks to herself.  After about 5 o'clock she decided it was time to go home.  Her mother and the boys would be home and she needed to spend time with them.  She would just have to talk to him tomorrow.


The next morning Lee came into the agency still fuming over what he had heard go around the Agency the day before.  He couldn't believe Amanda would do that.  He always thought she had more tact than jump into bed with a man on the first date.  'But she must have.' He thought.

Meanwhile Amanda is at the *water cooler* again with the ladies, they are questioning her about Bob.  'She is telling them that nothing happened between the two of them, that Bob tried to get her to bed with him, but she told him 'no' and to take her home.'  After talking to them for what seemed like forever, she had finally convinced them that nothing had happened and that she is going to talk to Bob about that and have him straighten things out.

All of a sudden Ann says, "Amanda would you sleep with Lee, if he asked you?"

Amanda getting all flustered just looks at Ann.  Trying to find some way to answer her without giving her feelings for Lee away.  "Well Ann, I thinking sleeping with him is a pretty strong phrase."

Just then, Lee walks off the elevator and sees Amanda and the others talking, curious at what they are saying, he eavesdrops on their conversation again.  He walks up just as he hears Amanda say, "I think sleeping with him is a pretty strong phrase."  And he almost says something, but decides to clam up.

"Oh, come on Amanda, tell us the truth would you sleep with him, if he asks you?"  Donna says, in an excited way.

"Ladies, I think this is pointless.  I don't see what this has to do..." she says, as she is interrupted.

"Girls, I bet she has. The rumors of the guy is evident, he gets what he wants."  Lisa says, not letting Amanda finish.

Lee, thinking that they are talking about Bob, his insides start to churn. ' It was true, she had slept with Bob.  How could she?  How can she do that to me...' he stops himself as he realizes what he is saying.   'She isn't mine.  We haven't even kissed for real yet.'  Not being able to listen to anymore he turns and heads back toward the elevator and goes up to his office.  Trying to forget what he had just heard, his mind whirls as he finishes up his report.

Down stairs, Amanda and the girls still continue to talk about Lee.

"I don't know if I would sleep with Lee. With his checkered past, he wouldn't want a serious relationship, that is what I am looking for.  So to answer your question Donna, *no*, I don't think I would."  Amanda finally answers their question truthfully and walks away satisfied with her answer.

Amanda heads up to the Q-bureau to talk to Lee. She knocks on the door, Lee doesn't answer.  She opens the door and notices that he isn't at his desk.  The room was deserted and it didn't look like he was coming back.  She decides to head home to think about what has been going on with Lee.


Lee stops in at Emilio's restaurant to have a couple of drinks and to think about his feelings for Amanda.  He was falling in love with her and he wanted to tell her that, but what if she didn't feel the same way? What if she didn't have any feelings for him, at all?  But she had been intimate with another man. How could she just jump into bed with him?  All these things were swirling around in his head.  Lee was trying hard to forget, but it wasn't easy.  Just then Francine came in.

"Well, if it is Lee Stetson, no date for tonight?"  She says.

"Well, if it is any of your business Francine, no I don't.  I just thought I would come here and have a couple of drinks before I go home.  Or do I have to check with you to do that?"  Lee says, in a condescending tone.

"Well excuse me Scarecrow, I am just kidding.  What has gotten into you?"  Francine says, as she looks at him with curious eyes.

Lee, getting tired of being in the same room with Francine already,  tries to evade her questions, but she is relentless.  "Francine, do you mind?  I just want to be alone, all right?"

"Come on Lee, what is it?  I thought we were good friends.  This isn't how friends act towards each other.  Now tell Francine what is bothering you."  She says, patronizing him.

Lee thinks about what she just said, wondering if Francine knows the truth about Amanda and Bob, he delves into the question that is on his mind.  "Francine, can I ask you a question?  Can you be honest with me?"

"Sure, I guess, what is it?"  She wonders.

"Well, you know that Amanda and Bob went out last night, right?  Well the rumors have it that they slept together, did she say anything to you about it?"

Francine surprised by the question she was just asked.  'Now why would Lee care whether or not Amanda slept with him or not.  They are just partners.' Francine wonders to herself.

"Francine did you hear me?"  Lee asks again.

