The First Dream

By: Lockesgyrl

Summary:Amanda has a dream of being a spy...and of Scarecrow.
Timeline:A couple months after Amanda is recruited by the agency.:)
Disclaimer:i dont own any of the oringal smk characters, smk is copyright warner bros. and shoot the moon enterprises. Lyla Palmer, and other characters not associated with smk are mine.

Scene One: Amanda's Room:

Amanda sat on the edge of her bed, thinking for a moment. From the moment she had met Lee Stetson, he had turned her life upside-down. And she was sure that his life had been changed too, for the better even. Even as a child she had dreamed of becoming a spy, and now she was learning the ropes. She didn't like the lying or the sneaking, otherwise it was an adrenaline rush.

Helping solve cases, occasionally surprising her peers, it seemed so unreal. 'Me, Amanda West King---a spy? unbelievable?' she thought, smiling. Amanda started to brush her hair absently with a brush. She thought of the cases she had helped solve, it might have only been a couple---but to her, even with the lying and the sneaking, it was a dream come true. Amanda laid down, and closed her eyes---slowly drifting off into a dream-filled sleep.

And this is how it began, that late friday night....

(the start of the dream sequence)

Scene 2: IFF, 5 in the evening:

Lee walked into IFF, on a cold February afternoon. He had just gotten back from europe. As he passed by Francines desk, the blonde woman smiled. "Playing 'babysitter' again, are we Scarecrow?" Francine asked sarcastically. She pointed behind him, smiling at the position he was in at the moment. Lee turned and saw Amanda getting out of the elevator. He groaned inwardly, "Button it blondie." he growled at Francine.

When Amanda saw Lee and Francine, she waved and started walking toward them. "Hello Lee, hello Francine." Amanda said cheerily as she came up to them. Neither one of the agents replied, Amanda's smile faded. "I, uh---came to give you both these, Happy Valentines Day---i know it really isn't---" Amanda started, Francine interrupted her. "Amanda, we know it isn't Valentines Day---so quit the commentary, get to the point." Francine replied short temperedly.

Amanda looked from Lee to Francine pained, then handed the cards to them. She started to walk back toward the elevator, she turned toward them. "Please deliver Mr. Melrose's card to him, thank you." she said, then turned and got into the elevator. 'Sometimes Francine can be such a witch!' she said to herself, controlling her temper as she arrived at her destination. Three minutes later she was out of the parkinglot and on her way home.

When Amanda got home, she said a quick 'hello' to her mother and the boys, not even Francine could ruin her evening tonight, she was meeting with an old friend. She got upstairs and took a shower, combed her hair and dressed in jeans and a red blouse. She put on white pearl earrings, she looked at herself in the mirror appraisingly.

She had straightened her hair, tied it into a braid, she smiled. 'Not bad, you clean up pretty good when you're not in your suburban garb.' she said to herself. She grabbed her purse and headed downstairs, by now her mother and the boys had gone out to the movies. She had only to wait for her ride.

Scene 3: The Arena

Amanda watched as Lyla Palmer glided across the ice. This was the tenth annual "Skate for Children" competition. The proceeds went to the orphanage of the winners choice. Amanda had been friends with Lyla's brother in high school. They had met again at the grocery store, and he invited her to see his sister compete in the competition.

Amanda remembered when she was younger how she had loved to ice skate when she was a teenager. Michael, Lyla's brother had been the one who had gotten her interested in ice skating, when she was in junior high. She had to smile as some of the memories flashed in her mind, she sighed inwardly. Her reverie was interrupted by the sound of a gunshot, and screams. Amanda focused her attention to the ring below, Lyla was dead, someone had shot her. Amanda looked at her 'date', he was deathly pale.

