Out Takes from: Amanda King and the Seven Spies

Written by: Adrea and Overall

Rated: PG

Timeline: Late 3rd season, prior to "All the World's a Stage"

Spoilers: If you read this before Amanda King and the Seven Spies it might spoil something.

Disclaimer: These characters, and all references having to do with "Scarecrow & Mrs. King," are the property of Shoot the Moon Productions and Warner Brothers. This story is intended for entertainment purposes only. This story is the property of the authors and distribution is permitted upon their consent.

Authors Notes: Thank you for your response to this story. Adrea and I had so much fun with this project we just couldn't quite bear to put it to bed. Enjoy!

Scene One:

Amanda King was under the sink deeply involved in trying to balance a flashlight between her neck and shoulder while she searched the back corner of the cabinet for the floor wax. The tap on the back door window, though familiar, was unexpected that evening. The flashlight dropped on Amanda's hand and she wiggled out from under the sink and bumped her head as she stood up.

"Ouch, damn that hurt! Anybody got some aspirin?" Kate asked. "I think I'm gonna have a bump."

Scene Two:

She opened the door with a grimace, expecting to see her friend but was confronted instead with a brightly colored dress. Amanda stepped back, "Lee?"

Lee brought the dress down to reveal his face╔ or most of it anyway. He was wearing a brown broad rim hat with a plume. He had a gleam in his eye and an entreating smile on his face. Amanda raised her eyebrows at him and stifled a giggle, "LEE! What are you w---- "

Kate breaks down giggling, shaking her head, and closing the door. Bruce yells at the door, "You're supposed to STIFLE a giggle, STIFLE it."

Scene Three:

Do you know anything about Applets Computers? Applet, APPLET, oh come on. Who are we foolin'?" Bruce asked.

Director: "Oh HUSH! We don't want to get sued!"

"That's right, that's the last thing I need!" Kate agreed.

Scene Four:

Lee had taken in a breath, released it in exasperation and took another one, "Well, I was just getting to that." Lee narrowed his eyes in thought. "I got a call from a guy who claimed to be the said distributor. Well he started right off the bat by denying any involvement in the old man's death. He-"

"What was his name?"

"My contact?" Lee's train of thought was thrown.

"No, I mean yes╔ I mean╔ uh╔. Wait, who are we talking about now?" Kate cracked up.

"Why do you want to know?" Bruce asked shaking his head. "I guess we'll be doing that again," he finished with a smile.

Scene Five:

Lee gestured to the dance floor and asked Amanda, "Shall we?" He led her expertly through the exotic crowd of dancers to a small free space towards the middle of the floor.

As he took her into his arms and they began to dance slowly. The feather from Lee's hat starts falling; Kate tries to nudge it up with her nose.

"You know, Amanda, we do not do this enough."

The feather keeps falling, Kate tries to nudge it up with her knuckle without showing the camera, "What, dress up in goofy costumes and chase the bad guys?"

"Amanda King, I sure hope you know that is NOT what I meant." Lee took a step back so that he could look into her eyes but Kate is watching the feather trying to blow air on it to keep it from falling in her face.

(offstage: "Ok, Ok, Costume! Loose the feather!)

As Lee steadied her, the scarecrow was fussing over her so much that he nearly knocked her down again.

"We're fine, just leave us alone," Lee growled at the man who quickly scurried away.

Kate just stares after the scarecrow "Oh those writers! This is soooo original,"

"I know, we already have a scarecrow. It really is confusing," Bruce added.

Scene Seven:

"Hi there."

Amanda whirled around taking her mop with her and found herself facing Lee- at least she knew it was Lee, but she didn't know who Lee was. She heard a splash as her mop met a man. It hit Bruce square in the chest.

"KATE!!!" Bruce's shirt is sopping wet.

Scene Eight:

The Queen silently watched from her great colored glass window as Amanda approached the castle. "I'll get you my pretty, and your little DOG too."

Laughter offstage, actress smiles, "Wrong story."

Scene Nine:

The fairest of them all was at that time precariously perched on the edge of a chair. Amanda was trying to see over the top of her oak wardrobe. She was pushing the decorations aside, muttering, "Knife, knife╔ I know I put Father's knife somewhere safe╔ somewhere I would remember╔." She sneezed and promptly fell off the chair.

Stagehands rush in.

Scene Ten:

Martha asked the director, "Okay, playing `Snotty' is one thing, but when do we get `un-shrunk'?"

The director looked at Martha, coughed and returned to blocking the next scene.

Scene Eleven:

"Lee P. Charming! You better not have had that awful horse in my sparkling clean cottage!" she barely had time to get that out before Lee turned away.

Kate looks around, "Uh, where are you going?"

Bruce turns around, "The horse er--- just did some business and I didn't want to step in it."

Scene Twelve:

Lee lightly knocked on Doc's office door as he opened it. He ushered in a man in a toga, before following him in and closing the door.

"Brutus!" Amanda gasped.

Brutus jumped back and looked at Lee, then jumps on top of the desk, "'Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend me your ears." Other actors roll eyes, "I come not to praise Caesar, but to bury him. The evil that men do oft live after them while the good is oft interred with their bones so let it be with Caesar. Brutus hath said that Caesar was ambitious if t'wer so twas a grievous offense for Brutus is an honorable man so are they all, all honorable men

"Amanda, I mean đuh your Highness, please be quiet. We have business to attend to," Lee interjected with a huff.

(offstage) "Uh, no, people, we're going have to do that again, this time without monologue." Mutters, "That's what we get for hiring a real Shakespearean actor'

Brutus jumps off the desk, grinning.