"Oh... Uh.. Sorry Lee, I was just thinking.  What was it you wanted?  Oh yeah have I heard whether or not Amanda and Bob slept together.  Well I did ask her and she said it wasn't any of my business."  Francine fibs a little.  'Maybe he won't think his precious Amanda is perfect anymore if he thinks the rumors are true.'  She thinks to herself.

Lee stunned at what Francine had said, thinks, ' it has to be true then.  If she didn't sleep with him then she would have defended herself to Francine.  How could she do this to me?'


The next day Lee heads off to the bullpen still reeling from Francine's comment last night, about Amanda not defending herself to the rumors, runs smack dab into Beaman.  "Will you watch were you are going Scarecrow.  Jesus, you could have killed me the way you are walking."  Beaman berates Lee's lack of notice in the way that he is walking.

"Oh.. Beaman.. I am sorry I guess I had my mind on something else."  Lee apologizes.

"Well, I wonder if it could have anything to do with your protege?  I mean those rumors, are really floating around now."  Beaman gloats.

"And what does that mean?"  Lee says, a little annoyed by his comment.

"Oh come on Lee, everyone knows that she never gave you the time of day outside of work.  She was the only female agent you haven't bedded, she went for Bob and the first night she winds up in bed with him."  Beaman says, with a smirk on his face.

Just as Beaman finished his statement Amanda came off the elevator and starts to walk down the hall, when she heard her named mentioned by a familiar voice.

"And who says I want to bed Amanda King anyway, Beaman?  She isn't even my type."  Lee says, frustrated.

As she hears this, she ducks in the corner to listen, stunned by what Lee has just said, tears begin to form in her eyes.

"Oh, come on Lee, are you telling me that you have never wanted to get Mrs. King into bed?  I mean she isn't that bad looking, matter of fact she is quite attractive, even sexy.  I wouldn't mind taking her out myself, if she would let me."  Beaman says, with a gleam in his eye.

Lee, a little annoyed that Beaman would even try anything with Amanda, tries to hold back his jealously and says, "Oh come on, she is just a housewife, with two kids and has her mother living with her.  Now, why would I have any interest in her, sexually?"

Beaman gets Lee's goat and says, "well she is a woman, and everyone knows Lee Stetson is good at getting any woman into bed.  Problem is he has not been able to get his partner into bed.  No wonder she turned to another man."

Lee grabs Beaman by the collar, shoves him up against the wall and says, "shut up, you got it.  Amanda is my partner and nothing else.  She isn't now or never will be anything to me but a housewife with two kids and not one damn thing else, but a business associate. Now back off, you got that."  Lee let's go of his collar, heads off to the elevator and walks right past Amanda, didn't even notice she is standing there.

Amanda, standing there with tears in her eyes, runs to the ladies room and ran right into Billy.  "Amanda is everything okay?"  He asks, out of concern, seeing tears in her eyes.

"Yes sir, uh sir may I go home?  I am not feeling to well right now."  She says, trying not to cry in front of him.

"Yes Amanda, why don't you do that.  I will have Lee handle the reports by himself."  He says, with a worried look on his face.

Upstairs in the Q-bureau, Lee is still hot under the collar, at the comments that Beaman had said to him.  'He couldn't get Amanda into bed, I bet I could if I wanted to.'  Lee says to himself.  'I just respect her too much to try.  She isn't like any of those other women, she is much more than that to me.' "I have to go see her.  I have to find out whether or not those rumors are true.  God please don't let them be true, she isn't that type of person."  He says, out loud.


At Amanda's, she is getting the boys ready to spend 2 weeks with their father.  And her mother is going on a trip with her sister, Lillian.  That means, she is going to have the whole house to herself, for two weeks.  She needs this time to rethink her feelings for Lee.  `Do I love him?  Do I want him?' She thinks to herself.  All these questions need to be answered and she can't do that with everyone at home.  She kisses the boys goodbye and tells them to behave for their father and watches them leave.  Her mother is standing next to her and says, "It is always hard to let them go, isn't it sweetheart?"

"Oh Mother, they're still my babies."  She says, with tears in her eyes.

"I know dear, but it is only for two weeks and we all will be back.  Are you sure you don't want to come with me?  Aunt Lillian would love it if you did come."  Dotty asks.

