Wet and Wild


By: Nectarr99


Disclaimer:  These characters do not belong to me.  They belong to Shoot the Moon Productions.  

Timeframe:  Crossover set in late 1968 at Georgetown, then in 1986, right before Stemwinder.  

Summary:  Strictly A.U.  Lee and Amanda uncover the past they forgot even existed between them.  


Lee Stetson looked himself over in the mirror.  He practiced the ever so charming smile, which displayed his adorable dimples.  He was happy with his reflection.  Standing 6’2”, with sandy brown hair, and a muscular physique, he knew he always looked good.  He had finished his finals, and the rest of his sophomore year was nearly over.  

Lee headed out of him dorm to meet a couple of his buddies.  Lee ran into the guys in the hallway, and headed out for some outdoor adventures.   

Harry Wilkins was a twenty-year-old boy sporting blonde shoulder length hair.  He stood about six feet tall, with blue eyes.  His major was economics.  He met Lee his freshman year at Georgetown, and quickly became friends.  He was a free spirit, who enjoyed living life in the fast lane. He didn’t have a steady girlfriend.  He enjoyed dating several women.  

Michael Bennis was somewhat of a misfit in the group.  He enjoyed his fellow peers, but he was usually quiet, and mild mannered.  He was a very good student, studying Law.  Mike was about 5’10”, with dark hair and dark eyes.  He had a steady girlfriend, Laura.  He did however provide a voice of reason when the guys tried to get out of control.  

Lee, Harry, and Mike headed downstairs, to see what kind of activities were going on outside the campus.  Mike suggested that they go to the gym to see the girls practice swimming.  Lee and Harry rolled their eyes simultaneously, knowing only too well what Mike was getting at.  

Mike’s girlfriend was on the swim team.  She was a very good freestyle swimmer.  He had a very close relationship with Laura.  

“Come on Lee, lets just check it out for a little while.  Besides, there isn’t anything special going on for the next hour or so,” urged Mike.  

“How about we cruise into town, and we can catch the swimming later,” stated Lee trying to divert his eyes back and forth from Harry to Mike.  

“Yea, uhh come on Mike, let’s go downtown.  We can check out the action for a little while man,” suggested Harry.  

Come on guys.  Please!!  I promised Laura I would catch at least one of her practices this week.  We only have to stay for a little while, okay?” he pleaded.  

Lee ran his fingers agitatedly through his hair and hung his head down in defeat.  “Okay Mike, but only for a little while man,” he declared.  

The guys headed into the gym to the pool.  Lee suggested   they would be able to catch all the action at the top of thebleachers.  He had a reputation to maintain.  He didn’t want to be spotted hanging out at the pool.  That definitely was not his scene.  

Mike spotted Laura swimming laps.  The pool was Olympic size.  Ten lanes were blocked off, for the team to practice.  There was a large portion of the pool available for swimmers to play and frolic in. Laura caught a glimpse of the guys.  She frowned at Lee and Harry.  She smiled happily at Mike.  

Lee sat with his hands resting on his cheeks.  He was wondering just how long he would have to sit her and watch this boring event.  Lee looked over to the free area of the pool, and noticed several girls about to get in.   

“Larry, Mike, who are those girls?  They don’t look familiar from here,” asked Lee inquisitively?  

Larry looked up and smiled at Lee.  “I’m not sure who all of them are, but I think a couple of them are from that Sorority House just down the street from here.  Kappa something,” he stated questionably.   

“Yea, I think your right,” chimed Mike.  

“They look like some pretty hot mama’s too me,” spoke Lee grinning ear to ear.  “Oh yea, I think I do recognize some of them,” smiled Lee.  

They guys all chuckled and caught the attention of the ladies.  

Amanda West was nineteen years old.  She had long black silky hair, and a trim well toned body. She decided to join her fellow sisters and hang out at the pool.  She loved the water.  With all of her studies, she rarely had the opportunity to just enjoy herself.  Her best friend was with her.  Kathy Warren met Amanda freshman year.  They shared a dorm room together.  

Amanda’s friend Kathy Warren whispered in her ear.  “Those guys are watching us over there.  Do you see them?  I think the one on the left is Harry Wilkins.  He has a very bad reputation around here.  I don’t know the guy in the middle though.  I think the guy on the right is Lee Stanton, or Steedman, something like that,” she stated.  “He’s really cute,” she added.  

Amanda smiled graciously at the men and went about her activities.  She frolicked in the water playfully bobbing up and down.  Occasionally, she glanced over to the boys, and couldn’t help but notice the one on the right.  He seemed to be staring at her.  She smiled shyly when he caught her gaze and ran for cover under the water.  Her body seemed to float ever so graceful through the water.  She smiled with contentment.   

