All Work and No Play

By: Christy
Summary:What if Amanda hadn't been shot during "Mission of Gold?"
Disclaimer: The characters and parts of the story are the property of Warner Brothers and Shoot the Moon. The parts marked with * * are taken verbatim from the unfilmed script for mission of gold. Also, with her permission, I have used the "world" Kim created in "Long Time, No See. . . Angel". The rest story is the property of mine



* Sunlight shined on Amanda's face as she slowly came awake. She sighed contentedly as she stirred. Lee puts his arm around Amanda and pulls her close.

"Good morning, Mrs. Stetson." Lee said

"Good morning, Mr. Stetson." Amanda replied

"I don't think I'll ever get tired of saying that." Lee told her

"You'd better not. Your stuck with me now." Amanda replied as she snuggled up against him

"Well if this is being stuck, I like it." Lee said

"Are you having a good time?" Lee asked

"Uh huh. California was a great idea." Amanda said

"We'd better get up and get moving if we're going to meet Barney for lunch. I think you're really going to like the old guy, Amanda." Lee said

"I'm a little nervous...from all you've said he's like family to you." Amanda said

"He might as well be. While my uncle was traipsing around the world, Barney sat in as back up dad. I spent more time in his mess hall than in school." Lee replied

Lee starts to get up, but Amanda pulls him back down.

"Come on Amanda it's nearly ten... We've got to shower and get some breakfast...." Lee said

".... in about an hour" Amanda replied as she kissed him

As they pull up to a small house MUCH later. Lee asks " are you sure you don't mind if we tell him?

" Well he doesn't know anybody we know. You said he wouldn't tell anyone if you ask him not too. And besides I want to tell somebody, Don't you?." Amanda replied

"Yeah...Besides Barney is like a dad to me" Lee said

"You want him to be proud of you don't you?" Amanda asked

"Something like that" Lee said

Just then the door is opened by Barney. Lee gives Barney a big hug.

"Hi ya, Sarge. This is Amanda." Lee said

"Hi Barney...I've heard a lot about you." Amanda said

"Well I've heard a few things about you too." Barney said. "Come on in."

As Barney shut the door he says, "You didn't eat breakfast, did you?"

Lee looks at Amanda as she blushes a bit, they hadn't made it to breakfast after all

"No we just had time for a shower." Lee said

Barney smiles and nods

"How's flapjacks, biscuits and French toast sound? I didn't know what you'd want." Barney said.

"Ummm, sounds good." Amanda replied

Barney leads them into the room.

"So are we done with the small talk?" Lee shrugs "Good. So what's the big surprise?" Barney asked

Lee and Amanda look at each other and smiles.

"We have something to tell you." Lee said

"Oh, yeah? Let me guess down here on vacation, together, no breakfast....your married." Barney said

"How‘d you know?" Amanda asked

Barney then takes their left hands and holds them up to display their wedding rings

"Those are a dead giveaway." Barney says as he smiles. "Congratulations! I had a feeling the first time Lee wrote me about you, Amanda that you'd be the one to make this scamp settle down."

"Thanks Barney. It hasn't been easy." Amanda says

Barney motions for them to set down at the table, complete with everything needed for breakfast.

"Ah but hard is always much more fun, and you appreciate it more too" Barney says. As he begins to uncover plates of food. *

"So what's been up with you Barney" Lee asks as he takes a bite of flapjacks

"Trying to convince a friend of mine to leave this two-bit treasure hunter named Brokett alone. Brokett claims to have found this sunken treasure. But Gus doesn't think he has and is scamming the state." Barney said

"Well do you thinks he's right?" Lee asks

"Maybe, Maybe not. But Gus is determined to find evidence that he is" Barney replied

"Don't you think that would be a mater for the police?" Lee asked

"Without any kind of solid proof they won't do anything." Barney replied

Seeing THAT look in Lee's eyes Amanda Said, "Come on Lee remember this is our honeymoon. No bad guys"

"Ok, no bad guys." Lee replied smiling at Amanda

Later that evening as Lee and Amanda gets dressed for dinner

"I'm glad were seeing Kelly and Kris while were down here. It seems like forever since I last saw them" Amanda says

Lee smiled thinking back to when he had found out about what Amanda had really done before she started working at the Agency. She had been a Charlie's Angel, a private detective, and had gone by the name of Sabrina Duncan for 3 years. When he had found out one of her friends Kelly had been in trouble, and Charlie had came looking for her to get her help. He didn't even know what Kelly and Kris's real names were.

