One Little Name

By: Kim
Summary:Another VSS following Leslie and Dean..
Disclaimer: The main characters belong to Shoot the Moon and Warner Brothers Productions. The story is a product of my rather overactive imagination.


Lee opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses. Walking into the living room, he smiled at Leslie. "Thanks," she said as he handed her a glass.

"You're welcome," he smiled.

"I'm so glad you rented 'Casablanca'," Leslie said. "It's one of my favorite movies ever."

"Mine too," Lee settled down on the couch next to her.

They watched the movie together. Halfway through Lee made some popcorn. He was getting so tired. He'd had a long and difficult week. And Amanda had been acting kind of distant. He missed the easy relationship they'd developed. He'd have to talk to her.

As he stood waiting for the corn to pop, Leslie came into the kitchen and put her arms around him from behind. "We don't have to finish watching the movie tonight, you know," she said slyly.

For a fraction of a second, Lee imagined that it was Amanda who put her arms around him and the thought caused a shiver to travel up his spine.

Suddenly he felt nervous and tense. "Well, whatever you want, Leslie," Lee replied, wonderng why all of a sudden he was on edge.

"Let's watch for a while longer and have some popcorn and see what happens from there," she suggested, also wondering what had brought on the change in him.

About an hour later, Leslie noticed that she was the only one eating popcorn. "Hey, you," she said, nudging him.

Lee was leaning back on the couch, eyes closed. Leslie leaned against him and put her hand on his chest. Lee's arm came around her and he pulled her close.

"Mmmm," he stirred in his sleep, a small smile playing about his lips. "Amanda."

Leslie's eyes flew open. "What?!" she yelled.

Lee came awake, startled by her exclamation. For a moment he was surprised to see her there.

"Leslie, I'm sorry. I must have fallen asleep," Lee said, blinking.

"Oh, well. It's nice you can at least remember my name!" she fumed.

"What are you talking about?" Lee was confused, and for some reason, slightly worried on a subconscious level.

"You called me 'Amanda'!" Leslie accused.

"I work with Amanda, Leslie. It didn't mean anything!" Damn, what had he done!

"No, no, no! It's not just that you said her name, it's the way you said it! 'Mmmm, Amanda'," she mimicked him.

"Leslie, you have it all wrong," he began, wondering if he had really said Amanda's name that way...after all he had been having some pretty strong dreams about her lately, for whatever reason.

"No, I don't think I do, Lee," she said as she started to pick up her things. "When you get over her, if you do, *don't* call me!"

"Leslie, this is ridiculous! Amanda has a boyfriend!" Lee argued, trying to prevent her from leaving.

"Well, that obviously doesn't mean anything to you," she said, quieting down.

"Please don't go," he pleaded.

"Lee," Leslie's voice softened. "You are a wonderful man. I hope you find love. But I don't think it'll be with me. When you said her name, there was so much emotion in your voice. If you'd said my name like that, I would have cried."

"I don't know why I would have said her name that way," Lee tried again.

"Maybe it's time you tried to find out," she suggested.

Lee just stood there staring at her. Part of him wanted to take her in his arms and beg her to stay, but a larger part of him stayed rooted where he was, remembering now the dream he'd been having about Amanda with Leslie right there in his arms.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly.

"So am I," she told him, and left.

Lee sighed, and picked up the phone. For some reason, he really needed to hear Amanda's voice right now.

"Hello?" Phillip answered the phone.

"Hi, this is Lee Stetson. Is your mom home?" he asked.

"No, sorry, she's out with Dean. Do you want to talk to my dad?"

"No, uh, thanks. That's okay," he said as he heard Joe's voice in the background asking who was on the phone.

"Okay, Mr. Stetson, bye," Phillip said.

"Bye." Lee hung up the phone feeling depressed.

He watched the end of 'Casablanca' in a daze, drank the rest of the wine, then fell asleep on the couch, and dreamt of Amanda once again.