A Very Long Christmas Eve

Author: Nectar99

Disclaimer:These Characters do not belong to me.They belong to Warner Brothers, and Shoot The Moon.

Rating: G

Timeline:Middle of the first season.

Summary:This is a tag scene where Lee was shot, and they just finished singing Christmas carols.

The five voices in unison sang softly, " sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace."

The room went silent.Amanda turned around in her makeshift seat to comfort Lee once more."How are you feeling?" she asked with motherly concern.

"I'm okay Amanda.My shoulder is feeling better, but uh why don't you check and see if there is any more vodka in the flask.I mean, that should help with the pain," he stated.

Amanda gave him a suspicious smirk."Ivan seems to be doing just fine Lee.Are you sure you need more?" she asked cautiously.

"Come on Amanda.Just get it for me.You know I wouldn't ask, if I didn't need it."

Amanda walked to the table and kindly asked Dmitriev for the flask.He obliged and handed it to her.Amanda knelt down next to Lee and proceeded to tilt his head for a sip.

As Lee downed the contents like water, Amanda could only shake her head with concern.She attempted to put the flask back to its original location, but was stopped abruptly.Lee grabbed a hold of her upper arm turning her back around facing him.

"What's the matter Lee?Are you cold?" she asked while running her fingers softly through his hair.

"No, I'm not cold.I just want to....well...I just want to tell you how grateful I am that you came along.I mean....I'm just trying to say thank you Amanda," he whispered.

Amanda couldn't control the smile that spread across her face."Oh, Lee you don't have to thank me.I mean, I really didn't do anything"......she tried before he cut her off.

"Yes you did.Now let me finish.If you weren't here, I would probably still be lost in the woods somewhere, and I am very proud of what you accomplished in her tonight," he stated, while holding her arm firmly."That took a lot of guts to walk out there tonight," he commended.

Amanda felt a blush creep across her cheeks.She smiled shyly and whispered, " thank you Lee."

Amanda placed her hand over his injured shoulder."I guess I really didn't see the danger in the situation.I mean I was so worried about you.You're the one who usually comes to my rescue, and tonight, it was my turn," she confessed.

Lee lifted his head slightly and smiled at her."Your really something Amanda King," he whispered nodding his head in playful disbelief.

The sound of the chopper in the background startled everyone.Amanda rose to her feet to look out the window.She quickly spotted ground troops not far in the distance.

She turned to the other men and looked for an explanation."We are surrounded," she stated solemnly.

Mr. Rudolph stood up and joined Amanda at the window."I see our guys on one side, and I think the KGB on the other side," he declared."Everybody stay still and don't make a sound," Rudolph whispered.

Both teams of men were standing at attention facing each other with their guns trained on each other.

Lee glanced briefly at Amanda.He could see an idea emerging all over her face.Her eyes fixated on the window.She parted her lips slightly, while tilting her head in deep thought.

Lee called Amanda to his side.She ignored his demand, and headed out the door with her makeshift flag in hand.

"No Amanda," yelled Lee as she closed the door behind her.He knew exactly what she had in mind.He tried with all the strength he could muster to get up from the couch, but his body just wouldn't cooperate.


Amanda slowly walked out into public view.She waved her flag back and forth."Please help us," she pleaded.We have two wounded men in here.We've put our differences aside to help one another on this cold winters eve," she continued."Surely we can keep our peace truce and help one another, can't we?" she asked desperately.

The men listened carefully to her pleas.After she finished, she headed back into the cabin and escorted Dmitriev and Ivan out to the waiting KGB.

Once they were taken care of, she proceeded to bring in the Calvary to tend to Lee's injuries.He was starting to get very cold, but at least he was still conscious.


Lee was loaded onto a cot, and rushed out toward the main road.By the time they made it to the main road, an ambulance was awaiting their arrival.

Billy was soon to follow.He rushed out of his car to check on the welfare of his best agent.The paramedics assured Billy that Lee would be fine.

"Billy, where's Amanda?" asked Lee quite concerned.

Billy patted him on the arm."Relax scarecrow.She's just fine.I'll make sure she gets home safely," promised Billy.

He spotted Amanda and directed her to his car."I know it looks bad Amanda, but don't worry.Lee will be fine.I spoke to the paramedic, and he assured me he will be okay," he said sympathetically.

Amanda was reluctant to move.She had to be sure he was safe.Billy encouraged her to get into his car.She finally agreed and let out a long sigh.


The ride back to the agency was silent.Amanda leaned on the window and closed her eyes.The next sound she heard was Billy's voice."We're back," he said.I called the hospital while you were sleeping Amanda.Lee's just fine.He's in a room 206, and he's resting comfortably," smiled Billy.

Amanda let out a breath she didn't even realize she was holding." Thank goodness sir.Thank you very much for everything, and Merry Christmas sir!"

Billy returned the sentiment, and handed her a paper with a phone number on it."This is the number to Lee's room.I'm sure he'll be happy to hear from you after he gets a little rest," he said smiling."Now get home to your family Amanda, and be careful!"

"Oh, thank you sir," she said smiling appreciatively.


Amanda went to her car for the long ride home.As she drove through the snow covered streets, she replayed the events that had taken place in the cabin in her mind.The overwhelming sense of betrayal quickly dissipated.She was sure Mr. Rudolph would never forgive her for lying to him, but she had to do something to save Lee.She couldn't let anything happen to him.Mr. Rudolph seemed to appreciate her qualities after the night wore on.Amanda smiled, recalling the look on Lee's face when he realized she had taken complete control of the situation.The Christmas carols were just the icing on the cake that made the night bearable.This was definitely one Christmas she would never forget.

Before she realized it, Amanda was pulling into her driveway.She tiptoed into the house quietly and sat on the couch.She looked around the room, and took in all the lovely colors that surrounded her.The tree was an array of sights and sounds.The presents were neatly stacked under the tree.The stockings were overfilled with treasures and delights.She detected the sweet aroma of gingerbread cookies.

Amanda laid her head down on the soft pillow.She closed her eyes, and thanked the lord for her loving family.She had much to be grateful for.She put her hands together and said a small prayer."To peace on earth, and goodwill toward men, and women," she whispered softly.