"It'll be nice to see them again. Maybe they will tell me a little bit more about Bri." Lee said as he smiled

"Oh I don't know about that" Amanda replied. "But come on we're going to be late.

As they walk into the restaurant they saw Kris and Kelly. Amanda walks over and gives them both hugs.

"It's so good to see you both. But at least we didn't wait so long this time between reunions." Amanda said.

"What I want to know is what's this big news you said that you have for us?" Kris asks getting straight to the point.

"I'll tell you as soon as we're seated." Amanda said

Just then the Maitre D' appears to lead them to their table.

"Ok Bri, don't keep us in suspense any longer." Kris said impatiently

"Lee and I are married." Amanda said smiling at her husband

"Congratulations" Kris said at the same time Kelly asks "When did this happen."

"Thank you, and as to when it was February 13th." Amanda replied

"I told you one day I would be vindicated." Kris said and smiled

Amanda smiles

"Oh what's this all about Bri." Lee smiles as Amanda blushes

"I told her that I thought there was more between the two of you than friendship, and I was right of course." Kris tells Lee

"Ok Kris you were right and I was wrong." Amanda says

"Thank you Bri was that so hard." Kris said

"Yes." Amanda says as they all laugh

Later that night as they were walking down the hallway to their room

"Well that all went well" Amanda says " I'm really glad we got to tell someone about this"

"Me too, and we do know they can keep a secret, after all look how long they've kept the secret of the Angels." Lee said as he was unlocking the door to the room

"You know what Mr Stetson I think it's time for bed what do you think?" Amanda says as she shuts the door and turns the light off


Lee groaned as the phone beside the bed began to ring and Amanda stirred slightly. "Stetson here" Lee said sleepily as he picked up the phone.

"Lee I need you to meet me as soon as possible." Barney said sounding a little panicked

"Why, What's going on Barney?" Lee asked still a little groggy

"That friend of mine Gus was shot at this morning. Lee I really need your help." Barney replied

"OK, OK, where and when do you want us to meet you?" Lee asked

Amanda sat up then and looked at Lee with question in her eyes.

"OK, well be there as soon as possible" Lee said into the phone, then hung up

"What's going on Lee?" Amanda asked

Lee sighed and looked at the clock. Not even noon, they hadn't even gotten to sleep till late. And this was suppose to be their honeymoon, there wasn't suppose to be as Amanda had said yesterday `no bad guys.' Well it looked like they didn't have any say in the matter.

"That was Barney. Gus was shot at this morning. Other than that I don't know. I told him we would meet him." Lee told her

Amanda sighed. "Well, lets get going" she said as she threw back the blankets.

Amanda and Lee spotted Barney almost as soon as the walked in.

Barney Looked up as they approached. "Lee, Amanda thank you for coming. I hated to interrupt your honeymoon but I really need your help"

As they sat down Amanda said. "That's alright Barney?"

"What exactly happened Barney?" Lee asked

"Well like I told you yesterday Gus doesn't think much of Brokett and is convinced that he hasn't found the Bodega. So he's been snooping around. This morning he went down to the supposed site and brought back up one of the coins. After he had come back up someone started shooting at us and he lost the coin." Barney said

"Wait what's this about us I thought you had said that it was just Gus that got shot at?" Amanda asked.

"Well, I went with him to the marina. After all I couldn't let him go alone" Barney said

Lee sighed and asked "So where's Gus at now?"

"He went home to change and is going to meet us here" Barney replied

Just then walks up and Gus shakes hands with Lee and Amanda as Barney introduces them.

"Gus thinks he know's more about the Bodega than any other man alive." Barney said as they all sat back down.

