Too cool for Mom

Author: Sara Jordan

Rating: PG-13

Summary: The boys discuss Lee.

Timeline: Late season 4

Disclaimer: Charlie stole fizzy-lifting drinks, he was supposed to get nothing. Nothing is what I get for writing. The characters and setting in Scarecrow and Mrs. King are the sole property of Shoot the Moon Enterprises and Warner Brothers.

"Shut up, butt-face."

"Chill out. All I said was that he's a pretty cool guy."

"He is not."

Philip looked at his little brother and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, the car, the stories, the way he can play ball, all of that is so un-cool."

Jamie squirmed trying to find a way to defend his position without sounding like a baby. "Ok, so maybe he's a little cool. I don't think you have to fall all over yourself about him, though. What's the big deal? He has a car and he's been to a lot of neat places, so what."

"You are just weirded out because Mom really likes him. She's had boyfriends before, you know."

He wasn't quite sure how to respond to that one. Mostly because it was true. He tried another tactic, ignoring the fact that he was now contradicting himself. "Don't you think it's a little weird that Mom would meet a guy like him. I mean, ok, sports cars and trips around the world are cool, but what could they possibly have in common?" "Don't ask me. Maybe it's that 'opposites attract' thing." Philip paused trying to sort out what he was thinking. "Mom is kinda cool, though. For a Mom, I mean."

Jamie begrudgingly acknowledged that point and moved on to his next objection. "Why does she have to act like that around him."

"Like what?"

"You know," Jamie tried to explain his confusion. "Like she can't breath or something. Whenever he shows up she starts smiling and gets this weird look in her eyes." He made a face at his brother in an imitation of what he saw as his mother's infatuation.

Philip shook his head. "She does act a little different, but it's not all goofy. More all quiet and stuff; like she's thinking really hard."

"She forgets we're even around. If he shows up or calls we might as well not exist."

Philip was taken back by his brother's comments. "No she doesn't. You just don't know what it's like to really like somebody." He added sagely.

Jamie snorted, "And you do?"

"Yeah." His response was defensive. "I guess it's the same even if you are their age. Didn't you and Mom talk about this?"


"Then what's your deal. Mom isn't going to ignore us just because she likes Lee. She's still our Mom." Philip had an inspiration, "She didn't ignore us when Dad was around. She loved him too, you know."

Jamie was suddenly very angry with his brother. "He's not Dad!"

Philip shrugged off his brother's anger. "I didn't say he was. All I'm saying is that you should grow up a little. Mom is Mom, but she's also a person. I think she would be really sad to know you don't want her to see him."

Jamie tried his last argument. "He's always touching her."

"He's supposed to, that's what boyfriends do."

"Does that mean you are always touching Angela?"

Philip blushed, "I wish. Come on, dude, don't talk about Angela. Especially when we're talking about Mom."

"I still think it's weird to watch your mom kissing on some guy you hardly know."

"We hardly know him, but Mom has known him for a long time. Grandma thinks they've been falling in love for a long time, now."

"You think all those times she said she was working late she was with him?"

"I don't know. Grandma won't say, but I think that's what she thinks."

Jamie reflected on that for awhile. After a moment he looked at his older brother still very confused, but feeling better. "Philip, do you think Mom will marry him?"

Philip shrugged. "How should I know. I just think it's cool that she seems so happy. And, if she wants to marry him that would be ok. Think about it, we could ride to school in that car."