I Remember Bobby

By: Tracey

Disclaimer: I'm only playing with these characters. They belong to Warner Brothers, Shoot the Moon Productions, Kate Jackson, Bruce Boxleitner et al. I do claim Bobby though, he's mine.
Rating: G
Synopsis: Amanda reflects on her past, especially her first love.

Timeline: Early fourth season, before Nightcrawler.

Amanda King sat on her sofa, it was about 11:30, and her house was quiet. The boys were upstairs in their beds, her mother was out with Captain Kurt. She was enjoying a much too infrequent bit of quiet. What with the Agency, home responsibilities, her new relationship with Lee Stetson, and everything else in her life, she didn't get too many of those.

As she sat on the sofa, she fingered the heart shaped charm she wore. It reminded her of a boy she knew a long time ago. he was her first real boyfriend, the first boy she ever kissed. His name was Bobby. She met him the first day of highschool. She was 14, and he was 15. He was a handsome boy, with brown eyes, curly black hair and creamy brown skin that alluded to his biracial heritage.

It was 1964, and Bobby was one of the first African-American kids to come to Amanda's school. During lunch, some other kids were being rude to him and wouldn't let him sit at a table. He heard a voice from the back-"hey, come sit with us." The voice belonged to a tall boy sitting with a bunch of kids. My name is Jack, this is Bill, Jackie, Rusty, and Amanda. She's my cousin. Don't mind those guys, they're jerks. You're welcome to sit with us.

As they got to talking, they realized that they had a lot in common. They liked the same music, movies. Bobby and Jack played football, and were both going out for the J-V team. However, Bobby and Amanda seemed to have the most in common. They were in the same classes. They bothed loved the Beatles, they both liked to read, and they liked each other.

As the school year went on, the little group of friends became close. They spent hours on the phone. They went to movies together. Amanda and Jackie were both J-V cheerleaders, and went to all of Bobby's and Jack's games. however, as time went on, Bobby and Amanda spent more and more time alone.

They talked about politics, what they wanted to do with their lives, people, places and things. They had become best friends. There was more than a little attraction there, but they were shy.

During junior year, Bobby finally got the nreve up to ask Amanda to go to the movies with him. Much to his surprise she said yes. After that they were a couple. Yes they did take some heat from other people, but their friends were happy for them. Amanda's parents like Bobby. They were concerned for them, but they never tried to separate them. Bobby's father and mother liked Amanda. They had met while Bobby's dad was in the service in Germany. They knew first hand what it was like to be an inter-racial couple, and just didn't want to see the two get hurt.

The night of graduation, Bobby and Amanda were together. It was the first time for both of them. After he took her home, his car was hit by another driven by a drunk driver. he died instantly. At the funeral, Amanda was given a box by Bobby's mother. "He had this for you, he was saving it for your birthday. I think he'd like you to have it to remember him by."

When Amanda opened the box, she saw a heart-shaped diamond necklace on a thin platinum chain. Right then she knew where he'd been on all of those nights he couldn't go out with her. He had been working to buy her a beautiful gift. As she put on the necklace, she resolved never to take it off.

Slowly, Amanda's thoughts came back to the present. She could hear tapping at her kitchen window. She knew who it was. Smiling she opened the door. "Hey, Lee," said to the smiling man on her doorstep.

Lee Stetson, her onetime work partner now so much more, gave her a kiss on the cheek and said "I was just on my way home and I saw the lights on. Thought I'd come by and say goodnight. Is everything O.k.? You look a little sad."

Amanda smiled and said "I'm fine now. Just remembering stuff from High School. I'm glad you stopped by, I missed you."

"Yeah? I missed you too."

As they talked Lee ran his fingers over her heart shaped necklace. "Are you ever going to tell me where you got this?" he asked.

Amanda smiled and said, "let me tell you a story about a boy named Bobby."

The End