She put her hand gently on his shoulder, he looked at her. He saw the concern in her eyes. He snapped out of his reverie, remembering the last time he had looked into her brown eyes. He cleared his throat nervously, "I'm okay, i guess i should get down there, huh?" he said, trying to smile, but failing miserably. He looked down at the ring below as peramedics hoisted Lyla's limp form onto a gurney. By now, the police were in the building, escorting spectators out of the building. Michael made his way down down the rows of emptied seats. A brown haired man, of about 6'1 came up to Michael. He flashed his id, he was a federal agent. Amanda was on her way down, when she saw who was asking the questions, she stopped in her tracks. She mentally shook herself, the man she saw was Lee. 'Why would he be here?' she continued down, and within a minute or two she was at Michaels side. Lee was stunned to see her here, but remembered, =where amanda is, trouble follows=. "I am sorry about the loss of your sister Mr. Palmer, we'll see what we can do." Lee said, seeing that the shock of his sisters death had made him look deathly pale. Lee gave Amanda a look that meant, 'I want to talk to you, ASAP'.

After Lee left, Amanda put her hand on Michael's shoulder, "hey, you okay?" she asked, knowing full well that he wasn't. He straightened up, and cleared his throat. "Yeah, I um..." he tried to answer, but the words wouldn't come out. Amanda put her arms around him, hoping that a hug would help ease the pain.

He put his arms around her waist, and held on tightly. "Why, why would someone kill her?" he asked, his face buried in her neck. "I don't know, but as Mr.---whoever he was said, he plans to find out." Amanda replied, trying her best to conceal that she knew Lee. They broke they're embrace, he looked into her brown eyes, and smiled.

"How is it you always know the right thing to say, and when to say it?" he asked, still smiling. "Just lucky I guess." she replied, laughing. He laughed, depsite the situation, good ol' Amanda. Amanda was facing toward the exit. She saw Lee peering annoyedly from the corner of the doorway.

"Listen, I think I can call a cab, why don't you go home and get some rest." she said, smiling. He looked at her, then nodded quietly. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips, "thank you, i'm sorry that this happened." she said quietly. She walked away, as she got outside, someone grabbed her around the waist, and clapped his hand over her mouth. She glared in recognition, she knew that hand all to well lately.

He let go of her, "i wish you'd quit doing that." she said, as they walked toward his car. "When you're an agent you don't need to have manners." he replied, annoyedly. "No, just quick reflexes" she replied under her breath. She hated when he did that to her, it scared the bejeebers out of her. They drove in silence to the agency, something made this government business, and Amanda planned to bug the heck out of Stetson and Mr. Melrose until she found out.

Scene 4: Lee's Car:

Amanda sat rigidly in the passenger seat, Lee looked at her out of the corner of his eye. He knew she wasn't going to like this, he sighed. "Lyla Palmer was a federal agent." he blurted out, Amanda looked at him in astonishment. "What?" she asked, her eyes growing wide in astonishment. He ran his fingers through his hair nervously, she wasn't going to make this easy. "Yes, she has been an agent for about five years now, one of the best female agents." he said, smiling at the memory of one of the cases they been on together.

"So, does Michael know about her 'double-life'?" Amanda asked, hoping to get somemore answers. Lee looked at her a moment, then returned his gaze to the road. Amanda saw his grip on the stearing-wheel tighten at the mention of his name. She wondered why he would care, Michael was only a friend now. She was seeing Dean, so there was no Michael and her. And as for Lee, well...he was just someone who she occasionally had the pleasure, or pain of working with---she wasn't sure which.

"Not that i know of, i sincerely doubt it." Lee answered, trying to keep a straight face. He thought Michael had the attention span of a banana, so he doubted he would have thought to ask. "Why do you say that?" Amanda asked, defensively. "I uh---" he fumbled, he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. 'Nice job Stetson, any less subtle and she would probably have given you a lecture, or worse.' he told himself. "Okay, i really don't want to know what you meant." she said, looking out the window and away from him.

A couple minutes later they arrived at the agency, it was 9 pm. Amanda got out of the car, and started to walk away from the car. Lee called her back. She turned and walked back toward him, standing before him. He looked at her for a moment, she was beautiful, he didn't know why he had made fun of her 'friend'. He seemed to be doing that alot lately, especially to Dean.

"I'm sorry about the remark, you probably figured out what i meant the moment i said it---subtlety isn't my strong suit." he said, laughing uneasily. She smiled, 'how did he do that? one look and i-i stumble.' she said to herself in wonder. "Don't i know it." she replied, her dark eyes looking into his green eyes.

