Utopia Now


Summary: A tag scene after Amanda innocently touched Lee’s bottom. Strictly A.U.

Disclaimer: These characters are not mine. They belong to Shoot the Moon Productions.

Time Frame: Third Season

Rating: PG 13

Lee stood on the ladder diligently unfastening the screws to the closed shuttered window. He seemed to be having a little trouble with the screws.

Amanda remembered the penknife she had, and went down the ladder to retrieve it. She cautiously climbed back up the ladder to give it to Lee. Without realizing how far up she was, she scanned the area to make sure the coast was clear. As she reached up to regain her footing, she accidentally grabbed Lee’s bottom. It only took her a split second to look up, and realize just where she placed her hand, and quickly removed it.

Lee stopped momentarily, and tried to regain his composure. He was sure she hadn’t noticed his stiffening body. He continued to pry the shutter away from the window, as a million thoughts raced through his head.

“Did she just… yes, she did” he thought to himself. He smiled to himself, feeling more embarrassed for her. “Okay, just let it go Stetson,” he thought. “She didn’t mean anything by it. Or did she,” he wondered to himself? “Well, at any rate, it felt good. It felt a little bit too good. What the heck am I thinking,” he thought.

“Okay let me just look around this storage area, and try not to think about her,” he thought.

Amanda tiptoed around the building, trying to calm herself down. “What must he be thinking? Well, maybe he didn’t even notice. I mean, he didn’t really seem to notice,” trying to convince herself.

After rummaging through all the weaponry, Lee and Amanda decided they had spent enough time in the building, and needed to get going.

As Amanda began climbing up the boxes, Lee noticed the ledge she was trying to climb was pretty high. As she struggled to pull herself up, Lee stated, “Oh, Amanda let me help you.” He put his right arm around her waist, and put his left hand on her bottom to hoist her up.

Amanda realized what just happened, and turned around to look at Lee. Lee was wearing a smug grin on his face.

“Just what do you think your doing Mister,” asked Amanda? She was unable to look directly in his eyes.

Lee pulled himself up to the box a mere inch from Amanda. He gently lifted up her chin to make eye contact. He pulled Amanda close, and gently brushed her lips, with a feather light kiss. He felt her release a breath she had been holding. “I’m just returning the favor my dear Mrs. King,” smiling from ear to ear.

Amanda tried to contain the urge to giggle, and just let out a sigh. She began to blush at the thought of the entire scene playing before her. She quickly regained her composure, and tried to look serious.

“Lee, it was just an accident; I didn’t mean to do that,” she stated.

“Oh me too Amanda; It was just an accident. Please forgive me,” asked Lee trying not to grin?

Amanda looked deep into his eyes, and began to smile. She mustered up all the courage she could, and gently placed her hands around Lee’s neck. She pulled him close and planted a soft, but passionate kiss on Lee’s lips. She felt Lee stiffen at first, but then relaxed in her arms. She nibbled on his bottom lip, and gently licked his top lip. After teasing him with her tongue for what seemed like hours, he eagerly opened his mouth to her.

Lee’s mind was spinning out of control. He had no idea what just happened. He could feel his heart racing, and had no way to control it. As the kiss became more demanding, he put one arm tightly around Amanda’s waist, and his other arm into her hair pulling her deeper into the kiss.

After a few minutes, they both came up for air. They both were unable to regain their normal breathing pattern for a few minutes.

Amanda pulled away slightly and gazed into Lee’s eyes. He saw a slight sneaky smile approach her lips.

“Now that was no accident,” proclaimed Amanda.

Lee smiled and pulled Amanda close to whisper something in her ear. He gently pulled her hair off her ear, and whispered, “later on, can you show me again?”

They both laughed and headed out to work.