Look-Out Point

By:  Karen M.

Disclaimer:  Scarecrow and Mrs. King belong to Shoot the Moon Productions and Warner Brothers.

Rating:  PG-13

Summary: An answer to the challenge for a scene extension for Charity Begins At Home.
Amanda says yes when Lee comes to her back door with the keys to his new Corvette, and asks her
to take a drive with him.  AU- time could move ahead to the third season at the discretion of the reader.

Lee knocked at her back door as anxious and excited as a little boy with a new toy.  Amanda quietly joined him outside.

He dangled the keys of his new Vette in her face,  “Got it today,” he grinned widely.  “How about coming for a drive?” he asked, wanting Amanda to be the first one to see his pride and joy, and take a drive in it

“Lee, I’m in my robe. I don’t think----it-----would,” she tried to reply. Then she saw those mournful puppy-dog eyes of his. She sighed, “I’ll be right down.  Give me five minutes to get dressed.”

‘He does it every time,’ she thought on her way downstairs to join him.  She had thrown on a pair of jeans and sweat against the chill of the night.

“Amanda,” called her mother as she passed her room, “where are you going this time of night?”

Amanda decided to throw caution to the wind and try telling the truth for a change.

“Mother, a friend from work got a new sports car, and want to take me for a drive,” she spouted off quickly, crossing her fingers.

“That’s nice, dear. Have a good time.  Don’t stay out too late.” Dotty thought, if she thinks I buy that one, she’s got another think coming.

“I won’t,” replied a startled Amanda.  She hurried down the stairs and out the back to find Lee.

“Ready, finally,” said Lee a little impatiently.

“I’m sorry, but mother gave me the third degree about where I was going this time of night.  Do I need to grab my jacket?”

“Yeah, I think that might be a good idea.  It’s chilly out right now,” Lee replied.

“What did you tell your mother?” Lee asked.

“I decided to try the truth for a change, and she said to have a good time, but don’t stay out too late.  I was amazed that she bought it.”

“Miracles will never cease,” teased Scarecrow.

Amanda gave him a sly look as they walked toward the Vette.  The sports car was beautiful, to say the least.

Lee opened the right front passenger door for her always being the gentleman.  “It’s really beautiful, Lee.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.  It’s special for a special man.” Amanda smiled at him, across the seat.

“Thanks, but it needs someone to share it with who is my best friend.”  Lee smiled at her, and took her hand.

Amanda felt warm all over at the look he gave her, and the feeling of her hand in his. Lee squeezed her hand  tightly, sending shivers all over her body.

“How about we drive around the city to see the lights for a while?” suggested Lee.

“That’s sounds great,” nodded Amanda.

Washington  D.C. never looked so wonderful before, maybe it was the new angle from the Corvette’s window, or maybe it was the new found familiarity with her partner, she couldn’t decide.

Lee drove all over the city, past the Capital, past IFF, the Washington Monument, everywhere.

“Amanda, would you like to get some coffee?”

“Maybe later, Lee.  Could you start thinking about heading in the direction of Arlington.  I’m starting to get jet lag.”

“Yeah, sure, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize how late it was getting.  Look, I promise I’ll take you home, if you’ll let me show you one place that is absolutely breathtaking to view.’

“Oh, all right,” Amanda replied ,a little irritated.

Lee drove the Vette towards a famous landmark in Arlington, Lookout Point.  Teenagers were very familiar with this site. The Arlington police considered it a must on their priority list.

The view was breathtaking though, and Scarecrow wanted Amanda to see the city lights from his Vette, among other things.

Amanda had fallen into a light sleep and awakened when the Vette came to a stop.  “Where are we,” she asked.  Then she saw the familiar sign, and knew exactly where she was.

“Lee, this is Lookout Point, what are we doing here?”

“I thought you might like to see the view,” replied Lee, smiling sheepishly.

“Lee, really, that’s the oldest line in the book.  You know better than that,” Amanda teased.

“I didn’t mean anything by it, Amanda, honest.  I intend to be a gentleman, it that’s what you are thinking.”

“Lee,” Amanda took his hand, “I was only kidding, Don’t take it to heart.”  She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“Amanda,” whispered Lee in response.  He cupped her face, and kissed her soundly, relishing the thrill.

Amanda wrapped her arms around his neck, and eagerly returned the kiss.  When they broke for air, she sighed “I’ve wanted you to do that for so long now.”

“I wanted it, too. I was just too chicken before.” Lee kissed her again.

All of a sudden, a bright light interrupted the lovers lane duo.

“And what have we here,” asked the officer at the end of the bright flashlight.

“C’mon, kids, you know the rules.  Well, I’ll be.  You aren’t kids.  Whatever.  It’s time to go home, folks”

“Yes sir, we’re on our way,” said Scarecrow, looking like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

After the policeman left, Amanda looked at Lee, and broke out laughing.  Then both of them couldn’t stop.

“What a night for a first ride in my new car, one I won’t forget.  I’ll take you home, Amanda.”

Lee walked her to the back door.  “I had a really good time, Mrs. King.  It’s been a night of discovery for both of us.  Goodnight, Manda,” he leaned in to kiss her lightly.

“Goodnight, Scarecrow.  I would very much appreciate another ride soon in your wonderful Vette.  She kissed him again,, and went inside the house.

Lee thought to himself, as he walked to his car, “I wish I could buy a sports car every night.  I had such a great time.  Amanda is so special.”

On to D. C., and his apartment.

The End