Code Name

By: Christy Ambrose
Summary: Amanda gets a code name
Disclaimer:The main characters belong to shoot the moon and Warner Bro Productions. The story is a product of my imagination.
Author's Notes:This is my answer to the code name challange. I would like to thank Kathy for beta reading this story for me. This is my first story so any and all comments is much appreciated.


Lee looked around the room and sighed contentedly. His family. Who would have ever thought. It had been almost a year since he and Amanda had gotten married and about 3 months since they had told the family and the agency about it. Everyone had been upset about the secrecy at first, but everything had worked out. Even his biggest fear had been put to rest today, the Agency had decided to let them remain as partners. Just then Phillip looked up and said "Lee can I ask you a question."

"Sure Chief what's up?" Lee replied

"Do you and Mom have code names like they do in the movies" Phillip asked

Lee smiled and looked up at Amanda. "Yes, well I do. It's Scarecrow."

"Why doesn't Mom have one, she's an agent too, right?" Phillip asked

"Actually that's a good question Phillip. Why don't I have a code name Lee." Amanda asked

"Well, I suppose it's because of the unusual way you became an agent Amanda. You really do need a code name, you've been a full agent for what over a year now. I'll talk to Billy about it tomorrow." Lee said

"So fella's do you have any idea's Lee can take to Mr Melrose tomorrow?" Amanda asked as she smiled at her sons

"Ok Lee's name is Scarecrow, how `bout Dorothy." Jamie asked

Amanda looked at Lee as his face paled a bit and said "There has already been a Dorothy, Sweetheart. Let's not use names from The Wizard of Oz"

"What about Huntress? After all, you people do hunt down criminals." Dotty chimed in

"Didn't Grandma call you Panda when you were little Mom?" Phillip asked

"Rose would be a good one I think, After all you do seem to have blossomed since you met Lee." Dotty said

Lee smiled as Amanda blushed a bit at that one

"OK enough of this fella's. Come on upstairs to finish your homework" Amanda said

Dotty said "I think I'm going to go on up and finish that book and then go to bed."

"So do you have any good idea's for my code name?" Amanda asked as she snuggled up against Lee

"I have one or two ideas but you'll just have to wait and see, Agents don't get to pick their own code names but I'll do my best to see that you get one you can live with." Lee said as he smiled at his wife

"Ah come on just a hint or two" Amanda teased

"Well......Nope you'll just have to wait and see" Lee answered "Come on let's go up to bed. The sooner morning gets here the sooner I can talk to Billy"


"Amanda, I promise, I'll talk to Billy right after the staff meeting." Lee said as they entered the Agency hand in hand

They took their badges from Mrs Marsten and headed up the stairs to the Q Bureau.

A little while later Amanda looked at her watch "Gosh we're going to be late for the meeting if we don't hurry Lee."

Amanda said "come on Lee just a little hint" As they took the elevator down into the Agency

"Amanda no, You'll just have to wait. I don't want to say anything till it's settled. Now would you please just be patient" Lee said

Lee and Amanda walked into the conference room just as the meeting just as it was starting.

"Lee I want to talk to you in my office for a minute. " Billy said as everyone got up to leave

Lee indicated to Amanda that he would meet up with her in their office after he was through with Billy.

"Lee I was reading one of your reports earlier and noticed that Amanda still doesn't have a code name. I want you to come up with some suggestions before tomorrow morning. Preferably before Dr. Smyth figures it out and chews on us both." Billy said

"I've already got a few idea's Billy, but the one I like best is Nightingale." Lee said

"Ok why Nightingale, Lee?" Billy asked

"You know Amanda. She's always helping some one out." Lee replied

"You know I like it. And it fits Amanda." Billy replied "Well it looks like your partner finally has a code name."

As Lee entered the Q Bureau, Amanda looked up and said "Well, do I have a code name?"

"Yes you do." Lee replied

"Well, what is it?" Amanda asked all but bouncing in her seat. Lee chuckles.

"Come on Lee, you've kept me in suspense since last night, tell me." Amanda said

"OK, it's Nightingale" Lee replied

"You know I think I like it but why did you pick it?" Amanda questioned

"You're always helping someone, baking, volunteering, or just trying to make them feel better. It just seemed to fit." Lee said

"Scarecrow and Nightingale, doesn't sound bad" Amanda smiled as she thought about how far she had come since Lee had handed her that package at the train station, and how good her life is now but, then she thought the best is still yet to come......!