Scarecrow & Mrs. King fanfic
Written by: Edith L. Acker
Coincidence or not? That is the Question.

Summery: One day as Lee and Amanda Looks at some old stuff in the attic, they come accross some interesting information. Coincidence or not? I will let you decide.

Disclaimer: All the characters are property of Shoot the Moon, Warner Brothers Production. I simply enjoy, reading and Writing fanfic. And Love watching the show.

This takes place after the series ends. I like do the stories after the series. No if they stuff.

Amanda looking up at the attic, she is looking at some old stuff. When Lee came in.

Amanda looks up at his, handsome face. "Oh, hi darling."

Lee goes over to her. "Hi, what you doing?"

"Oh, looking at some old stuff here in the attic. Would you like to look with me? There are some stuff when I was little, and before. You might find some old stuff of mine." She said with a smile at her husband.

Lee sits next to her on the floor. "Oh, this would be interesting. Let's look around."

They start looking around. Lee brings out a little dress, Pink with ruffles, and a little pink bow. "Oh, is this one of yours?"

Amanda looks at it. "Oh, yes, this is what Mother brought me home in. She kept all my firsts. My first tooth that was pulled, a lock of hair from my first hair cut, everything. I did the same with the boy's."

"I can picture you doing that." He looks around seeing a journal. He opens it up, and see's that it is Amanda's fathers. "Honey, here is a journal from a Carl West. Is that your father?"

Amanda took it from his hands. "Yes, that is. Wow, let's see what we can find." She looks in it.

The first one has this in it.

May 5

Today, I got my dream job, but aren't allowed to tell anyone. I met this couple there. They are really nice people. I cant put any names in here, so I will say they are the S team.

It is a job like I have never had before. I get to fight bad guy's, and go to diferent countries. The S team, has really been a big help in getting me used to the job. They have been with this company a long time. I have only been here shortly. Wish I could tell Dotty. She would be excited.

Well, got to go, for now. Dotty coming up.

May 6

I found out that Dotty was pregnant. Our first born.

Lee looks at Amanda, then puts her arm around her, with a big smile knowing that he was talking about her.

It is really weird though. Dotty has gotten a job too, but I have no Idea what it is. No it couldn't be the same job. It just couldn't be. Maybe I will find out later. I hope so. I have no idea what is going.

Talk to you later.

Amanda looks up at Lee. "What has parents been doing? And who is this S team that my father kept bringing up?"

Lee closes the book. "I dont know, but I think it is up to your mother to tell us. I think we ought to find out from her. If it is anything like what we are doing, we dont need to know until your mother tells us. Let's talk to her after dinner."

After dinner they start doing the dishes, and Lee is in there helping.

Amanda is drying, and turns toward her mother while handing a dish to Lee. "Mother I was upstairs in the attic, and you will not imagine what we came up with."

Dotty looks at her daughter, with anticipation. "What did you find darling?"

Amanda wipes her hand on the hand towel to dry off. She gets the Journal out of her apron pocket, and hands it to her mother. "We found this upstairs. We didn't get to far, but we did get far enough where we know that you, and Daddy had some mysterious job. What is going on, and who is the S team?"

Dotty looks up at her daughter, with astonished eye's. "Oh, I didn't know he kept stuff like that in his journal. Well, it started a long time ago when you weren't even born yet."

"Yeah, Daddy mentions your pregnancy at the same time that he was suspicious of your job. What happened after that?" She said in anticipation, while handing the last dish to Lee.

Lee and Amanda sat on the couch, while her mother sat on the chair. Waiting for the rest of the story.

Dotty looks at the couple. "I would say we were around your all age, when we met, the S team. I would say that He is referring to The Stetsons." With a look of shock on her face. "As a matter of fact you look an awful lot like Mr. Stetson, Lee. They did have a little Boy around the same age as Amanda. Oh, this is weird. Anyway, to go on with the story. We worked for the government. An agency called....IFF." Looking at the couple with astonishment. "As a matter of fact they were undercover as a film company. Lee, Amanda I think we were working for the same company. What is your place look like...Never mind I will tell you what mine looks like cause I know what secrecy is with that place." Remembering what it looked like she went on. "We went in, and there were some stairs going upstairs. There were a downstairs, but it was so secret that you had to go through a makeshift closet to get there. It was a film company like yours, and when you went downstairs, it was an office building like anyother, accept that it was secret. Does that sound about right?"

Amanda looking at Lee with a look of shock. Then back at her mother.

"That is precisely what it looks like. How did you, and Daddy find out you worked for this company?"

Dotty thinking about the first time they had found out. "We had ended up with a case together. You were about 5 at the time Amanda, and so was Lee. We had to keep it so hush hush, it was crazy. I hated to keep secrets from your father like that. But they said that it...."


Dotty looks at Amanda and Lee, then returns with the story. "Yeah, it was a matter of national security. Boy, I think we worked for the same company. Anyway, Danny, that was our supervisor at the time. Said that he was going to team me up with some guy, that he knew would like to work with. I had met your parents shortly before that. Anyway, when he told me who it was, I was astounded to know that it was your father. My gosh, we had been working at the same place at the same time all this time. I was so shocked, as your father. I think your father and I knew somehow. Deep in our soul we knew. We were both so busy. Your father had gone out of town on trips, but I didn't want to leave you alone, even if it was with a babysitter. No telling what would happen...."

Smoke comes up, and you see IFF but back in the olden day's. You see Dotty, in Melrose office, but it isn't Melrose, that is the officer. Danny is looking at Dotty. "I think you will like this guy. He has been working with us, for a short time, but I think you will be perfect for eachother. He does go out of town, but you can still stay here. I understand how you are with your baby."

Dotty "Yes, I will not leave Mandy alone no matter what. Who is this guy?"

Danny looks at his paper work on his desk. "His name is Carl West."

Dotty looks astounded at the supervisor. "That is my husband."

Danny looks up at him. "I was wondering about that. You have the same last name, the same little girl. Oh, my gosh. I should have put it together a long time ago."

Dotty all mad at her supervisor. "Yes, you should have. Does Carl know about this?"

Carl came in the door. "I do now. Hi, Dorothea."

Dotty came up, and gave her husband a hug. "So we work at the same place. Now I know why your job was so secret. Mine too."

Carl looks at her. "Yeah, Now we know we work at the same place."

Back to the present. You see Dotty with tears in her eye's. "Shortly afterwards your parents were shot, and killed. I wan't to tell you, Lee, they tried everything they could to revive your parents. They were just too far gone. I knew your parents very well. They were very nice, people. And your father looks just like you."

"Yes, I have to agree. I seen a picture of them a while back. They are both very good looking." She looks knowingly into Lee's face.

Lee gave her a kiss. "Oh, yeah. You want to come out with it."

Amanda looks up at her mother, and then back at Lee. "I think we better. Or she will go nuts."

"I am already going nuts. What is going on?"

Amanda looks back at her mother. "Well, you are right about the place we work at."

Dotty looks astonished, kind of. "Oh, like that is a big surprise after what we just said. What else is there?" She thinks for a minute. "Are you two...."

Amanda shakes her head. "Yes, mother, not only are we working at the same place but we are married. Have been for about six months now." Dotty laughs. "I knew something was going on, but didn't know that you were actually married. Wow, when where. When are you going to tell the boy's?"

"I think we will tell them in the morning. We would love to have a normal life. A married normal life." Replied Amanda.

"Or as normal as a couple of spies can get. I never knew. This is wild." Replied Lee.

Summery: The next day they did tell the boy's that they were married, but still had to keep their jobs secret. I will be going on with this series.

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