E is for Eyes.

By:  Melinda

Christmas time half way through the fourth season:

Amanda is heading up to the bullpen to turn in a report to Billy.  She steps off the elevator, and runs into Francine.  "Hi, Francine.  What seems to be the hurry?" says Amanda.  "I am having to do some last minute shopping.  See you later." answers Francine.

Amanda turns around and goes to the door of the bullpen.  She sees Lee,  who is talking to Billy.  Lee sees her and smiles at her.  Billy sees this exchange.  Billy says, "Lee, I am going to give you an order that I think you might actually like."  "And what is that?"  asks Lee watching Amanda talk to Kristy who stopped her at the door.  "Look above Amanda's head.  Now do you know what your assignment is now?" Billy grins.  Lee looks up at the top of the door and sees mistletoe hanging and starts grinning and says "Well this is a difficult assignment and I wouldn't want to disobey a direct order."  Lee starts walking towards Amanda.  Amanda looks up from the report Kristy is showing her and Lee catches her eye and smiles as he stands in front of her.

"Amanda, Billy just gave me my next assignment and I need some help with it."  Lee   looks deep into her eyes as she asks "What is the assignment?  "Look above your head." Lee smiles and Amanda looks and realizes what is above her head.  She looks back at Lee and steps closer to him and says "I will be happy to help you with the assignment."

Lee puts his hands around her chin and neck and bends to kiss her.  When the kiss ends they both search each others eyes and Lee thinks "I could watch her eyes forever.  I like seeing that light in them."   Lee whispers to Amanda, "Merry Christmas, Amanda."

Billy is watching this whole thing.  He sees how they look at each other and thinks "It is about time you two started having a great Merry Christmas."

The End?