Now, I Feel Complete

AUTHOR:  panda 

DISCLAIMER:  I don't own these characters; they belong to Warner Brothers and Shoot the Moon Productions.  I am merely borrowing them, and promise to return them only slightly used.


SETTING:  Takes place 5 years after the show ended.

SYNOPSIS:  Can't give it away.

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  This is just something I whipped up while bored at work.  You have been warned that tissues may be needed.  Thanks, Julie, for reading this for me on such short notice.

I see her crying.  I know the cause, but I cannot help her.  I wish there were something I could do.   I feel so powerless.

The boys are sad, too.  I want to put my arms around them and comfort them. I want to tell them everything will be fine.  But I cannot.

She slept restlessly again last night.  She should take those pills the doctor prescribed.  But she will not.   She seems to move on automatic pilot.  I see the pain in her eyes.  It mirrors the pain in my heart.

The boys are unusually quiet.  There is no arguing.  The sound of spoons clinking against cereal bowls breaks the silence.  I want to sing out, "Good morning, boys!"  But I cannot.  I feel so helpless.


He is back.  I know he can help her.  I see his arms go around her.  She buries her face in his shoulder.  He comforts her as she cries her heart out.  Thank God he is back.

The boys are glad to see him.  Young men though they are, they welcome his embrace.  The family comforts each other.  They will be okay.

I watch them.  I wish I could join them.  But I cannot.  I feel so alone.


It is a lovely ceremony.   I watch my friends... so many friends.  It warms my heart.

They sit together, my family.   Sharing their grief comforts them.  I wish I could tell them not to be sad.  But I cannot.  I feel so powerless.


Ah, there he is.  I have been looking for him.  He says it is time.  I am glad he is with me.  Is that selfish?

We were together the last day.  The day the plane went down.  The storm was unexpected.  It came from nowhere.  It was over quickly, painlessly.  We were together.

We are together now, too.  He says they are waiting for us, the others.  I need to say goodbye.  Then I can go.


The boys are playing a quiet game.  They have grown closer, holding each other up in their grief.  I put my arms around them.  They feel my presence. The joy in their eyes warms my heart.  Goodbye, my boys.


He is working in the den.  Oh, how I have come to love this man, this son-in-law of mine.  I know he will take care of them - my family.  I embrace him.  He pauses, sensing me.  I love the smile that appears. Goodbye, my son.


She is looking at pictures, wedding pictures of Captain Kurt and I.  Her quiet tears fall.  I put my arms around her.  She seems to feel me.  A smile breaks through her tears.  I will miss her the most... my darling girl. Goodbye, my baby.


I have said goodbye.  Now, I feel complete.  He says it is time.  I am ready now.  He takes my hand and we walk, together, into the light.  Goodbye, my sweet family.  I will be waiting for you.