Lee was fixated on Amanda.  She was unbelievable.  She was so graceful in the water.  He could tell just by watching her how much she loved playing there.  He followed her with his eyes as she swam back and forth through the water.  

“Okay guys, who is the one with the long dark hair,” he asked curiously?  

“Oh that’s Amelia I think,” stated Larry.  “She’s not your typical party girl, though.  She never hangs out with wild bunch of girls on the other end of the pool,” offered Larry.  

No, I think her name is Amanda, but don’t even think about it Lee.  She is definitely not your type,” said Mike.  She is a very nice girl Lee.  She is in one of my English classes.  She offered me help once, when I missed two days of class,” declared Mike.  

“I’m not looking for a date Mike!  I was just curious who she was.  I don’t think I have seen her before,” said Lee casually.  

“Uh, huh, right Lee.  That’s a good one Lee.  I’ll have to use that line sometime,” Larry teased.   

Lee brushed the guys off and continued to watch Amanda.  He was so fascinated with her.  Her love of the water made her shine like an angel.  The other girls were beautiful too, but they didn’t possess the same qualities of this girl.  Her dark hair flowed through the water.  Her slender body swished back and forth as she swam.   

“Amanda, I think that guy Lee is staring at you.  I think he likes you,” Kathy teased.  

Oh, Kathy, please.  He’s not staring at me.  He’s staring at all the girls.  He is really handsome though.  “Oh my gosh, please don’t tell Joe I said that,” stated Amanda.  

“You are my best friend Amanda.  You know I won’t say anything,” said Kathy reassuringly. “Besides, you were just looking,” smiled Kathy.   

Mike and Larry saw the team begin to leave the practice area.  They stood up to exit the building.  They both noticed Lee.  He was still mesmerized by that girl.  

“Come on Lee.  What are you doing?  Yo, man she has a boyfriend.  His name is Joe.  He is in one of my law classes.  He’s a nice guy,” stated Mike.  

“What?  I uh, I mean I’m coming.  I was just thinking about something.  Let’s get going,” urged Lee.   

Lee let Mike and Larry get ahead of him.  Lee glanced down one last time to catch Amanda’s eyes staring back at him.  He smiled, and waved politely to her.   

Amanda smiled bashfully, and returned his wave.  

Lee quickly regained his composure before his buddies could catch him.  He shook his head and thought, “I don’t think I will ever forget her.”  

Amanda put a little frown on her face after he left.  As he walked down the bleachers past her, she was able to get a closer look at him.  “Wow, he was really handsome,” she thought to herself.  “Lee, I like that name,” she thought.  

June 19th, 1986  

Lee and Amanda finished up their case early, and decided to spend the last two days enjoying themselves in Florida.  Billy sent them their on assignment to uncover an assassination plot against the vice president.   

They successfully maintained their covers as reporters of a local Miami paper, and managed to apprehend the gunman.  Everything worked out great.  The gunman identified the rest of the ring, which quickly dissipated.  Billy informed them of the situation, and told them to enjoy the next few days to themselves.  

As evening approached, Lee escorted Amanda to her room to change for dinner.  His room was right next to hers.  Lee excused himself, and promised to return in twenty minutes.  

Lee dressed and impatiently hurried out the door.  He quietly knocked on Amanda’s door.   

“Come in Lee.  The door is open,” she shouted.  “I’ll be out in just a minute.”  Amanda was wearing a red dress, with spaghetti straps.  It was tight to her body.  The back was cut dangerously low, and the front left a slight hint of cleavage to be seen.  It came down just above her knee.  With the matching earrings, and the red combs fastened to the sides of her hair, she mustered up the courage to walk out to greet Lee.  

Amanda came out of the bedroom, and entered the living room area.  She looked up and caught sight of Lee eyeing her up and down.  She blushed shyly, but managed to return a smile of delight.  

“Wow, your breathtaking,” breathed Lee, smiling from ear to ear.  “That dress is definitely your color, and it looks like it was made only for you,” he stated.  

Amanda blushed and tilted her head up to look in Lee’s eyes.  “Thank you Lee,” she spoke sincerely.  “You look wonderful too,” she said returning the smile.  

Lee escorted Amanda to dinner.  He rested his hand in the small of her back.  He led her to a table, and seated her.  They enjoyed their dinner and danced for a while.  They both reveled in the feeling they invoked from just dancing together. As the evening progressed, they made their way off the dance floor and headed upstairs.    

“Look Amanda, it’s still early.  Would you like to go out on the town, or something,” suggested Lee.  

Oh, well yes, that sounds wonderful.  How about we go out to the pool.  I love to swim, especially at night,” she stated.  

Lee nodded, “okay, let me get changed, and I’ll meet you at your room in a few minutes.”  

