Rumors of My Death continued


By: a_bit_dotty
Summary:This story takes place after the tag scene of "Rumors of My Death." I always wondered what happened after…
Time Frame: fourth season, directly linked to the ep Rumors of My Death
Type: tried to stay within the canon of the show
Disclaimer:Don't own 'em. Just wanna have fun. The first few lines are taken directly from the ep Rumors of My Death. I believe Tom Chehak was the writer but could be mistaken. If anyone knows for sure please let me know and i will change it.
Author's Notes: I get these little scenes in my head and decided to write this one down. It originally took about 20 minutes to write.  I posted it and received a few comments and suggestions and changed a few things.


Lee turned away from Amanda, who was still holding the "wedding" cake.

"You wouldn't," Lee dared her.

"Nooooo," Amanda replied.

Lee spun around with the intention of pushing the cake into Amanda's face. But, as he began to spin around, Amanda sensed his movement and turned the cake to face him in, well, the face. The two met with a soft, mushy splat.

"Oohhhh, I'm sorry," Amanda said as she began to back away from Lee, setting the now smushed cake onto her desk.

"No. You're not. And you know it," Lee said, and took a step towards her as she rounded her desk, still going backwards. "I won't be either in a just a minute," he added with a wicked grin.

"Now, you just wait." He kept advancing on her, and she was running out of office. "This was just getting even for yesterday." She tried to think of anything to get him to stop. "Scarecrow, we're at work. We have to be professional." It wasn't working; he was still coming. "You didn't lock the door when you came in. Somebody could walk in."

"Nobody's coming in. Billy's in a meeting, Francine's got a hair appointment. Who else is there?" Amanda continued backing up until finally she could go no further. The refrigerator and the wall made sure of that. And he still kept getting closer. Suddenly, he reached out and grabbed her by the arms.

"You really shouldn't do this," Amanda began. "You know someone always interrupts--" Amanda's words were interrupted as Lee's cake-covered lips smothered her own. She resisted only briefly, and then melted into his warm embrace, gooey icing and all.

"Lee, before I go--" Francine started as she swung open the door. She abruptly stopped as she caught sight of Lee and Amanda in what could be considered a very...compromising position: Lee’s back was to the door, and while Francine couldn’t immediately see Amanda, she suspected it was her pressed between Lee and the wall.

When they heard Francine's voice, Amanda and Lee froze. Lee hesitated, holding a silent conversation with Amanda as their eyes briefly locked. Then he quickly spun around.

"Ah, Francine. We were...Amanda just..." Lee couldn't find the words to explain.

"I made a cake," Amanda began, "and I was showing it to Lee, when he... ah..."

Francine just stared open-mouthed from one to the other. "I tripped," Lee finished.

Amanda continued, "Yeah, he tripped and landed in the cake face first. It was the funniest thing," and she gave a half-hearted laugh.

Francine just stared at Amanda, then glanced at Lee, as if to question him about the icing on Amanda's face. Lee looked at Francine, then at Amanda, then back at Francine. He slowly cast his eyes over toward Amanda once more, using them to implore her to think of a reason why she had cake on her face, too.

Realization dawned on Amanda. "Oh, you must be wondering why I have icing on my face too." Francine just nodded. "Well, when I hit Lee with the cake--"(Amanda glanced at Lee)"--I mean, when Lee tripped into the cake, naturally some fell onto the floor. And then, he, well, he--"

"--he slipped," the three of them finished together.

Francine, with a smirk, picked up the story. "Of course you tried to catch him and that's when I walked in."

"That's it," Lee agreed.

"Exactly," Amanda said.

Francine had a look of total disbelief on her face. "Right. Next time, make sure you lock the door. Lee, this is the report Billy asked me to bring to you," she said as she set a folder on Amanda's desk and left, closing the door behind her.

Amanda quickly went to her desk and pulled out two clean hand-towels she kept for emergencies; this certainly qualified. "'Who else is there?'" She repeated his words with just a hint of sarcasm. "Boy are you in trouble."

"Me? You're the one that put the cake in my face--"

"No, you turned right into the cake--"

"I did not. You--"

"And then kissing me with that stuff all over you--"

"You deserved it--"

Their conversation was halted when the door swung open for a second time. This time, Billy was standing there. Lee and Amanda looked at each other, with something close to fear on their faces.

Lee took a deep breath, and, turning back to his boss, said, "Hi, Billy."

"Good morning, sir," Amanda chimed in, both trying to act like nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

Billy looked at Lee for a brief moment, looked over at Amanda, shook his head and said, "Why don't I give you two a minute? Meet me in my office in 5 minutes." And he walked back down the hall.

Lee walked over and shut the door, and took the towel that Amanda was offering him.

"Don't you think you better lock the door?" Amanda asked. "I don't know who else would come in but it seems to be Grand Central Station right now."

Lee locked the door and advanced on Amanda with the towel. "How about...if I clean you up and you clean me up?"

"Right, we wouldn't want to miss a spot, now would we?" she replied as she gently wiped his face with another towel.

"Not at all," Lee replied and gave Amanda a quick kiss.