Forced Revelations

By: Monica

Disclaimer: These are not my characters, they are the characters of Warner Bros. I am borrowing them for a short time, and Warner can have them beck any time. The unfamiliar characters are mine, and anyone is welcome to them at any time.
Rating: PG-13
Time Frame: About a year after 4th season?
Synopsis: New ambassador in town, guess who is babysitting, when all goes to hell.

Part 1
Monday, Morning Staffing

"Ok people," Billy continue, "the final item on today's agenda is the Bosnian Ambassador, Yuri Tatrakov. He and his family have arrived safely. He has requested that his family be educated to the American culture, which means we will be pulling overtime babysitting. Now we have already placed the family in a nice suburban home in Mrs.King's neighborhood. Amanda I want you to lead the hospitality wagon. You know make friends with Anya Tatrakov. She refuses any body guards or escorts, so you will become her best friend."

"Yes sir," Amanda said sipping her coffee. With a side glance at Lee, she thought, "Great, this will cut into Lee and my time, which is already pretty stressed."

"... and Anastasia, the Ambassadors daughter, will be attending Arlington-Mill High School, grade 9." Billy continued, as Amanda slowly returned her focused back on the information he was giving. "Francine, I am assigning you to baby sit her. Her parents have requested that she have a bodyguard. They are concerned with her welfare. There has been attempts at kidnapping on two previous occasions."

"Sir shouldn't you give this to someone with more experience in the area of kids. What do I know about snobbish brats?" Francine questioned, as many of the agents around the table chuckled silently to themselves. "I mean, this is something that would be best suited for... for Amanda. Why don't I make friends with the wife and Amanda baby sit the brat?"

"Because, Francine, Anya Tatrakov would know you are an agent. Amanda has the most experience with "the suburban role", that's why she is best suited for this." Billy justified.

"Besides, Amanda's son, Phillip, is also a 9th grader at the high school. That would make things a little strange for Amanda, Phillip and the Ambassador's daughter." Lee added, concerned with making sure Amanda wasn't put into any position where she would have to divulge her career to her family.

"Lee, I want you to head the team that will run security at the home, and you will also be in charge of the Ambassador's personal safety. His wife may choose no security, but it is mandated that we provider security for any dignitaries. Ok, we have a busy week ahead of us, so let's get out there and remember to be as safe as possible." Concluded Billy.

Part 2
Monday, Q-Bureau after the Staffing

Lee sat at his desk going through his file on the Ambassador. Amanda sat watching him. It had been well over three weeks since she and Lee had been alone together. It didn€ '˛t seem to bother Lee that they were barely able to kiss good morning or good night. However, it was wearing thin with her. She was almost to the point of letting her family in on her secrets. She knew the risks, but lately she had been feeling that perhaps she and Lee could protect the boys better if they were together.

"Lee, I really missed you this past weekend." Amanda said, trying to get his attention. "I wish you had been able to go camping with the boys and I."

Slowly looking up from the folder in front of him, Lee said, "Yea, I missed you too. Did the boys have fun?"

"Yes, they sure did, but I would have had more if you had gone along."

"I'm sorry Amanda, but if I had I would have wanted us sharing a sleeping bag. It would not have been right. I tell you what, when we are finished with this babysitting job, why don't we go camping just the two of us?" Lee asked.

"That sounds great, we haven't had any time to ourselves for three weeks."

"Three weeks, and four days. I know this hard, but we knew it would be. I wish we didn't have to hid our marriage, but for the safety of the boys, I'll do anything." Lee said, as he stood and went to sit on the corner of her desk.

Amanda rose and put her arms around his neck. Looking into his eyes, Amanda said, "Lee maybe it's about time we let everyone in on our secret, before they find out from some fluke. The boys are older, they can handle keeping it a secret. And I really do miss not sharing your bed with you more often."

"I know you have been thinking about it. Maybe you are right. Maybe we should let our secret be known." Lee whispered as he leaned forward and kissed Amanda lightly. The kiss ended for a second, but both needed more and the next kiss was more forceful. The kiss ended leaving them breathless. "Amanda, why don't we have lunch at the apartment? I had a big breakfast that will keep me until suppertime." He said with a grin.

"Lee, you had a donut and coffee, that does not constitute a 'big breakfast'. However, maybe we could pick up some sandwiches to eat on the way over. That would give some time for a little recreation." Amanda said with a twinkle in her eye and a grin.

To Be Continued