"I do" Gus replies "And Brokett hasn't found the Bodega. I'm sure of that, all he's brought up so far is the gold and ballast stone. Where are the ships cannons, and the mission bell she was carrying. Besides the Bodega was a supply ship not a treasure galleon" Gus told them. "I had a piece of that gold in my hand and believe me it could have told me a whole lot. Someone didn't like that" Gus says "I just have to find the right papers in my cabin and I can prove it's fake."

"If Gus could get his hands on another one he might come down off his high horse" Barney says "But the rest are locked up in the bank and nobody can get a look at them till the state finishes with them."

Just then a man sitting at the bar who had overheard them got up and walked out

"I might be able to come up with something. I said might." Lee said as he pointed at each of the old men.

"I would like to bring in a couple of my friends on this if you guys don't mind." Amanda said

"Let me guess Kris and Kelly." Lee asked looking at her with a puzzled look

"Yes." Amanda replied

"I thought they were retired." Lee said

"Who are Kris and Kelly?" Barney asked

"A couple of retired detectives that I used to work with. Two very good detectives." Amanda replied. "We worked for a detective agency called Charlie's Angels."

"I'll call Kris and Kelly and have them meet us at the hotel so Lee and I can fill them in. Then we'll meet back up with the two of you later if that's ok" Amanda said.


"Is everything set?" asked a tall heavy set man

"The doubloons have already been authenticated Brokett. They are irregularly shaped and handstruck. You can tell if they where minted yesterday or two hundred years ago." A man with dark glasses said "After they are turned back over to you we take them out of the state I sell them to private buyers funnel the money through dummy companies and I have no more money worries ever." Scott said

The same man who had overheard the conversation in the bar walked into a room with two other men. "Brokett, the old man said that he could tell if it was fake or not with some papers he has in his cabin."

Brokett looks at the other man "Scott I thought you had this all worked out ,and said that the doubloons couldn't be proved false."

"Relax Brokett all we have to do is silence the old man and all our problems are over." Scott says

"Killing people was never suppose to be part of this" Brokett says

"He wouldn't be the first, I didn't think I would have to tell you but there were 3 security guards and my partner is serving life in prison." replied Scott. "But we won't kill him if we don't have too. Now everyone knows that the old man's cabin is a fire hazard" Scott said looking at the first man

"Will do boss" Tommy says and walks out

"It was the Harpers Ferry heist wasn't it?" Asked Brokett

"Yes and the less you know the better." Scott replied and left the boat.


"Ms. Nuzio, I hope our spot check isn't too incovient." Lee said

"We're always willing to cooperate fully with the IRS." Ms Nuzio replied

They were walking toward the vault where the coins were bing kept, with Ms. Nuzio explaining security procedures along the way. After they had stepped into the vault Ms. Nuzio opened the box containing the doubloons and lifted a tray out to show them the coins. As she started to put the coins back away. "This is probably going to sound strange." Lee said. "But can I hold them for a moment please. You know something to tell the kids." as he smiled

"Sure" Ms Nuzio said and smiled back handing Lee the tray she held. Lee smiled and nervously held the tray. As Lee handed the tray back to Ms Nusio dropped the tray pretending it to be an accident. "I am so sorry." Lee said

While Amanda distracted her and helped to pick up the coins. Lee made an imprint of one of them for Gus to examine. "Have we got them all?" Lee asked. "I'm so sorry I can't believe I was so clumsy. Lee said as the were exiting the vault.

As they got in their car Amanda asked. "Did you get the imprint?"

"Of course." Lee replied "Now lets go see what Kris and Kelly have dug up" Lee said and as they headed over to the hotel they were staying in.

Kris and Kelly met them in the lobby and suggested they talk on the way to Gus's

"Did you get the imprint" Kris asked as they got into the car

"Yes, and it was a piece of cake" Lee replied

"Did you come up with anything." Amanda asked looking at Kelly.

"Not yet we had to revive a few of our old contacts first but we do have a few calls in. So right now we're just waiting to hear back from them." Kelly replied.