Both realized now that it was getting late, and that they needed to be briefing Billy---but they got lost in eachothers eyes. Lee was the one that broke the spell, he cleared his throat. "I guess we should, uh---be going inside to talk to Billy." he said, he felt like a fifeteen year old boy on his first date, very nervous. Amanda nodded, and they walked side by side into the agency.

Scene 5: inside Billy's office:

Billy was sympathetic when he heard about Lyla's death, she had been an excellent asset to the agency in her time there. "This is Agency business now, there has to be a way to get on the inside." Billy said, looking at Amanda, he had an idea. Lee instantly knew what Billy was thinking, and he started to protest. "Oh no Billy, you can't be serious, she has no previous---" he started. Amanda cut him off, "excuse me, but i do have previous experience---how do you think i met Michael? His father taught me how to ice skate." she said, folding her arms and glaring at her 'partner'.

Lee looked at her, she was now very upset. "I didn't mean..." he tried to apologize. Amanda stood rigid, listening as he tried to apologize. Sometimes he could make her feel so inadequate. Billy had his arms crossed, and was trying to supress a grin. The 'Scarecrow' having his foot in his mouth was very rare, thus making it all the more amusing.

Lee could tell he was getting nowhere with this apology, Amanda was still upset with him and he could tell. "Amanda, I'm sorry---okay?" he said, running his fingers through his hair, then looking her in the eyes. Amanda wasn't really angry, she was hurt----hurt that he seemed to always underestimate her. And it seemed mostly because she was a suburban mother of two, and she did all the normal people things. She wanted to show him that she was worth something to the agency. She flashed back to a couple of the cases in the past, he still had the same attitude...that she didn't belong in the spy business.

Her reverie was cut short by Mr. Melrose. "Okay, you and Amanda are on the case. Amanda see if you can get in as a contestant in this skating competion." Billy said in an authorative tone. "Yes sir", Amanda said, still upset about Lee's behavior. Sometimes he confused her---he would be flirting with her one moment, and telling to stay out of the way in the next.

Lee nodded, both the Scarecrow & Mrs. King walked out of Billy's office. It was late, and Amanda needed to get home. They would deal with the undercover part of this case the next day.

Scene 6: Skating Rink, the next morning:

Amanda had decided lastnight after she got home that she would practice a little before seeing if she could compete. She got on the ice and started skating gracefully on the ice. Memories long kept came back to her as she glided, she remembered the first lesson and how she had fallen. Michaels father had told her not to give up, he had been such a wonderful teacher. She started skating backwards, enjoying the sensation of the cool air racing past her as she glided.

"Not bad, dad would be proud." said Michael, she turned saw him coming toward the opening to the rink. She smiled and laughed, "you caught me" she said, as she skated toward him. "I was wondering about competing in the "Skate For Children" competition, so i was practicing." she said, smiling. His smile vanished, "I don't know Amanda...what if..." he started to make an excuse. "Michael, please---i'd like to compete, you saw me on the ice, i'm not that rusty, and as for whoever killed Lyla, I'll be careful." Amanda said, cutting him off.

"Okay, I'll see what i can do, please do be careful." he said. "Thank you, i will." she answered, smiling.

Scene Seven: IFF(Billy's office), later that day:

Amanda and Lee sat in front of Billy's desk. She told Mr. Melrose that she had talked Michael into letting her compete. "Good job so far Amanda, when is the competition?" he said. "In two days, which means I have to practice, I signed-up for the competition after I talked to him." she replied. Amanda was about as nervous as she could be, it had been ages since she had skated.

Seeing that Amanda looked a little worried, Billy smiled reassuringly. "You'll do just fine Amanda, just keep your eyes and ears alert." he said. "Thank you sir---i'll do my best." she replied, alittle relieved. "I know you will." he said, smiling. Amanda got up and headed for the door, Lee followed. He was going to watch every move, so if she got into trouble---he could help her out.

Scene Eight: IFF Parking lot:

The Scarecrow and Mrs. King walked outside into the cool February afternoon day. "Did you have a good time skating earlier today?" Lee asked nonchalantly. Amanda looked at him stunned, 'how did he know she was at the skating rink?' she asked herself. She hadn't told anyone where she was going that morning. "Yes, it was nice." she answered simply. They got to her car, and Amanda turned to him. "How did you know?" she asked, looking into his eyes.