"No Mother, I think the time alone will help me sort some things out, in my life.  You go and have a good time.  I will be fine."  She hears a horn and she says, "there's your taxi Mother, now you go and have a good time with Aunt Lillian, and don't worry about me, I will be fine, I love you."  She kisses and hugs her mother and watches her exit into the cab.

Later that night, Amanda is in her living room watching TV when she hears the doorbell.  She walks over to it asking, " Who is it?"

"Amanda it's me Lee, let me in, I need to talk to you."

She cringes at the sound.  'How could he even think I would want to see him after what he said about me today.  He said some horrible things...' her concentration is broken, when she realizes that he didn't know she was eavesdropping on him.

"Amanda I know you are home, please, I need to talk to you, let me in." Lee pleads again.

She walks to the door and unlocks it.  Standing on the other side of the door is Lee, handsome as ever, with a bouquet of pink roses in his hands.  "Hi, can I come in, these are for you,"  he says, handing her the roses.

"Lee, they are beautiful, thank you."

As she is putting them in a vase, Lee walks up behind her and says "Amanda we need to talk.  I think we have some things we need to say to each other and if we don't we will never clear the air."

Amanda turns, looks at him and says, "your right Lee, I think we have a lot to talk about.  Let me get us something to drink and then I will meet you in the living room."

As she walks into the living room with a couple cups of coffee, Lee stands up to take a cup and his hand touches hers, sends electricity through her body causing her to accidentally drop the cup.  "Are you okay, Amanda?"  Lee asks.

"Uh.... Yeah..Uh, I am sorry Lee, I don't know what happened.  Here let me get a rag."  She says, trying to compose herself, still feeling his touch as she walks back into the kitchen.  'Get a hold of yourself Amanda, he is just here to talk to you. But, God did his touch make me want to kiss him.'  She thinks to herself.

"Amanda, can I help you with this mess?"  Lee calls from the living room.

"Uh.. No Lee, I got it."  She says, as she walks back into the room.  Towels up the coffee spill on the table and the floor, she puts the rag into the laundry room.  When she walks back into the living area, Lee grabs her by the arms.   "Lee what?"

But before she could say anything else he kisses her, softly but deep.  She tries to pull away but he keeps a hard and long hold onto her.  Before too long she doesn't fight it, she gives in to his lips and passion.  After what seemed like forever he parts and says, "God, I have wanted to do that for so long."

A stunned and shocked Amanda stands there, not knowing what to say, she just looks at him.

"Hey are you okay?  I am sorry, I shouldn't have kissed you but I couldn't hold out anymore."  Lee says, but not out of regret.

Finally, Amanda gets a grip on what just happen, she pulls back away from him and says, "why did you do that Lee?  I thought I wasn't your type, I mean after all I am only a housewife from Arlington, with 2 kids and a live in mother."

"Wha...?" He says, stunned by what she has just said.  'How did she know I said that?'

"Oh come on Lee, isn't that what you told Beaman?"  She says, before she realized that he didn't know she overheard him with Beaman.

"Amanda, how did you know I said that to Beaman?  Wait a minute, were you eavesdropping on our conversation?  How could you do that?"  He said, a little annoyed at what he had just learned.

Amanda feeling a little ashamed that she had over listened Lee and Beaman talking about her and she starts to turn red in the face.  Not being able to look at him or even talk.

Lee, still waiting for her to answer his question, realizes he had done the same thing to her.  He eavesdropped on a couple of her conversations.  'What am I doing?  I done the same thing.' he thinks. 'Maybe if I come clean she will answer me.'  "Ah... Amanda there is something I need to tell you.  Ah....Well...Ah..." He stutters trying to find the right way to tell her.

"Lee if there’s something you want to say just say it."  She says, as she sees he is struggling with his words.

"Amanda, I guess I can't get too mad at you for you’re eavesdropping on me, because well, I've done the same thing to you." He finally says.

She stands there shocked, how could he do that?  "How could you do that Lee?  And what did you here may I ask?"  She says, in an irritated voice.

"Well, the truth is.. I mean I know how you feel about me.  Well at least I thought I knew how you felt about me.  But after that kiss earlier I am not sure what to think."  He pauses as he catches his breath and continues.  "Amanda I need to ask you a question, and I need for you to be honest with me.  Can you do that for me?"  He says out of breath.

