Y is for Yo-Yo

by Beth J

Rating: PG

Time Frame: Between 2nd and 3rd seasons

Disclaimer: They belong to Warner Bros. & Shoot the Moon. I only take them for a stroll from time to time.

Amanda King slammed the door to her bedroom. Throwing first one shoe and then the other in the general direction of the closet, she let loose an uncharacteristic stream of curses.

Suddenly feeling absolutely ridiculous, she collapsed on the bed and fell backward. Why did she let him do this to her?

The boys were on summer break and they had decided on a trip to Williamsburg and Busch Gardens. At the last minute, Lee had convinced Billy to cancel her vacation time. Amanda had sent the boys, Dotty, and Lillian on their way with mixed regrets. The chance to be with Lee on a case still thrilled her, even if it meant missing out on the fun with her family.

Instead of tracking down leads or KGB agents, she had ended up as Lee's escort to yet another embassy ball. Worse, he did not even have a contact to meet or security detail. He was ordered to be there as window dressing. Apparently, someone in the White House was very impressed with Scarecrow. While he could not be publicly rewarded, Lee could be quietly shown off to trusted allies.

He had used Billy to insure that Amanda was there too as a prop for the window dressing. While he didn't want her for a partner, he used that partnership to get Billy to agree that Amanda should attend as well.

Amanda sat up and reached for the phone on her night stand. Hearing the busy signal, she resisted the urge to send the phone to join the shoes. Five minutes later, she dialed his number again only to hear that stupid busy signal. Biting back more curses, she quickly changed from her sequined navy gown to a T-shirt and jeans.

She was parking outside his apartment building when she realized she didn't know what to say to him. She was angry that he would ruin her vacation with such a childish stunt. She was hurt that he didn't tell her the truth about the situation until after they arrived at the embassy.

She was touched that, when he picked her up this evening, he had told her how lovely she looked and kissed her cheek.  With a wink and a smile, he had taken her arm and led her to the waiting limo.  Seeing her raised eyebrow, he had leaned close and whispered, "I thought we could do this right tonight.  After all, it's not everyday the White House picks up the tab."  Amanda had felt his breath on her cheek and had very much wanted to raise her lips and . . .

A passing car brought her back to the present.  As much as she wanted to hold on to her ire, she began to soften. It happened every single time. Just when she wanted to really put him in his place, he let her see the man behind Scarecrow, the man she beginning to love.

Laying her head on the steering wheel, she began to cry. He acknowledged their partnership when it suited him. He seemed to enjoy their friendship as much as she did. At times, she even felt that he might want her as a woman. At other times, he acted like her very presence repulsed him.

Sighing, she wiped her eyes and put the wagon back into drive. Given her emotional state, tonight was not the right time for action. One day soon they were going to have a long talk.

She just couldn't take the yo-yo treatment much longer.