V is for Valentine

By:  Kethren

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Rating: G

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Miscellaneous: In answer to Beth's Alphabet challenge

Timeframe: Post 4th season...marriage is still a secret

Synopsis: Lee and Amanda...Do you really need more to entice you to read it?

Lee walked into the Q Bureau and looked around.  The place was neat, clean and most definitely empty.  He was just a few moments late, and so expected Amanda to be at her desk, working on their current caseload.  A disappointed sigh escape his chest, as he walk over to start a pot of coffee.  They'd had a small disagreement last night, and he'd left early.  He had spent all night trying to figure out some way to apologize to her.  All he had accomplished was to buy a simple card, which he didn't think was going to work.  She was quite possibly the most exasperating woman he'd ever met.  Never stayed in the car, never did what he told her, never followed orders. Yet she helped him in ways no one had ever done so before.  Her simple elegance charmed every man around her, including him. He couldn't even take her to an Embassy function without some hotshot trying to whisk her away for a dance or a drink. Lee sighed again, filled his mug with the fresh brew, and sat down at his desk. Looking down, he noticed a good sized red envelope with his name neatly printed on it.  LEE STETSON.

"Hmmmm, whats this?"  Lee picked up the envelope, turned it over and laughed out loud  when he found a small note written on the back... it read: Lee, just open the silly envelope. There's no bomb attached!

Inside was a card with a horrid little monkey in a sexy teddy, with bright red lipstick all over its face...Lee chuckled at the
silliness, then opened it to read the printed  message  inside. `For Valentines, I thought you'd enjoy a "real" woman, but doris was the only one available.  Happy Valentines day'

Underneath it, written in Amanda's classic penmenship was: You're the best partner in the world, if you want to spend Valentine's Day with a REAL woman, I'll tell Doris to take a hike.  Love, Amanda.

He opened the bottom drawer in his desk, and pulled out the card he'd gotten for her.  It was rather small, and plain looking but he'd thought she would like it better than any of the others he'd looked at.  He got up and put it on her desk, centering it  perfectly on her blotter. Then the great Scarecrow got a case of the jitters, and snatched it back up...just as Amanda came in the door. "Good Morning, Lee"

He spun around, and lost a hold of the card in the process.  He stared at it in shock, and she stared at it in wonder as it made its way to the floor in a crazy spiral.  Amanda picked it up and handed it to him, with a sparkle in her eyes. "I believe you dropped this, Scarecrow."

"Uh...Its for you, Amanda.  Its not much, just a little card." He was flustered. His plan had been for her to find it, just as he'd found his.

She opened it to find a plain red card, with an elegantly embossed heart in the middle. The message inside read: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Is is ok, if I spend forever with you? You have my love forever, Lee.

She reread the card several times before looking up at him.  Her smile was worth a thousand words to Lee.  He relaxed and stepped forward to kiss her.  She came forward to meet his kiss with one of her own. Neither one noticed Billy, a huge smile on his face, closing the door behind them.