Ship of Spies (What if)

By: Tina

Summary:This is just what if Lee never told Amanda that they were never married?
Time Frame: Right after they were married on the show and at the end of the show.
Disclaimer:This is a version of Shoot the Moon production, everything that I put on it is just a * what if* and is not indirectly in conflict with the original version of the series. The characters are the same but my thoughts are not...
Author's Notes:Just trying this out for your reaction. So don't get to offended if it isn't as good as you thought it might be.

Part 1

As Lee looked at Amanda when the minister said "you may kiss the bride", he thought to himself, what am I doing, why does thinking of kissing Amanda make me feel so nervous, she is just another woman and this is just another case. Just then he heard Amanda clear her throat and he came back from his thoughts, they both smiled at each other as they readied themselves for the kiss. It was intense for the both of them. And as they stopped they both wanted to keep going but didn't. Amanda wipes off the lipsticks she put on his mouth as they both start to walk back down the isle.

Amanda in the meantime is thinking to herself, gosh if this is going to happen please let it happen quick, being this close to Lee's lips is hard enough, I just don't know what to do if I go any further than this. She thinks just before Lee kissed her on the lips with such, Passion, she thought to herself. As they ended the kiss she looks at him and thinks, WOW, the talk around the cooler wasn't a lie, Lee is a great kisser. Just then Amanda came out of the initial shock of being kiss by the Legendary Scarecrow, and wiped off the lipstick she had put on his lips and they walked down the isle.

As they are both walking toward the table with all the champagne glasses on it, Lee coneplated telling Amanda that the whole wedding was a sham, as he handed her a glass filled with champagne she said, "fake, wish they were real", looking at her boquet of flowers she was holding. Lee looks at her and says, "atleast your 18 karot gold wedding ring is real." Then Amanda gets and idea about the case and tells him, about it.. They discuss it and take off, back to the ship. Lee never telling her that the wedding was not real.

Part 2
As Amanda is at her home after the case is over with sitting there remembering that her and Lee had a very interesting assignment and the things that had happened on it, she then reached in her pocket and took out her wedding rings, the ones Lee had given her on the case, and thought out loud, "I can't believe this I am married, again, and to of all people, Lee Stetson." She thought back of the kiss, feeling his lips on hers, her body began to tremble with excitement..Her dreams had been answered. All the times she dreamed of kissing him, holding him, was coming true. Then just as quick as the thoughts came they left. "If he felt the same way then why isn't he here, where is he. Was he just thinking this was just another case and that kiss didn't mean anything to him." Amanda's mind realed from what she was thinking.

Meanwhile back at Lee's apartment, he is having the same conversation with himself. "Can it be, does she mean that much to me, not to tell her we aren't really married. Why didn't I tell her. But then why didn't she ask." Lee's mind going in 10 different directions, not sure of what was going on. As he closed his eyes, he could see him kissing Amanda and feeling like he didn't was to stop. Wanting more, wanting her. Lee jumped off the couch as that thought scared him half to death. " My god I can't be, I mean she is just a housewife from Arlington, VA, with two kids and a Mother who lives with her. Now stop thinking like that Lee." Lee scolds himself as he paces his living room. He then finds himself walking to the phone and begins dialing Amanda's number. As he reaches the last number he hangs up quickly and shakes his head, "What the hell are you doing, Steston, she is only a bussiness associate of yours nothing else." He then goes into his bedroom and begins to get ready for bed, as he is thinking of what it would be like to have her there next to him tonight, making love to her waking up in her arms in the morning. He scolds himself again, "stop it Lee, now tomorrow you will tell her the truth, that they are not really married."

Part 3
The next morning Amanda is rushing around to get her to small boys off to school and her mother to her hair appointment. She knew Billy had given her and Lee the next couple of days off and she had things she wanted to get done. As Dotty and the boys left the house she began to clean her livingroom while she tried to get Lee off her mind. Thinking to herself, "why is it so hard to not think of him, after all he would never get romantically involved with her, he as much told her himself on a number of occasions." "Then why, why is it so hard to forget him." As Amanda had walked over and picked up the sweater she wore lastnight, the one she stuck the rings in lastnight, they came tumbling to the floor, and she just looked at them, bent over to pick them up she heard someone say, "very interesting postion there, Mrs. King."

Amanda turned and had a smile on her face as she greeted him with a smile. "Lee hi, what are you doing here?"

