It’s Not My Day

Author: Carolyn

Rating: G

Disclaimer: The main characters belong to Shoot The Moon and Warner Brothers Production.  The story is mine just for fun.

Summary:  Lee comes to terms with Joe’s return home and into their lives.

Timeline:  After Lee and Amanda are married but before the family finds out.

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Lee was at his desk working on his computer when Mrs. Marston rang his phone.

“Mr. Stetson, there is a gentleman here to see you?  He said he is Joe King.”

“Tell him I’ll be right down.”  Lee answered.

Mrs. Morrison told Joe to have a seat.

Lee came down the stairs and walked over to Joe.

“Hi, Joe, how was your flight?” Joe & Lee shook hands.  Lee still wasn’t comfortable with Joe moving back to DC but there wasn’t anything he could do about it.

“Where’s Amanda?” Joe demanded in a loud voice, unlike Joe.

Lee was taken back.  “Home. She’s off today.”

“I just left there.  The house is empty, the car is in the driveway and the boy’s schoolbooks are still on the table by the front door.  The back door was wide open and this was stuck to it with this knife.”  Joe held up a large envelope addresses to Lee and one of Amanda’s kitchen knives, wrapped in a napkin.  “I didn’t touch the knife.  I’m only a lawyer but I know enough about fingerprints.”

Lee opened the envelope.  There were several pictures of some men.  “The Lankily family”, Lee said aloud.

“Who?” Joe asked.

Lee turned to Mrs. Marston and said, “Mrs. Marston, give Joe a visitors pass.”  She handed it to Joe.

“Put it on, we’re going to see Billy.”

Joe followed Lee into the closet and was surprised to see that it was an elevator.  Billy was standing in the doorway when the doors opened.

“You better have a good reason for bring a civilian down here.”

Lee looked surprised, “Billy, this is Joe King, Amanda’s ex-husband. He’s OK.”

Billy still hadn’t moved, “You are suppose to clear it with me first.”

“Alright, Billy, can Joe come and play with us?”  Lee asked.

Billy stepped back and allowed Joe and Lee to step off the elevator.

“What kind of game are we talking about?”  Billy asked as they walked into the bullpen.  Francine was at her computer.  The three stopped at her desk.

“Try the Lankily brothers.”  Lee answered as he handed Billy the envelope. “I think they have Amanda & the boys.”

 “Francine, see what you can find on the brothers.” Billy asked not taking his eyes off the pictures.

 “Already done.”  Francine had started when she heard the name.

“Thank you, Francine,” Lee grabbed the papers from Francine as she was taking them from the printer.

“They still own that warehouse where I shot their brother.  That’s where they will be.”  Lee handed the papers to Billy.

“Wait a minute, Lee, that’s to obvious.”

“That’s the first place anyone would look.  So, it would really be the last place that anyone would look, so it should be the first place I should look.”  Lee stopped, it didn’t make any sense when Amanda said it either but it was right.

Francine and Billy just looked at each other.  Lee sounded like Amanda.

The phone rang and Francine answered it.  “Lee, you better take this.”

“Stetson here.” Lee answered. He motioned for Billy to pick up on the extension.  They heard an all too familiar voice.

“Hello, Lee.  You should know by now that I have Amanda and her two boys.  It’s a pity that her mother was out of town but I will have to make do with three.  Your life is worth that, I’m sure.”

Joe glared at Lee; he was listening on another extension.

“I would like you to come to the warehouse district by dock number..Oh, you know the one. You know where you killed my brother.  We miss him a great deal.  Come alone.  I will release Mrs. King and her boys for you.  Only you.  If anyone else comes the boys will die first.  Starting with the little one.  Remember just like you did to Timmy.  I will see you in an hour.”

They hung up the phones.

“Lee, you can’t go.  You have no guarantee that they won’t kill them anyway.” Francine spoke first.

“I have to.  If there is a chance I want to take it.”  Lee checked his watch.

Billy spoke up, “Lee, she’s right.  I will have the place surrounded and I want you wired.”

