You're All Mine!




Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. They belong to Shoot The Moon Enterprises. This story is for enjoyment purposes only.  

Rating: PG-13  

Timeline: Early Fourth season. This is a tag from the end of the episode of Billy's Lost Weekend.  


"Have a nice long weekend," smiled Billy ear to ear.  

Lee couldn't register the words fast enough. He wanted to thank Billy properly but the only thing he managed to convey was, "thanks Billy, thanks a lot," giggling out loud.  

Amanda was pleasantly surprised. "Thank you sir," slipped from her lips.  

As Billy exited the apartment, Lee quickly turned toward Amanda with his thoughts written all over his face. He smiled from ear to ear clasping his hands together. 

"Come here," he growled while extending his arms toward her.  

Amanda noted the hungry tone in his voice. She hesitated with a sound of "wooaa" escaping her lips. She braced herself on the couch as Lee lunged toward her.  

Lee scooped her up into his arms smothering her with soft, passionate kisses. Amanda was helpless to his assault. Lee quickly ravaged her mouth, and slowly made his way down her neck.   

Amanda was lost in a world of ecstasy. Lee's lips sent chills throughout her entire body. Her stomach was churning steadily from the butterflies at work, and the feel of his warm strong hands caressing her back and sides under her sweater made her elicit an unusually high pitched moan from deep in her throat. One of his hands wondered to the front of her body. He ran his hand under her shirt, headed north. He rested his hand just below her breast. When he felt her relax under his touch, he continued his quest. He cupped her breast firmly, but gently.   

When contact was made, Amanda let out a loud sigh. "His hands are amazing," she thought to herself. She felt that she could easily lose control right on the living room floor.   

Amanda squeezed his arms in a futile attempt to catch her breath. She was nearly panting at this point of time.  

Lee broke the kiss reluctantly, and released her from his tight hold. He placed both of his hands gently on Amanda's cheeks. "Four days Amanda! Your mine for the next four days," he breathed, stealing another kiss.   

Amanda placed her hands on his chest pushing slightly away. "Let me catch my breath Lee," she whispered.  

Lee smiled, knowing all the while what he had done to her. He released her from his hold and made his way into the kitchen. He placed the dinner dishes in the sink and headed back out to the living room.  

"Would you like another glass of wine dear," he asked?  

"Oh, no thank you Lee. I should get going. I want to get packed, and say goodbye to mother and the boys," she insisted.  

Lee stopped just short of touching her. He knew she wouldn't be leaving anytime soon if he came any closer. He gave her a warm smile, divulging his irresistible dimples. He stayed that way for several minutes. He just wanted to stare into her eyes. No words were necessary. He saw all of the love and trust she willingly offered to him.  

Amanda held his gaze. She knew what he was saying. She knew how much he loved, and respected her. She could see everything in his eyes.   

Amanda put her index finger to her lips. She kissed it softly and placed it on his lips. Lee caressed her finger softly holding it too his lips. He released it after a few moments.  


Amanda grabbed her things and headed for the door. She didn't get to far before he came up behind her and pulled her against his body.   

Feeling his closeness, Amanda drew in a sharp breath. She felt his hands come around her waist and lock together around her. She lifted her arms up and put them behind her head, searching for his head. The smell of his cologne was intoxicating her.  

Lee brought his head in very close, resting on her shoulder. He blew her hair softly off her neck and began a trail of kisses along her neck, working his way up to her ear. His low prolonged moan vibrated against her ear. "Four days! You’re mine and all mine," he whispered seductively.   

Amanda's body was trembling in his arms. His moan had sent an electric shock that was surging throughout her entire body. "I....yea....uh....yes," was the only coherent sounds that escaped her lips.  

Lee smiled into her hair. He knew exactly what he was doing. She was completely under his spell, and he loved every minute of it. He turned her around to give her a proper goodbye. "Go get packed, and we will leave early in the morning," he stated.  

Amanda nodded in agreement and grabbed a hold of him for a goodbye kiss. She placed her arms around his neck, and pulled his body close to hers. She planted a long, wet kiss on his lips. She felt him relax against her body. She pulled away abruptly. She turned his head and gently nibbled on his ear. She felt him tighten his grip on her arms. She teased his ear for several minutes. When she was sure he was going insane, she whispered softly, " four days Lee!! Don't forget. You’re mine for the next four days!"   

Lee let out a deep robust laugh from deep within his stomach. Amanda was surprisingly startled. She hadn't heard that laugh before.  Amanda pulled away slowly. She trailed her finger down his chest. Lee made a futile attempt to grab her once more, with no success. She smiled shyly and walked toward the door. She made her way out of his apartment, never breaking eye contact with him, until the door was completely closed.