Lee shifted uncomfortably, then thought up an excuse. "Thats on a need-to-know basis." he said, smiling. Amanda laughed, "I should have known." she replied. She opened her door, and got into the car. "See you later Stetson." she said, before she drove away. Amanda smiled, even if he confused her---he would find her at his side any day of the week.

Lee got in his own car, and tailed her---for her own safety and for other reasons he didn't wish to admit. He cared about Amanda, within the past couple of months he had grown accustomed to her ramblings. He smiled, as he drove out of the parking lot and onto the busy Washinton street.

Scene Nine: Skating Rink:

Amanda had dressed in a soft blue bathing suit and matching wrap-around skirt. She finished putting on her skates and made her way toward the ice. It was time to practice the routines, after that she would meet Lee at Lyla's apartment to do some snooping. Hopefully they would find something.

Amanda practiced hard, as she did so she had flashbacks from her youth. Michael had always been a great friend---she knew what Lee had meant. And it did hurt, because Michael was her friend. But, she had to admit when it came to paying attention to little details, Michael was not the person to ask for them.

She could hardly believe she was skating again, she was a grown woman now, so it was very possible her body didn't bend the way it had when she was in her teens. Lee watched from a distance, watching each twirl and jump with fascination. How he had missed this part of her past, he didn't know.

When he saw Amanda leave the ice he left, he wanted to make sure that she would be actually 'meeting' him there. He didn't want her to know that he had been watching her.

Scene Ten: Outside Lyla's Apartment:

Lee was using a lockpick to unlock the door. This was the part Amanda disliked, going through peoples personal things. He finally heard a click, he looked behind him at Amanda, a look of satisfaction on his face. "You keep a lookout." he whispered, he entered Lyla's room.

Amanda nodded, as she leaned casually against the door frame. She didn't mind playing lookout, it was alot better then going through peoples things. Amanda stayed alert, she faced toward the outside of the apartment. She moved her hand slightly on the door frame, she felt the surface. It felt like a metal encasement, she turned her head to the side to take a look.

Looking at it closely, she saw that it was a bomb. "Lee!" she screamed, Lee came running out of the room. Amanda pointed to the bomb, her face as white as sheet. "Come on!" he said, as he started running down the hallway toward the stairs. Amanda ran after him, "you don't have to tell me twice!" she said, just before the bomb went off.

Both of them were sent crashing down the stairs as the impact hit them. Lee got up first, he touched his forehead, then looked at his blood-stained fingers. He saw Amanda unconcious beside him on the pavement, he turned her facing him, she had a gash on her forehead. His breath caught in his throat, 'if anything happened to her, i'll...' he said to himself.

Scene Eleven: On the pavement:

He needed to call Billy and give him the news about the bomb and that he had found zilch. He hadn't gotten far into the search before he had heard Amanda call his name. Lee was kneeling beside Amanda's limp form, he felt for a pulse. He let out a sigh of relief, though it was faint---it was there. Amanda had to be one of the luckiest civilian couriers in the agency ever, she seemed to have nine lives.

Amanda stirred, she saw Lee hovering over her. "Hi, got any aspirin? My head is kiliing me." she joked, smiling. He laughed, "not on me" he answered. He helped her up, and they walked to the car. Amanda turned and looked behind her at the building. "That could have been us." she said, drily.

"Yeah, i know." Lee replied quitely, as he got into the car. Amanda flinched as she unintentionally brushed her arm against the car getting in. "You okay?" he asked looking at her with concern in his eyes. She nodded, and smiled weakly at her partner, 'God he's amazing' she said to herself.

They drove to the agency, both thinking how luck they were to have eachother.

Scene Twelve: IFF, Billy's office:

Billy looked at Amanda in concern. "You're sure your okay?" he asked, Amanda nodded. She had her arm in a sling and she had some minor bruises, as did Lee. "I sent out a team to the apartment complex, they're gonna see what they can salvage out of this mess." Billy said. "We'll snoop around the Arena, see what we can dig up." Lee said, as he turned toward the door, Amanda followed him.