“No, Billy, they said I needed to come alone.  I won’t risk the life of the boys and Amanda.”

“Lee, think with you head and not your..” Joe interrupted him, “Wait a minute those are my boys you’re talking about.  I won’t risk their life for anyone; especially yours, Stetson.”  Joe was close to Lee now.  “You have put them is danger one too many times.  Amanda too.  This crazy job, what was she thinking?  Mr. Melrose, I want my boys and Amanda back safe.”

Billy was standing between Joe and Lee, “We want that too.  We will do everything in our power to do that.”

“Billy, I’m heading to the docks.” Lee started to the door.

“Wait I’m going with you.”  Joe started after Lee.

“No, your not.  I’m going alone.  Do you want to get everyone killed?”

Lee started to walk away.  Joe grabbed his arm and Lee turned.

The next thing he remembers is lying on the floor with a sharp pain in his eye. Joe had hit him.

“Get up, Stetson and fight.  I have had enough of you in Amanda’s and the boys lives.”  Lee was up on his feet.  Billy was standing between them again.  Two guards were keeping Joe & Lee apart.

“When Amanda and the boys get out of this, I’m going to take them away from here.  Somewhere where they can be safe.”  Joe tried to swing at Lee again.  All he could reach was air; the guard was still holding him back.

“Try to take them away.  Amanda won’t go.”  Lee was swinging at the same air; still being held by another guard.

“We’ll see she has nothing holding her here.”

“For one thing, she has me.”  Lee shouted.

Joe smiled,  “She quite a woman now, she’s not the same Amanda I left behind.  We could make it this time.”

“There’s no way she would even try, I’m her husband!”  Lee realized what he said too late.

There wasn’t a sound in the bullpen.  Francine stood there with her mouth hanging open.  The only one that wasn’t surprised was Billy.

Joe stood there dumfounded, “What are you talking about?  The boys didn’t say any thing.”

“We haven’t told anyone.”

Lee was aware that everyone in the bullpen was staring at them.

Billy sensed it too, “Alright people, get back to work.  The show is over.”

“Billy, I better get going; if there isn’t any traffic it will take me about a half an hour.”

“Lee, I’m coming with you.”  Joe started after Lee but the security guards blocked his way.

“Joe, you come with Billy. I’m supposed to be alone.”

As Lee left the bullpen, Billy turned to Francine and said, “Get some agents over to dock three on the double.  Tell them to stay out of sight.”

Billy looked at Joe and said, “Come on.”

They left the bullpen together.

Lee pulled up to the warehouse and got out of his car.  He looked around. The place was deserted.  He opened the door and went in.  His footsteps echoed in the large hall.  There were boxes piled on one side of the warehouse.

“Hello, Lee.  Glad to see you here and you are alone. Very good, you have learned to listen.”

Lee turned to see Jeffery Lankily standing next to the boxes.  He was holding Jamie around the neck with his left arm.   He had a gun pointed at Jamie with his right hand. Jamie was scared; his eyes pleaded with Lee to help him.

“First things, first.  Toss your gun over here.”  Lee obeyed.

“Let him go, I’m here.”  Lee said knowing that things wouldn’t be that easy.

Jeffery smiled, “Where are your manners, Lee?  You haven’t asked how I am.  You haven’t asked about Steve?”

“Where are Amanda and Philip?”  Lee demanded.

Jeffery dragged Jamie around by the neck.  “We will play the game my way.  Now ask!!”

“Ok, How are you and Steve?”  Lee asked.  His eyes were fixed on Jamie.

Lee was watching for a chance to save the boy.  Jamie and Lee’s eyes met.

Lee nodded and all of a sudden Jamie bit the arm that was holding him.  Jeffery screamed and let go of Jamie.  Lee made his move, “Jamie, get out of here, now!”

