A is for 'Again'

Author: Kim D.

Rating: G

Time Frame: Fourth Season--after Nightcrawler, but before Lee is introduced to Amanda's family.

Type: Filler- true to cannon.

Summary: It's Amanda's turn to reflect.

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Disclaimer: 'Scarecrow and Mrs. King' is the property of Warner Brothers and Shoot the Moon Productions. This story, however, belongs to the author and is for entertainment purposes only. No infringement of rights is intended.

Author's Notes: This is a companion piece to my first ABC story, H is for 'Hello', in answer to Round 2 of Beth J's Alphabet Challenge. A big thank you goes out to Sally for her capable handling of this round!

Sunlight streamed in the window of the Q-bureau, casting a golden aura around Amanda King's perfectly kept desk. Dust motes danced in the shimmering beam, drawing her attention away from the paperwork that lay neatly centered on the blotter in front of her. Outside, a cool breeze blew through the trees, lending a brisk note to the otherwise warm afternoon.

Amanda relished these last remnants of Indian Summer. Days like this were few and far between, as late fall moved all too quickly into winter. It had been a particularly turbulent autumn for her. She knew, more than anything, that she needed to slow down the pace of her hectic life and take time to enjoy simple pleasures such as this. She was grateful that, in a short while, she'd have a reason to escape the confines of the office, and actually head outdoors to savor the undeniable beauty of the day.

Amanda sighed, admitting to herself the real reason she was looking forward to leaving the office...Lee Stetson. She cast a glance at her partner's desk, a wistful statement occupying her normally cheerful features. Lee had been on assignment in Amsterdam for the better part of a week. It was their first true separation since her abduction at the hands of Addi Birol, the event that had prompted Lee to ask for her hand in marriage. The emotional bonds that they had forged during the past few years were strengthened that day, and Amanda realized then that nothing could break them. To say that she had missed him would be an understatement. His flight home was due to arrive in less than two hours. She planned to meet him at the airport to welcome him home before ushering him back to his apartment where she could give him an even warmer reception.

Amanda shook her head, silently chiding herself for getting lost in romantic daydreams. She still had a good hour left to finish her reports before she needed to head out. She returned to the files that needed her attention, pushing all thoughts of Lee to the back of her mind.


An hour and a half later, Amanda moved through one of the revolving doorways at Dulles International Airport. She wondered briefly if she would find Lee waiting on the other side, ready to propel her back out into the brightness of the D.C. sun. She was never able to use these circular contraptions without having that rather silly thought--not since her first trip to Germany two years earlier.

She suppressed a grin, realizing that there were quite a few things she viewed differently since joining the Agency, but the way she entered and exited buildings had to top the list. Never in her life had she found reason to break a window, pick a lock, or impersonate a government official to gain access to a place. Likewise, she'd never had to jump into lakes or swimming pools to get out of a building, or fly a helicopter while being pursued by counterintelligence operatives, either. Everything changed when she met Lee.

It was only a second before Amanda emerged inside the bustling terminal. She shook off her recollections, and set out to find the gate where Lee's plane was scheduled to land. She moved along the carpeted walkway, passing ticket counters lined with people. A large bunch of teenagers massed together, laughing and teasing, each one eager for whatever journey they were about to make. She knew that it wouldn't be long before her own two boys would be part of a group like this, excited about an upcoming class trip. After that would come college and careers. She'd miss them, she knew, but she would also share in their excitement. Amanda had learned first hand that life was an adventure just waiting to be experienced, and she wanted her boys to know that, too.

She quickly skirted the rambunctious group of students, smiling indulgently at their harried-looking chaperone. She had an urge to stop and help the woman for a second. She also wanted to tell her to relax, that kids could sense fear just as easily as dogs.but wisdom told her that some lessons had to be learned first hand.

Lee was in for a lesson or two of his own, in that respect. Sooner or later, he'd have to meet Phillip and Jaime, and Amanda knew the idea made him more than a little nervous. What he needed was to jump in feet first...total immersion. A chuckle welled up inside of her. She imagined that it might be fun to sit back and watch the great Scarecrow squirm. Yes, it was time he had a taste of her world.


It wasn't long before she found the gate where Lee and his fellow passengers would disembark. She maneuvered her way through the mingling crowd and found space near the front of the group. From this spot she'd be able to see Lee the second he stepped out of the skyway...and he would see her.

Though he'd never told her, Amanda knew that it meant a great deal to Lee that she took the time to meet his planes. She'd never seen him look happier than the first time she picked him up at the airport. When she met that flight, a little over a year earlier, she had been worried that Lee would be annoyed that she'd come, but the smile on his face said just the opposite. At that moment, Amanda knew that their relationship, whatever it may have been at the time, had reached a turning point. From that day on, she never missed a chance to greet him at the airport.

So, here she was, once again, waiting for the man that had recently become her fiancé. The whole experience seemed wonderfully, blissfully normal. Deceptively normal, the agent-in-training portion of her brain told her.but she chose to ignore the thought. Amanda knew that sometimes normal was simply that--normal. She'd been saying it to Lee for years; there were times when it was nice to be just like everyone else.

Passengers began to file into the terminal and, as they did, Amanda caught sight of the man whose life she was going to share. Lee seemed to sense her presence, singling her out almost instantly. Their eyes locked and, with long, swift strides, he quickly closed the distance between them. She watched him, thinking that he had, without a doubt, the most beautiful eyes she'd ever seen. She remembered the first time he'd ever looked at her with that gold-flecked gaze. His eyes had drawn her to him, and his eyes had held her there.for three wonderful years. Almost instantly, he was at her side reaching for her outstretched hands.

"Amanda." Lee's voice was hardly more than a whisper. He raised her left hand to his lips, taking special note of the diamond that shimmered on her third finger.

His voice, his touch, the brilliance of his smile.they were all the same, and yet Amanda savored each and every detail. She reached up to cradle his cheek with her free hand, feeling glad that she'd worn the ring that was a symbol of their love. Her deepest emotions were reflected in her own dazzling smile. "Hello, Lee," she said. "Welcome home."

-The End-