"If the doubloons are real and don't come from the Bodega, why not just admit what sunken ship they really come from. Why go to the trouble of pretending it was." Kelly said.

"If the doubloons are fake, I would say we are looking at a case of someone trying to hide stolen gold." Kris suggested.

"If would have to be a fairly large heist for this amount of gold" Amanda said.

Just then they where pulling up to Gus's cabin and saw a fire truck and the damaged cabin. "Oh my gosh." Amanda said as they got out of the car.

"What happened here." Lee said starting to head over to one of the fireman. Just then Barney stuck his head out the door and motion them to come in.

"You two go on in, Kris and I will see what we can find out." Kelly said

As Amanda and Lee enter the cabin they see Gus picking up some paper. "Did you get the imprint Lee?" Gus asked

Looking at Amanda " Why has that been everyone's first question?" Lee asked

"Do you really want me to answer that?" Amanda said

"No." Lee replies. Turning to Gus Lee took the imprint out of his pocket and handed it to Gus.

"Lee do we want to know what kind of scam you two had to pull to get that?" Barney asked.

"Probably not." Lee replied. "Gus can you get any information from that imprint?"

"After I make a wax duplicate it'll tell me plenty." Gus replied

"Good, so what's the damage estimate on your information Gus?" Lee asked

"Well, They pretty much wiped me out but I still know most of what was here." Gus replied

Just then the door opened and Kris and Kelly walked in. "So did you find anything out" Amanda asked them.

"The fireman said that it looks like it started with the lamp that's on the desk." Kelly said

"Well, that funny because the only time I light that lamp is when the power goes out." Gus said

"And the power hasn't gone out in months." Barney added

Lee and Amanda exchange glances. "There could still be an explanation other than foul play here Let us look around a little bit more first ok." Lee said

"Alright, but let me know if you find anything out I want to know who did this to my cabin." Gus replied. Then turning to look at Kris and Kelly. "And just who are these two lovely ladies?" Gus asked. Handshakes are exchanged as Amanda provides introductions

Back at the hotel and later that night. Lee and Amanda are getting ready for bed. Both lost in thought.

"Are you thinking what I am Amanda?" Lee asked

When she makes no response Lee looks over at her and see's her staring out into space. He walks over and puts his arms her. "Just what are you thinking about Mrs Stetson?"

* She jumps slightly as Lee had startled her. "Probably not what you want me to be thinking about Mr. Stetson" Amanda replied. "I was thinking that if Gus is right and someone did set that fire...."

Lee smiled "There's a lot more here than meets the eye. And those two old codgers are in way over their heads. They're going to ruin our honeymoon Amanda. Why couldn't they just stay retired." Lee said

"Oh like your going to stay retired. You'll stay retired no more than Harry does." Amanda replied

"Your right just forget I said that." Lee said sheepishly

"Besides I know you'd never let Barney down. I'd say we start with Brokett. He's our best lead." Amanda said

"Our only lead. And it could be a wild goose chase." Lee replied

"Wouldn't be our first. I want to take a look at that boat." Amanda said

"Me too. Tomorrow morning would probably be the best time." Lee said

"Well, if were going to do that we'd better get to bed early" Amanda said looking at lee

"Good idea" Lee said and smiled as he turned off the light and got into bed. *


The next morning Amanda was standing on the dock with a camera that had a telephoto lens watching as Lee snuck out to the salvage boat. "There's someone on the bow." Amanda said into a two way radio.

`Ok, I'm going into the cabin" Lee replied. The cabin was clear and he didn't see anything there so he headed up the stairs as he got to the top a man with a gun snuck up behind him and knocked him on the back of the head and threw overboard. About that same time on the dock another man snuck up to Amanda with a gun and motioned for her to follow him. Amanda was then led onto the boat and put beside Lee.

"Ok what are the two of you doing here." Brokett said

Amanda and Lee just sat there looking at Brokett and the man standing there with him. When it became obvious that neither Lee or Amanda where going to say anything. Brokett looked at his companion and said "I don't take well to intruders and had better not catch you out here again."