Lee didn’t stop to see where the boy had run.  Lee tackled Jeffery; in a matter of a few moves he had him.  Lee grabbed him by the neck and helped Jeffery up but he didn’t relax his grip, “Where are Amanda and Philip?”  Lee demanded.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you Philip was a bad boy.  He tried to get away and   Steve had to stop him.”  Jeffery started to laugh. “I guess by now you could call him fish bait.” Lee punched Jeffery hard and sent him flying across the floor.

“He’s not going to be the only fish bait.” Lee grabbed Jeffery again.  “You’re dead.”

“Lee, stop!” Just then Billy ran in with Joe and Jamie and a half a dozen agents not far behind.   Lee was relieved to see Philip with them.  “What happened?”

Billy answered, “Lee, it seams that Philip got away and jumped into the water.  He was able to stay under long enough; they thought they killed him.”

“Philip, where is your mother?”  Lee asked.

“There is a small room downstairs that they have her in.  I will show you where it is.”  Philip answered.

“No, I want to.”  Jamie spoke up.

“No, fuzz brain, I’m the oldest, I will.”  Philip shouted.

“Philip, don’t call your brother a fuzz brain.”  Amanda was coming up the stairs with a gun on Steve.  She handed the gun to Lee.

“What happened?  How did you?”  Lee and Billy just looked at each other.

Amanda shrugged her shoulders.  “He gave me his gun when everything started up here.”

Lee hugged Amanda. “Thank God your alright.”

Billy was smiling. “Good work, Amanda, boys.  Looks like I may have a few future agents here.”  Billy shook the boys hands, “Call me when you are older.”

“Over my dead body,” Joe stepped up behind the boys and Amanda.  He had his hands on the boy’s shoulders. “Let’s go home.  Come on, Amanda.”

“Lee, I’m going to go home with Joe and the boys.  I’ll see you there.”

She turned and walked away.  No kiss.  Lee watched her take Joe’s hand as they walked out of the warehouse.

“Lee, see you at the office,” Billy was leaving and Lee followed; not sure what had just happened.
Lee finished up the paper work in the Q-Bureau.  He couldn’t wait to see Amanda.  The boys will be with Joe for the weekend.  Dotty went to visit her sister.  It would be just the two of them alone. It sounded like heaven, alone with his wife.
The phone rang.

“Stetson,” he answered.

“Oh, Lee, I’m glad I caught you.  The boys are really upset about today; would you mind if we had dinner with them tonight?”

Lee made a face, “No, as long as the rest of the weekend is just the two of us.”

 Lee went home and changed.  He picked up a bottle of wine and headed out to Amanda’s.  When he pulled up in front of her house, Joe’s car was still out in front.  Lee went around back and looked in through the kitchen window.  Joe was on the couch with his arm around Amanda. The boys were sitting on either side of them. They were looking at a family photo album and talking and laughing.  Dotty was stirring something on the stove.  The doorbell rang and Philip ran for it.  It was Francine and Billy.  They were talking about being invited for dinner.  Amanda came to the back door; she opened it and said, “Lee, dinner is ready.”  She went back to help Dotty.

 They all sat down for dinner.  Everyone chatted about the day’s events.  Dotty was disappointed that she missed everything.  “I’ve never been kidnapped.”  She complained.

“That’s alright, Mother.  It’s not as much fun as it sounds.”  Amanda tried to comfort her mother.

“Oh, yes,” Francine added, “I’ve been kidnapped several times.  It really is a bore.”

“Lee, you’re not eating.  Are you feeling alright?”  Amanda asked.

“I’m tired.” He was really confused.  Everything was wrong.

Amanda and Dotty started to clear the table.  Francine asked if she could help.  Joe took the boys to the store for some ice cream.

Lee took Amanda aside, “What’s going on here?  I thought the boys were going to Joe’s and you’re mother went to see her sister?  I thought we were going to spend the evening alone?”

Amanda looked at Lee, “Oh, Lee, we really need to talk.  Joe & I had a long talk this after noon and we have decided to get back together for the boys.  They were so happy when we told them.”

Lee couldn’t believe what he had just heard.  “Amanda, we’re married.”

