"A Dirty Job"

by shel

written - june 2, 2001

disclaimer - the quick version (for a quick story): i don't own these characters and make no profit from borrowing them for the moment...

summary - amanda refuses to help lee with his job…

notes - in response to eman’s gentle nudge on the smkfanfic list, i came up with this short tale, spur-of-the-moment...hope you enjoy it and would appreciate your comments…

"C'mon, Amanda, isn't there some other way?"

The look his wife gave him assured him he was stuck with the job.

"Look, if you do it just this once, I'll make it up to you."

His wife raised an eyebrow but still said nothing.

"Amanda, please, I really have to read those files Billy gave me."

Crossing her arms across her chest, his wife mutely shook her head.

"But, you're so much better at this than I am."

The tapping of her foot told him flattery wasn't going to get him anywhere with his wife.

"All right...I'll do it, but I'm not going to like it."

His wife barely suppressed a giggle as he held the offending object at arm's length and dropped it in the trash.

"It's not funny. And why am I the only one to receive a shower when it's my turn?"

Facing the rest of his task, he missed seeing his wife sneak up behind him and wrap her arms carefully around his waist.

"Sure, now you come . . . You know, Amanda, it's not that I mind. Not really. But..but I didn't know this was going to be this messy."

"It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it."

"Oh, so my wife does speak. Not only that but she quotes my own words back to me."

"And here are some more: You happen to do it well."

He stepped back slightly and, side-by-side, they admired his handiwork. "Not as well as you."

"Practice makes perfect."

He smiled,turned, and kissed his wife on her forehead. "And I'm a firm believer in that."

Lifting the happy gurgling baby from the changing table, Amanda gently kissed the top of his head before handing him to her husband with a wink. "Me too, sweetheart, me too."

the end