"My camera please." Amanda then said

As they exited the boat. Scott came out. " I guess a fire wasn't enough to get them to quit. It looks like we'll have to take more drastic measures."

Gus sat in his cabin looking through one of his books "Got you Brokett" He said as he found what he was looking for. Just then he then hears the sound of a car pulling up and quickly hides the paper he had just found in his model ship. Just as he sat back down the door opened and Scott walked in without knocking. "Your one of Brokett's men aren't you" Gus said. When Scott made no reply. Gus told him. "Well, you can tell Brokett that I know that the gold isn't from the Bodeaga and I can prove it."

"Too bad you won't get the chance to share your discovery with anyone else." Scott says as he pulled a gun out.

He motioned for Gus to turn around in his chair and pressed a cloth to his mouth. Gus struggled for a few moments before he succumbed. Going outside Scott then took an exhaust hose and put into an intake hose.

A little while later Gus is found floating in the water near his house by Lee. As he was being loaded into the ambulance. He started saying something and Lee said, "hold it a minute." And went closer to hear what he was saying. Gus again whispered "Bodega De Barko." The paramedics then loaded Gus into the ambulance. Lee called after him don't worry they are going to take good care of you, you'll be better in no time.

When Lee arrived back at the hotel Kris and Kelly was in the room with Amanda. "Lee," Amanda said as he walked in the door. "Kelly just got a call back from one of her sources. It's rumored that Scott might have been involved with the Harpers Ferry heist. If the coins are counterfeit then it would have to be a substantial amount of gold, and there was quite a bit of gold taken from Harpers Ferry, and it was never recovered."

"Your right. I'll put in a call to Billy. If it is the Harpers Ferry gold then this just became an Agency matter." Lee said. "First thought, we might get some answers from this disk I found at Gus's, Barney has a computer at his house I just came by to get you girls before heading over there."

A short while later they all are sitting around the computer viewing the disk that Lee had found. What it had on it was information about the Bodega. "Pick map Lee." Kris said, I have a hunch.

"You and your hunches Kris, I swear." Amanda said.

"Most of the times my hunches are right, Bri. And you know it." Kris replied. Amanda just smiled

Lee punched a button on the computer and up came the map. "That's what Gus kept saying Bodega De Barko.." Lee said pointing to one area of the map.

"It's the cargo hold." Barney said almost to himself

"He has a model of the ship at his cabin right?"Kelly asked

"Yes." Barney replied

"Do you think he would have hidden something in the model?" Kelly asked

"Of course." Lee replied "where better to hide information on the ship than in the ship."

"Let's go." Barney said

"No. You leave this to Amanda and me." Lee said

"But...." Barney said

"No buts Barney." Amanda said

"Kelly and Kris can come as back-up, but you stay here. Someone needs to know where we have gone." Amanda said gently

When they arrived at the cabin Lee said to Kris and Kelly. "Ok you two stay out here and keep watch. Amanda and I are going in."

"At least your not telling me to stay in the car this time" Amanda laughed as they got out of the car.

They quickly retrieved a document from the model. After opening it up to see what it was. Lee said. "It's written in 17th century Spanish. We're going to need some help translating this."

Just as they were about the leave the sheriff walks in with his gun out. "Why don't you two just hold it right there. Would you like to explain just who you are and what you are doing here." He said

"Can I show you something that's in my pocket." Lee said

"Nice and slow." The sheriff said

Lee takes his badge out and show it to the sheriff. Just then Kris and Kelly burst in. "Everything's ok." Amanda reassures them.

"I would still like to know what's going on here." the sheriff said handing Lee back his badge

"It's a long story that we don't have time to tell right now. Do you have a fax machine?" Lee replied

"Yeah, back at the office" the sheriff answered

"Well lets get going." Lee said


Early the next morning Brokett loads up a truck with the coins at the bank. As the last of the gold is loaded he told Ms. Nuzio "Thank you for all your help." "My pleasure"she told him. "Maybe next year we can bring up the mission bell." "Maybe" he told her as he climbed up in the cab of the truck with Scott. "We need to stop by the boat to tõL!µp a few loose ends" Scott told him as they pulled out.