Francine laughed, “Oh, Lee, your marriage isn’t valid in the state of Virginia.”

“Yes, Lee, I spelled my name wrong, I gave them the wrong birth date, the wrong social security number; well you get the idea.”

Billy spoke up from the lounge chair, “An agent has to think on his feet, I mean, her feet.  Good work, Amanda.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Amanda answered.

Lee just looked at them, “I don’t understand.”

Amanda smiled, “Lee, Joe’s here.  He’s back in the states for good.”

Lee felt someone shake his arm, “Lee, Joe’s here.  Lee, Joe’s here.  Wake up; he wants to talk to you.  Lee.”

Lee opened his eyes. He was laying on Amanda’s couch in her family room. He looked at his watch, had he slept for two hours?  Lee stood up and tried to shake the sleep out of his body.

Joe was by the front door with the boys.  Amanda was hugging Joe.

“It’s so great to see you.  How’s Carrie?  Where is she?”  Amanda said it all in one breath.  She gave Joe a kiss on his cheek.

Joe looked up and saw Lee.  “Hey, guys, why don’t you go out to the car and get your gifts.”

“Alright.”  And they were out the door.  Joe came into the family room.  He put his hand out for Lee.  “Hi, Lee.  I’m glad you’re here.  I wanted to talk to you two before the boys come back in.”  Lee shook Joe’s hand and they all sat down.  “Lee, Amanda told me about you two.  I couldn’t be happier.  The boys told me they really like you and you have been good to them.  I want to thank you.  It was hard not being here for so long.  I’m just glad they had some watching out for them.  I can’t tell you how much I missed them.”

“I like them too.  I enjoy being with them; they can really keep you going.”  Lee tried to smile but his dream really disturbed him.

Joe continued, “Carrie’s not here because she isn’t feeling well.”

“Oh, Joe, I’m sorry to hear it.  Is there anything I can do?”  Amanda asked.

“Well, she should be alright in about six months.”

“Carrie’s pregnant!”

“She due in August.  That’s why she doesn’t feel well.  She doesn’t have morning sickness-she has night sickness.”  Joe was smiling ear to ear.

Amanda gave him a hug and a kiss.  “I’m so happy for the two of you.”

Lee shook Joe’s hand, “That’s really great. Congratulations, Joe.”

“Carrie and I will tell the boys after dinner.”Just then the boys came back into the house.  They had some African masks.  “Dad, these are great.”

“There are stories about each one.  Carrie will tell you about them when we get to the house.  I need you boys to help me unpack some things.”

“Sure Dad, just be careful of Fuzz Brain here. He drops things. He has butter fingers.”

“I do not,” Jamie argued.

“Philip, don’t call your brother a Fuzz Brain.”  Amanda warned.  Lee smiled.

“Well, boys, what do you say we get going?  Carrie wants me to stop for pizza on the way home.  She really doesn’t want to cook tonight.”  Joe stood and shook Lee’s hand.

Amanda walked them to the door.  She hugged Joe and said, “Tell Carrie if she needs anything to call me.  See you boys on Sunday.”

They gave Amanda a hug and a kiss. “Bye Mom. Bye Lee.”

“Goodnight.”  Lee walked to the front door.  Amanda kissed Joe and gave him a hug.

Lee and Amanda stood in the doorway and watched Joe pull away with the boys.

Amanda turned to Lee as she closed the door.  “What was that all about?”

“What?”  Lee looked puzzled.

“You were too quiet.  Lee, it’s over between Joe and myself.  There isn’t any reason to be jealous.  Joe and Carrie will be living here.  It will be great for the boys.”

Lee knew she was right.

“It’s not that I had a dream that is really bothering me.”

Amanda hugged him, “Oh, my sweet, you had a bad dream. Come sit on the couch with me and tell mommy all about it.”

She started pulling Lee to the family room.

Lee stopped her at the stairs.  He pulled her close to him and gave her a long kiss.

Lee smiled, “I have a better idea.”

He picked her up and carried her up the stairs to her bedroom.

The End