'B' is for Busted

By:  Les

Disclaimer: Scarecrow and Mrs. King is copyrighted to Warner Brothers and Shoot the Moon Production Company.  This story, however, is mine.  It is intended for entertainment purposes, please only archive it with the rest of the Alphabet stories.  No infringement is intended.

Timeline: Late summer after Season 4…the family knows they're married, but not the Agency.

Rating:  G

Author's Notes:  Special thanks to Ceeg and Julie M for beta-ing for me and to Julie M for the title and inspiration for the story.

********** Q Bureau***********

"Amanda, we have been so busy with work and the kids, that we've hardly had any time for each other.  Amanda…Amanda, are you listening to me?"

Looking up, "Huh… oh Lee… I'm sorry.  I've just been reading over this case file."

"Well, why don't you put that down and come over here and pay some attention to me for a while.  That case file isn't going anywhere."  He takes her hand, leads her over to the couch and pulls her down with him.

"Oh, Mr. Stetson, did you remember to lock the door?"

"No, I didn't.  However, here lately the phone always seems to ring right before we have company, so I haven't been locking for the last week."

"Lee, are you sure that's such a good idea?  We can't always count on the phone ringing."

"Amanda, the phone will ring once and only once to warn us if someone is coming up the stairs.  It's been doing that for the last couple of weeks, now will you just relax and kiss me."

"Yeah but Lee…." He silences the rambling he sees coming by placing his lips to hers.  She relaxes against him almost immediately and he deepens the kiss.


Billy storms into the Georgetown Foyer muttering to himself. — "Marion, Virginia of all places, they could have at least gone to
Vegas, it wouldn't have been so easy to catch."

"Care to share that with the rest of the class… sir?"  Mrs. Marsten hands him his ID badge.

"Oh, hello Mrs. Marsten.  When Scarecrow and Mrs. King get in this morning, please send them straight to my office."

"They're already here, they're upstairs in the Q Bureau."  Uh oh!  He knows.  Well, it was only a matter of time.  They'd come in with their wedding rings on twice this week alone.  Oh well, she'd done everything she could to protect their little secret.  I'll have to talk to Dotty tonight at Card Club.

"That's even better, I'll just take care of this right now."  He goes up the stairs and starts to go in the door.  Behind him still lost in thought, Mrs. Marsten is picking up the phone.  "Mrs. Marsten, don't even think about it."  She quickly replaces the receiver.

He opens the door, walks down the hallway, storms into the Q Bureau, and slams the door behind him.  The kissing couple on the couch quickly breaks apart and jumps to their feet.

"I don't know how long you two thought you were going to be able to keep this thing a secret, but it stops now!"

"Lee," Amanda mumbles in his ear, "I didn't hear the phone, did you?"

He gives Amanda a look, "Billy, Wh… What's going on?"  Lee asks innocently.

"Stow it Scarecrow… I went to your apartment or at least what I thought was your apartment, only to find an inch of dust on all the furniture and a blinking answering machine … Imagine my surprise at discovering upon arriving at Amanda's house, that your car was there, and in the garage.  So I did some digging, and what do you know, a man who is in charge of an entire section of field agents and keeps up with information on countless terrorist organizations around the world can follow a paper trail into the next county!"

Billy continued to rant as he paced around in front of Amanda's desk, "You could have at least snuck off to Vegas, then it probably would have been tomorrow before I found out!"  He gives them a devilish grin and begins to laugh. "Gotcha!"

Lee and Amanda sit down dumbfounded as they begin to realize that they'd been had.  What was it that Jamie had told Phillip the night before when they had caught him raiding the chocolate cake before dinner…Busted?

Billy pulled them back to the present with his next comment,  "I always knew that you two would get together eventually.  I'm just disappointed that you didn't come to me with this sooner."

Lee stands up, "Now hold on, Billy.  We wanted to tell you, but we were afraid that if anyone knew, it could put our family in danger. Besides, if you just found out, why have we been getting all these assignments to pose as a married couple?"

"I was just hoping to plant the idea in your heads.  Now, is there anything else I should know before we go on?"

"No," he looks down at Amanda who only nods her head in agreement, "No there isn't."  He looks back to Billy running a
nervous hand through his hair,  "So what happens to us now?"

The End…?