Meanwhile at the police station Lee, Amanda, Kris and Kelly are waiting for a fax to come over. Lee tore it off of the machine as soon as it came out and read it. "This says that there is no way that the gold came from the bodega. Those doubloons are marked with Mexico City marks and they mint had burned down just a few months prior to the Bodega sailing." Lee told them. "It has to be the gold from the Harpers ferry heist." Lee said looking at Amanda. "I'm going to contact Billy then we're going to head out to the boat."


As Brockett and Scott stepped out onto the boat Scott pulled out a gun. "What's going on Scott." Brokett said "The few loose ends." Scott replied. "You didn't really think I would share the money did you?" Scott said as he motioned Brokett down into the hold and locked him in. Before Scott can leave however, he sees Amanda and Lee arrive on the boat. He sneaks around and comes up behind them with a gun in hand. "Drop the guns and kick them over." Scott tells them. After Tommy picked up their guns, Scott unlocked the door to the hold and motioned them down. As he locked the door back up. He told Tommy, "Set the timer for 10 minutes." After Tommy had set the timer he said "come on lets go." .

While down in the hold Amanda and Lee are trying to get Brokett to talk. "He's going to get rid of us in one clean sweep." Brokett said

"Who" Amanda asked

"Norton Scott." Brokett said

"Where did the gold come from?" Lee asked

"The Harpers Ferry heist." Brokett told Lee

Just then the door is opened and Kris called down "Anybody home."

As they came up Lee saw the bomb and said "hurry, off the boat it's about to blow." They were knocked down by the blast as they stepped off on to the dock.

"It was Norton Scott and the Harpers Ferry heist" Lee told Billy. "He was using the doubloons to channel the gold."

"He's going to have to sell those doubloons to turn them into cash" Billy replied

"Our best chance is to stop Scott before he sells any of them." Lee said

"Do you want us to catch a flight out there?" Billy asked

"No time." Lee replied. "Besides Kris and Kelly can give Amanda and I back up."

"Who?" Billy asked

"The other two Angels." Lee reminded Billy

"Ah yes. I take it Amanda was visiting them on your vacation. Excuse me HER vacation." Billy said as he smiled

"Amanda's motioning me. She may have something. I'll call you later." Lee said as he hung up.

Lee walks over to Amanda and asked. "What's up."

"Brokett said that he and Scott were going to camoflodge the salvage truck at a repair shop he uses" Amanda said

"Well lets go." Lee said and motioned to Kris and Kelly

As they pulled into the repair shop it appeared deserted. Lee says "Amanda jump out and close the gate. That way he can't get out."

Quickly spotting Scott Lee says "Hold it right there Scott."

Scott quickly rolls under the truck and grabs his gun and fires off a couple of shots as he runs into the garage. "Your not going to get out of here Scott." Lee says as the four of them converge on Scott. "That's what you say." Scott replied "Come on Scott give it up you're surrounded." Lee tells him

"Never. I haven't gone through all of this to just give up your going to have to kill me." Scott said. As he said that Lee came up on him from behind and jumped him. Lee then quickly disarmed him.

"Kris call the Sheriff. Have him come and pick up the trash." Lee said.

After turning Scott over to the police Lee said. "We should call Billy and let him know what happened."

"We can do that from the hotel Lee." Amanda said. Turning to Kris and Kelly "Thanks guys but if you don't mind I think that we're going to finish our honeymoon now."

After arriving back at the hotel Lee calls Billy. "Scott is in custody." Lee said. "Now if you don't mind I would like to get on with my vacation."

"Well, I'll want your report as soon as you get back Scarecrow but since your vacation sorry vacations got interrupted. Why don't you and Amanda both take a couple of extra days." Billy said

"Thanks Billy. I appreciate it and I'm sure Amanda will too." Lee told him "We'll see you in a few days." Lee said and hung up the phone.

Walking over to Amanda Lee said. "Billy gave us a few more days on our vacation." He smiled.

"No more bad guys." Amanda said

"Agreed." Lee said

"Good now where were we Mr. Stetson." Amanda said as she kissed him.