What's in a Name

By: Christy Ambrose
Summary:A filler story for "Off to See the Wizard"
Disclaimer:As usual the characters belong to wb. I'm just playing with them and will return them when I'm done.
Author's Notes:This story is a filler story for off to see the wizard. It picks up at the end of the story after Lee has given Amanda the roses and she has kissed him on the cheek. This is just a short story. And I would appriciate any feed back either bad or good. Thank you


"Amanda why don't you come to dinner tonight with Paul and me." Lee asked

"Oh I don't know Lee." Amanda replied.

"Come on." Lee said " Your one of my best friends I want you and Paul to get to know each other."

"Oh alright. What time?" Amanda said

"I'll pick you up, say 7:00." Lee replied.

That night at the resturant, the three of them sat around a table laughing. "Amanda I must say I'm pleantly suprised. MOst of the women Lee knows don't have much in the way of brains." Paul said.

"You've noticed that too, huh?" Amanda said with a sidelong glance at Lee.

"Hay not all the women I date are brainless fools." Lee said as Amanda and Paul laughed.

A few moments later Amanda asked "There is something I want to ask you Paul. When I asked Lee why his code name was Scarecrow, he said I would have to ask you."

"Well, to start out with I was trying to stay within the OZ theme. And also he in a way remind me of the Scarecrow. The Scarecrow was brainless but you could see he had potential. Lee was already a good agent but you could see he had the potentail to be a great agent. He just needed someone to bring it out. Same as with the scarecrow." Paul replied.

"Oh, I see." Amanda said

"Thank you, I think." Lee said.

"Well it's not the company. But I have to go, I have an early plane in the morning." Paul said a few minutes later.

"WE have an early day tomorrow too." Lee said as they all stood to leave.

The three of them left the rest of the resturant at the same time. Paul gave Amanda a hug and shook Lee hand then watched as Lee put Amanda in his car. As they dove off and he walked to his own car, he thought "Thouse two are going to be together one day they just don't see it yet. But I do, I haven't guite lost it all yet." And he smiled to himself as he drove away.

The end