She looks at him with a puzzled face, "sure what is it?  I will try to answer you honestly, I have nothing to hide."

"Well.. Uh..Did you sleep with Bob Mathews?"  He says, with a frog in his throat.

"What..? What did you say?  Lee how could you think that?  I would.. I mean I never.."  She was so angry that he would think she would just jump into bed with Bob, that she was fuming.

Lee had never seen her so angry before. 'How could I just say it.' "A... Amanda I ..." He couldn't say anything.  It was like he lost his voice.

"Lee Stetson, I thought you knew me better than that.  How could you believe those rumors?   And that is all they are is rumors.  Okay, you want to know the truth I will tell you.  He was all arms and lips that night.  He kept asking me to go back to his place and I kept telling him no, that I didn't want to.  But he kept saying that I would love it, that he was real good in bed.  I told him that I would never know, because I was going home."  She pauses`, catches her breath and then continues.  "I told him to take me home and not to call me again, that I am not interested in going to bed with him now or ever."  She ended, all flustered and very angry.

Lee flabbergasted by what she has just said, sat there not knowing what to say.  He wasn't expecting her to be so angry. 'But why not, I should have known she wouldn't jump into bed with a man on the first date.'  He thinks, as he berates himself.

"Well, does that answer you sick mind Scarecrow?"  She says, still hurt that he would even think it.

"Yes, I guess I should..." he says, still a little embarrassed of even thinking it.

"Yes you should have known, Lee.  How could you think that I would sleep with him or anyone else?  I thought..." she stops realizing she almost said something that might not have been appropriate at the moment.

"You thought what, Amanda?"  Lee says, when he realizes she was going to say something.

"Ah.. Nothing really."  She replies.  "So Lee, what else did you hear when you were eavesdropping in on my conversations with the girls?"

"I might ask you the same thing, Amanda.  You made a comment earlier about you not being my type and that you had kids and a live in mother.  Is that all you heard?"

Amanda considering what Lee had just said thinks, 'what should I do, tell him what I heard or let it go.'

"Well, Amanda, are you going to answer my question or what?"  He says, a little annoyed that she isn't answering him.

"All right, you want to know what I heard, I will tell you.  Let's see, what was it you said, you wouldn't get involved with me if you life depended on it. I wasn't your type. Should I go on?"  She says, getting all upset again.

"Ah..Amanda I ..." Lee, realizes she had heard everything he had said to Bob Mathews.  'That is exactly what I said to him' he says to himself.  "Amanda I am sorry I didn't mean what I said, I just.." He stops.
"Yes, Lee.  What were you going to say? You just what?"

'Now what do I tell her?  I can't just tell her I love her, can I?'  He thinks to himself.  'I mean that is why I said all those things to Bob, I didn't want him to know I am in love with Amanda.'

"Lee, what were you going to say?  You just what?"  She says again, getting a little impatient she is waiting for his answer.

Lee, thinking of what to say, he begins, "Amanda I was just going to say that I didn't want you to go out with him.  I didn't think he was your type, so I was playing everything he said down."  He knows that she isn't buying any of it and starts to fidget as he says it.

"Oh, so you're telling him that I am not your type and that you wouldn't go out with me even if your life depends on it, is playing it down, huh?"  She says, in a huff.  "Oh come off it Stetson, I don't believe a word you are saying."

"Well, I really don't care what you believe Amanda, it's the truth."  He says, a little annoyed at her tone, not believing him.

"Okay, then can you explain this little comment Lee?  You have your reputation to think about and I 'Lee Stetson' would never get involved with a housewife from Arlington."  She says, repeating what she had heard Lee tell Bob a couple of days ago.

By this time, Lee was feeling about 2 feet tall.  She was throwing things back at him that he didn't even realize she had heard, he couldn't find his voice.  All those hateful things he had said, were now ripping him and her further apart.

"Oh, how about I am just your partner nothing else.  'I am not now or ever will be, anything but a housewife, with two kids and not one damn thing to you, but a business associate'.  Do you want me to go on, Lee?" She says, with tears flowing down her cheeks as she repeats his words to him.

