Morning Visions

By: Jenny
Summary:Lee finds simple pleasure in watching Amanda prepare for the day.
Time Frame: Post season 4. Marriage of Lee and Amanda is common knowledge.
Disclaimer:The characters belong to Warner Brothers and Shoot the Moon. There is no infringement intended. I am making no profit from this.
Author's Notes: Thanks so much Shelly for reading on such short notice.


The white frame house on Maplewood Drive stood silent in the early morning hours of the new fall morning. The lights were off and all its occupants but one still slept. Or so it seemed.

In the upstairs bedroom, Amanda Stetson lay on her left side and watched her husband sleep. He lay on his back with his left arm flung up and over his forehead partially concealing his face. His right arm rested against his bare chest. His hair was tousled and soft strands fell over the concealing arm. He didn't look younger or more peaceful. He looked at ease with himself and the world. He often said that was her influence. She didn't really think so. She just thought she came upon him at a time of his life when he was ready for a change. Maybe she was the catalyst, maybe she wasn't. It just didn't matter. She loved him and he loved her and they were finally together forever and for everyone to see.

She looked at the clock and slowly rose from the bed. She crept into the adjoining bath and quickly showered. She returned to the now sunlit room and took her place at the dressing table directly across from the bed.

In that bed, Lee Stetson remained silent and still. He maintained his respirations at an even rate. His wife was very observant and would notice if he exhibited the least change. He was very careful to give the impression of continued sleep. He had actually gotten quite good at it in the last six months. He practiced every morning. Why? Why would a happily married man pretend to sleep while his wife was up and about? Simple, because he treasured the moments he observed her in the dawning daylight.

He barely opened his eyes and drank in the sight of her in her soft white robe. He watched as her delicate arms raised above her head to towel dry her damp hair. She reached for the brush and ran it through her light brown hair. Her mind always seemed to fade away at this point. He wondered where she went and if it was a pleasant place. Over and over the brush slid through her tresses. It curled slightly on the ends and his hands itched to wrap around those curls. But he contained himself. The best was yet to come.

Seeming to arouse herself she suddenly focused her gaze and peeking over her shoulder to make sure her husband was still sleeping, she quietly put down the brush and removed her arms from the robe. She reached for the lightly scented lotion that Lee had given her for her last birthday. She squeezed some into her hand and warmed it slightly by rubbing her hands together.

Lee inhaled the scent now floating on the air and swallowed once hard. He loved that scent. It drove him wild. Through eyes partly concealed by the arm over his face, he noted the slow progression up her arms and over her shoulders. Her hands moved in small circles massaging the fragrant cream into her pale peach skin. Her long slim legs received the same treatment.

As usual at this point, he shifted slightly for a better view of her morning rituals. This was the hard part. He always wanted to take the cream from her and sensuously rub it over her back and all her unreachable spots. She would probably let him and some day he might just do that. But for now he was content to watch her in the wavering post dawn sunlight.

Finished with the intoxicating cream, she set it in its place on the mirrored tabletop. She pulled the robe back into place on her shoulders and crossed over to the bed. The smile on her face was soft and somehow spoke of secrets untold.

He thought that she didn't know that he was awake. At first, she didn't realize that he was watching her. But as they spent more time together as an openly married couple she had picked up even more of the nuances of his body language. She knew when he slept, when he woke, when he rested well and when he didn't. She supposed that she would let him play this game until he tired of it. She rather enjoyed it herself.

Lee closed his eyes and waited for what he knew was coming. He really felt that he would never tire of this game. He felt the mattress shift ever so slightly as she sat on his side of the bed. He felt her smooth hand caress his face as she leaned close and whispered, "Good Morning, Mr. Stetson"

He opened his eyes fully for the first time. The smile on her face was mirrored by his.

He replied in a husky morning tone, "Good Morning, Mrs. Stetson."