T is for Train

By:  Daphne

Disclaimer: These are not my characters in any way, shape or form...but I sure do love them! I have no claim to the song either, except I love it too!

Time frame: The Stetsons 10 yr anniversary

Lee grinned to himself as he glanced at Amanda sitting next to him in the car.  He almost laughed out loud at the expression on her face. In all these years, he had never blindfolded her enroute to a surprise. He knew her mind was racing with possibilities. He also knew she would never figure this surprise out. He was so looking forward to doing this for her. He never tired of trying to express to her how much she meant to him.

He glanced at his watch. They would be there in 5 minutes. His mind went over the details one more time even though he had been over them a thousand times before. He had called in a lot of favors to make this happen, but he was sure she would approve.

Slowly Lee helped Amanda out of the car. She was strainning to hear anything that would give her a hint of where they were but all was quiet...almost TOO quiet. Then Lee whispered in her ear, "I love you Mrs. Stetson. Happy Anniversary."

Amanda waited a minute for her eyes to adjust to the scene before her. She was speechless. They were at the train station. She looked at Lee wordlessly as he took her hand and guided her over to a platform. He led her up the stairs.

"Lee," she breathed. She couldnt believe what she saw. She didnt know how he did it. In front of her was a beautifully decorated train car. It looked like an elegant hotel room. There was a table set for dinner for two, complete with her favorite wine. On another table sat a bouqet of ballons, a picture of the two of them in a train-shaped frame, a key chain of a red hat, & a music box. Amanda lifted the lid of the music box. Instantly tears came to her eyes as she heard the song. " Stetson, youre amazing," she said as she hugged her husband.

"Amanda, I could never have made it 'Through the Years' without you. I need you to always know that.

Amanda nodded as she tried to blink back the tears. "Thank you for this," she said. " How long do we have?"

Lee smiled. " Mrs. Stetson, you are stuck with me for a week!" He stopped to kiss her shocked face before he continued. " It's all taken care of..we are on vacation for a week. We are going to Vermont. You're mother has everything under control at home & Billy knows his life is in danger if he even tries to interrupt us." Lee wrapped his arms around her & started kissing her as the train moved forward. " Any comments, Mrs. Steston?"

Amanda smiled. "WOW" she said as they fell onto the king size bed.

The End