"Becareful you two, no more catastrophies okay?" Billy said, an amused look on his face, like he knew something Lee didn't. Lee turned and glared at Billy. They exited the office, and walked toward the elevator. "You sure you're up to this?" Lee asked, walking beside Amanda. "Yeah, lets pray that team can find something we didn't get a chance to look at." Amanda answered. Lee nodded in agreement, neither one of them liked almost being barbacued.

Scene Thirteen: Arena/Locker room

Amanda walked into the lobby of the Arena. She headed for the locker room to have a look around. She entered the small room, there were about thirty lockers. Lee had given her a crash course in lock-picking. Though she really didn't want to do this, she had to. She went to one of the lockers, she was about to unlock it when she heard the locker room door open. She hid behind the first row of lockers.

The two men started talking in low tones, Amanda strained to hear. When she leaned closer, the lockers fell, revealing the identies of the people speaking and revealing a startled Amanda. One of the persons took out a gun and raised it, aiming it at Amanda. No one was more suprised then Amanda as to whom the murderer was. Amanda couldn't say a word(thats hard to imagine, ain't it?). She just stared in disbelief, holding back the tears.


Lee was on the phone in the lobby, talking to Billy. They had been thorough in their scavanger hunt of the remains of Lyla's apartment, and nothing showed up. Most of the stuff was destroyed. Lee ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

"Billy, do a background check on Michael Palmer will you? Lyla's brother." Lee said. "Don't bother, Mr. Stetson." said a menacing voice from behind him. Lee hung up the phone, leaving Billy wondering what was going on.

Scene Thirteen: Locker Room:

Lee and Amanda sat back to back, their feet and hands tied. The two people from earlier, Michael Palmer and a KGB agent by the name of Jakob Pavlova were looming above them. Amanda's face was pale with worry. "Don't ask." Michael said angrily, seeing that Amanda was about to speak. Amanda closed her mouth and looked at the floor, hurt and confused.

Lee held her hand in his comfortingly, they had to figure a way out of this. Lee glared at Michael, this guy had been in on this all the time, again he had underestimated someone. "Why did you kill your sister?" Lee asked, looking Michael straight in the eye. Michael smirked, "Curiousity may have killed the cat, but it can kill the scarecrow too." he said. Lee grimaced, how could he have been so fooled by this guys dense behavior?

He mentally kicked himself for not figuring that this might have been an act. "You're gonna kill us anyway, so why not grant our last dying wish." Lee replied, casually. Michael smiled, "I'm not stupid Stetson, so don't treat me like i am." he said. "You coulda fooled me." Lee spat. Michael slapped him hard in the face, "i am not stupid!" Michael screamed. Amanda was so astounded by this sudden transformation, it was a nightmare. Lee recovered from the slap, 'strike 3' he said to himself. Lee really wanted to deck Michael, he had almost cost Lee his life as well as Amanda's. IFF

Billy knew Lee well enough to know that he wouldn't hang up on him without reason. And to him, that meant trouble---both he and Amanda were in trouble. He did as Lee asked and got a background check done on a Michael Palmer. He found out that Michael worked for the KGB. That alone made Michael deadly, the most confusing part about it was---was he seemed so normal.

As soon as this information was learned, Billy wasted no time in sending out the calvary. He just prayed that it wasn't too late.

Sometimes being section chief of the agency could be so stressful.

Scene Fourteen: Locker Room:

Michael was calmer now, almost like his old self----but in Amanda's mind he would never be the same Michael she had cared about. Michael came over to Amanda, and touched her face lightly. "It's a real pity Amanda, why did you have to be involved with this agent?" he said, kindly. Amanda looked away from him, as far as she was concerned Michael was no more.

"Tell me one thing will you, Michael?" Amanda asked quietly. She looked back into his eyes. Once she could have lost herself in those eyes, those warm caring eyes. Now she saw him for who he was, and she was frightened. He nodded, "Were you the one who planted the bomb at Lyla's apartment, or was it 'Mr. Silent' over there?" she asked, nodding toward his partner. Michael frowned, "that was me---i didn't mean to hurt you, i'd never hurt you." he answered, touching her face once more.