Amanda agreed and headed into her room.  She put on her new red suit.  It was a one- piece suit, cut pretty low in the front and back.  It was a bit daring for her taste, but her mother insisted she should buy it.  She pulled out a flower wrap, and tied it around her waist.   

Amanda heard a knock at the door a few minutes later.  She opened the door to let Lee in.  Lee stopped when he caught the first glimpse of her.  Her ankle length wrap left one leg visible clear up to her thigh.   

“Hi, that’s really uh beautiful,” he stammered.   

“Do you really think this is okay,” she asked shyly.  

“Oh, yeah, I definitely think it looks great on you.  Turn around, and let me see the back,” he teased.  

“Lee, come on!!  Let’s get down to the pool.”  

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry.  After you,” he replied stealing a peek at her backside.  

They arrived at the pool and found a table close by.  Before Lee was able to put his towel down, Amanda managed to undo her wrap and jump in.  Lee was surprised not to find anyone in the pool at this hour.   

Lee turned back around to watch Amanda.  She was splashing water his way, and urging him in.  Lee sat down and just watched her.  She was so beautiful.  She played so gracefully.  Lee smiled playfully recalling a thought that had not crossed his mind in so many years.  

He quickly snapped out of his thoughts, when he felt the cool water hit his back.  

“Come on chicken!  Are you coming in, or what,” she asked?  

Lee quickly dove in and made his way to her.  He grabbed her in his arms, and kissed her gently.  That quickly escalated to a deep passionate kiss.  Amanda parted her lips, and felt his warm soft tongue caress hers.  He tasted so wonderful.   

Lee pulled Amanda closer, letting his hands wander down further into uncharted territory.  Amanda’s moan vibrated against his mouth, causing him to pull her even closer.   

Amanda broke the kiss and tried to regain a normal breathing pattern.   

“Lee, what were you laughing about before you jumped in,” she gasped.  

“Oh, uh nothing.  Nothing important,” he said loosening his grip slightly on her waist.  

“Come on Lee.  Tell me, Please.  What was so funny,” she asked inquisitively?  

“Oh, all right.  I was just thinking back to my college days.  One day my buddies wanted to go to the pool and check out the girls.  “I think I was a freshman, or a sophomore.  Well, anyway, I remember this girl.  She was swimming around in the water, frolicking about, just like you.  You remind me of her,” he confessed.  

“Well who was she?  What was her name,” pleaded Amanda?  

Lee smiled and pulled Amanda close.  “I don’t know.  Besides, that was a long time ago,” he smiled.  

Amanda’s eyes grew wide, as a memory flooded her brain. “Oh my gosh,” she whispered.  

“What’s so funny,” asked Lee raising a curious eyebrow?  

“Oh, it’s just funny you brought that up.  I mean all the years I’ve known you, I don’t think you ever mentioned your days at Georgetown.  I remember an incident that is similar to your story, and it’s kind of funny that”……….Amanda’s eyes grew wide with amazement.  She finally made the assimilation.  “No, it can’t be,” she thought to herself.  

“What is it,” asked Lee curiously?  

“Lee, I went to Georgetown too.  I just remember a story very similar to yours.  I went swimming with my friends in the gym, and I remember my friend Kathy pointing out this guy that was staring at me.  The funny part is I think his name was Lee also.  Every time I looked up into the bleachers, I saw him smiling at me.  He was very handsome,” she confessed.  

Lee’s eyes grew wide with recognition.  “It was you, wasn’t it?  I mean I did remember your name started with an A.  My friends told me her name was Amelia, or Amanda,” he replied.  

Amanda smiled and touched his cheek lightly.  “Aww, you asked about me; that’s so sweet, Lee,” murmured Amanda.  

“Of course I did.  I needed to find out whom that angel was swimming around so beautifully in the water,” he breathed.   

“Why didn’t you ever come and introduce yourself to me,” asked Amanda?  

Lee smiled and placed a kiss on her hand.  “I couldn’t introduce myself.  My friends told me about your style and your demeanor. Besides, I wasn’t the type of guy who went steady, if you know what I mean.  I just mean that you were to good, and to nice for me,” he quietly confessed?  

Amanda cupped Lee’s cheeks, and placed a tender kiss upon his soft moist lips.  “That is the sweetest thing you ever said to me,” she whispered.  “I still can’t believe that was really you,” she said shaking her head.  “I haven’t thought about those days in such a long time.”   

Lee smoothed Amanda’s wet hair behind her ear.  He gently rubbed her cheek and whispered, “your even more beautiful now.”   

Amanda closed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around his neck.  She leaned in and gave him a slow, sensual kiss.  “Here’s to making more memories,” she mouthed in his ear.