By now Lee had finally found his voice. "Oh, I suppose you telling the girls that 'kissing me was nothing, that you had better and that you could take it or leave.'  Was that just girl talk, huh?"  His voice was loud and tight with anger.

It was Amanda's turn to feel low.  She had said those things but only to keep the girls from finding that she is in love with Lee.  'Gosh how am I going to tell him the truth?'  She thinks to herself.

"Oh, and how about you telling the girls of your night in the hay with Bob. I mean, you never did deny that you hadn't slept with him."  Lee says, with a slight jealous sound in his voice.

"Lee, I told you I never slept with Bob.  He kept trying to get me to go back to his place but I said no.  He took me home, then he must have came into work early the next day and made up those lies about me, to keep his reputation up or something."  She replies, in a harsh tone.

They both kept throwing there comments and eaves droppings back and forth to each other for another hour until, Amanda finally says, "Oh, look Lee, we both are at fault here.  We said some things that turned out to be  misunderstandings."

Lee looks into her eyes and replies, "you're right Amanda, I am sorry for everything I said.  I guess I was jealous when Bob asked you out on a date.  I had no right to be that way, I mean it isn't like we are dating, we are.."  His words falter, as he stops to think of how to say it.  His hand reaches for her face and he caresses her cheek.

Amanda shivers from his touch.  Every time Lee would touch her, her whole body would react and tonight it was on overdrive.  With the emotional fighting, the touching of her cheek and his earlier kiss, she is so confused, she isn't sure what is happening.

Lee's lips came closer with each movement, in his walk.  Before long he was brushing his lips on hers, savoring the taste of her lips.  Feeling her breath, as she breathed hard with his touch.  His hand that was on her cheek, slips down her arm to the small of her back.  He pulls her close as his lips deepened on hers, parts them and his tongue enters feeling hers dance with his.

Amanda feeling so light headed with this kiss she tried to stop it, but she couldn't.  She wanted Lee Stetson's lips on hers so bad, that she didn't care whether she fainted from his kiss.  All she knew is that she is in love with him, and she wants this to happen.  As their kiss intensified her hands caressed the nape of his neck, sending sudden shock waves through his body.

Their hands began to explore each other bodies, as his lips started to trail down to her neck then to her earlobe, where she let out a loud groan of ecstasy.  Lee has hit a spot on her body that she didn't known is so sensitive to the touch.  Just behind her ear was the spot Lee found and he loves to hear her moan.

As Lee continued to excite her with his nibbling behind the ear, Amanda was doing her own little thing to Lee.  She is sliding her hands up and down his back, with the lightest feather touch she can do. Then her fingertips start to work their magic, as she can feel him shiver with excitement. Their lips met up again and this time it is even more intense, then before. As Lee's lips are working on Amanda's, she could feel him come alive down below, pressing against her abdomen, she tries not to notice.

Lee feels himself come alive, pulls away to try and conceal his excitement.  "Ah....Amanda...I think we should stop.  I mean....Well.."  he can't stop from thinking how much he wants to sleep with her, right now.  But he knew she will never let it happen, at least not right now, he respects her too much to let it go that far. "I should go."  He says, reluctantly.

"Yeah you are probably right.  I think we are kind of getting a little carried away here."  She says, with a smile.  "Oh Lee!"

"Yes."  He says, as he pulls her close to him again.

"I am sorry for what you heard, I didn't mean any of it, and I really do care about you.  And you are a great, even excellent *kisser*."  She says, with a devilishly look on her face.

"And as you can tell Amanda, that I would love to... Well I want to...."  he's not sure how to tell her, he wants to sleep with her, more than ever.

"I know Lee, me too, but I think we need to take it slow.  I have never wanted to sleep with a man as much as I do with you, but I think going slowly will be for the best"  Amanda says, as she knew what he is thinking.

As she walks Lee to the door, he turns to her and says "I am sorry also Amanda. I was only saying those things to keep Bob and Beaman from finding out how I really feel about you. I am sorry."

"Lee, we both said things that turned out to be *misunderstandings* on our parts. So let's put it behind us and work on what is happening now.  Because, I think we could really enjoy each other."  Amanda says, with a serious voice.

"See you tomorrow?"  He says, kissing her goodbye.

"You can count on it, Stetson."  Amanda says, as she returns his kiss.

The End