Lee was grateful Amanda had been able to get that much out of him, that would serve as some kind of evidence against him. Amanda had an idea, if only it would work. Michael was still kneeling in front of her, looking at her face in a frighteningly calm way. He gave her the creeps, this definately wasn't a change for the better.

"Sweetheart, could you please get me a drink of water?" she asked sweetly. Michael grinned, this was the least he could do....for Amanda. Michael told Jakob to get her a glass of water, Jakob grumbled in response. He went out of the locker room, leaving the two captives and the psycho alone. As soon as Jakob left, Amanda saw her chance. She brought her legs up and kicked Michael in the stomach, sending him to the ground.

Without a word both Amanda and Lee started rocking the chair back and forth til they fell onto Michaels unconcious form. Lee landed on top of her, the front of Amandas belt had a little sharp piece of metal on it, Lee rubbed his wrists over the metal piece until the ropes gaveway. He hopped off the chair, he quickly untied the ropes around his ankles. Then helped Amanda out of her bonds.

Jakob dropped the glass of water when he saw that they had gotten free, but he didnt see them anywhere. He saw Michael sprawled lifeless on the ground, "stupid american" he spat. Amanda and Lee had hidden behind some of the lockers. When he passed by the lockers that they were hiding behind, they pushed the lockers on top of him. Rendering him unconcious, Lee and Amanda looked at eachother out of breath and smiled.

They were about to hug when Billy and Francine walked into the locker room.

Scene Fifeteen: IFF, the next day:

Lee and Amanda stood infront of Billy, who was smiling. "You two did a great job, those two never knew what hit them" he said proudly.

Amanda blushed, "thank you sir, I just wish that we would have figured this all out before we got held up." she said. Both Billy and Lee smiled, once again Amanda was like a Pandora's box, full of surprises.

Billy explained the whole thing. Michael and Jakob had been using the "Skate For Children" competition as a way 'go between' for him and his associates. Michael said that when he found out Lyla was an agent, he used that to his advantage. He had drugged her, and she talked about the agency, and its secrets. When he had no further use for her, he killed her.

She was going to tell Lee about her brother being involved but didn't get the chance. Amanda had a faraway look in her eyes by the time Mr. Melrose had finished. She was upset that Michael had altered so much, but she was glad both Lee and herself had gotten through another scrape.

Scene Sixteen: Amanda's Home:

Amanda was washing dishes when she heard a slight tap against the the window glass. She looked up, and smile to see Lee standing outside her window. Her mother was out at dinner with an old friend, Phillip and Jamie were Sleeping over at friends. She unlocked the back door to let him in. "Hi" she said, looking him up and done. She noticed that he was wearing a tuxedo, and looked wonderful as always.

He cleared his throat self-conciously, "I uh, was wondering if you'd consider having dinner with me tonight?" he asked, putting on his most charming smile. Amanda smiled, "give me a couple minutes, and i'll be ready." she responded.

He nodded in agreement, looking at her in her jeans and sweater.

Amanda went upstairs and got dressed, Lee came into the living room to wait for her. When Lee saw her this second time he was in awe. She wore a lovely sleeveless blue dress and a light blue shawl on her shoulders.

Amanda blushed as she noticed he was staring. He took her hand in his and kissed it gently. "Shall we?" he asked, offering her his arm. She laughed, "of course, where are we going?" she asked as they walked out the front door. "I thought maybe Spencers, then dancing." he said smiling. When they got to his car he turned to her, and before she could protest---he kissed her.

(end of dream sequence)

Scene Seventeen: in Amanda's room

Amanda awoke from her dream smiling, it was alittle after 5:00 am on a lovely saturday morning. Amanda turned on her lamp, then blinked a couple times to get used to the light. She got out of bed and headed toward the window. 'That had to be one of most amazing dreams i have ever had.' she said to herself, replaying the dream in her mind.

She smiled, 'oh Lord to be kissed by Lee Stetson like that, not on a case---it would have to be in my dreams' she said ruefully. But then again, the best dream is the first dream.

The End