"Well I thought maybe we could talk about what happened on that last case." Lee said very softly.

She was so nervous as she pointed to the sofa for him to sit. She wasn't sure what was on his mind but she needed to know about the marriage. Of whether or not to get an anulment.

Lee sat on the sofa just as nervous as she was not sure how to tell her and how to explain to her why he didn't tell her that the wedding was a fake. But he knew he had to, he did respect Amanda that much. But as he looked into her eyes there was that feeling coming on to him with such force that he was not sure how to control it.

Amanda was having the same feelings, as she saw him look deep into her eyes, they just say there for what seemed forever staring at each other. Then just as things would look like nothing was going to happen Lee reached up and touched Amanda face with the tips of his fingers and traced her jaw line with them.

Amanda shuttered with his touch, sending chills up and down her spine. Her mind racing as she thought, "gosh is he going to kiss me, oh please god, let me not blow this."

When Lee's fingers carressed her face he felt his whole body tremble. "God why does this woman affect me so. I have had lots of women, so why does, Amanda King make me feel like this." He thought as he leaned in closer to her.

As Lee's lips connected with Amanda's they both felt like to teenagers. They kissed each other quickly then pushed away, especially Lee, it was like he didn't like it or something, "Amanda thought." Amanda looked at him and said, "Lee is something wrong, did I kiss you wrong or..." her words trailed as she realized she may have said something real stupid.

He gets up off the sofa and rubs the back of his neck thinking, "god." He then turns and looks at Amanda and says, " Oh no Amanda it wasn't your kiss, believe me it wasn 't that." He smiled with such a devious smile.

"Then what is it?" She asked, even more curious than before.

Lee looked at her and then turned away, afraid of what her expression will be, " Amanda I wanted to kiss you, Oh honey believe when I say I wanted to kiss you." He pauses a moment, then continues. "Amanda there is something I need to tell you before we try and sort out what is going on between us."

Amanda stands up and walks toward Lee and says, "Lee what's wrong you look like there is something bothering you."

Lee raises his hand to make her not come closer. "Amanda I didn't tell you the whole truth about the case." He states as he does not look at her. "Umm, Ahh.. Amanda we are not legally married." He quickly blurts it out.

Amanda in shocks shouts, "what, what are you talking about Lee, we said our I do's you.. we kissed."

Lee stops her right there and says, "Amanda I used a fake name, address everything." he sighs as he finally told her.

She stands there shocked not sure what to think, then she comes back and said, "Why Lee why didn't you tell me before? Why did you wait till now to tell me?" She then looks at him and remembers what about happened on the sofa. "Oh I see you thought if we were married you could get me into bed, huh? Well it didn't work did it. Why did I think you would ever change? Why did I ever fall In......" Her words trail off as she stopped herself from saying anything else.

Lee turned around stunned by her acussations and said, "wha.. what are you talking about Amanda, I stopped myself before we went any futher that that little peck. I knew I had to tell you before things..." Then the realization of what she had said at the end of her conversations sank in and Lee asked, "what were you going to say?" He asked questionally.

Amanda had realized that she was about to tell Lee she was in love with him. She just looked at him, then started to cry. The tears came so fast that Lee reacted and put his muscular arms around her to comfort her. He carressed her shoulder and said, "Amanda I am sorry, I just wanted to find out how..." He couldn't go on, he himself didn't know how he felt about her, so how could she understand.

" Lee I don't understand, you had plenty of time to tell me, why didn't you?" Amanda said through her sobs.

He wasn't sure if he should say anymore without hurting her. He wasn't sure if he was In Love with her or what but he knew he had some strong feeling for her. "Amanda come and sit on the couch with me." He led her to the couch as they sat down, lit lifted her chin so he could look into those big beautiful brown eyes of hers, and said, "Amanda King, every since you came into my life I have had to deal with alot of emotions I didn't know I had. I know I have never treated you like and equal or even my partner. And I know I do complain about working with you alot. But..." his words trailed again trying to say what was on his mind. He then continued, "But I have grown fond of you, at times I find myself thinking of you alot, even when you aren't around me. Espcially after this last assignment."

Amanda was just looking into his eyes trying to figure out what this handsome man was trying to say to her.

Lee continued as she listened. "When I kissed you on that case I felt something, something deep, something I had never felt before. I can't say it is LOVE, cause I am not sure what it is, as you know Amanda I was in love only 2 times before, Ava and Dorthy, and nothing ever happened with them, so I really don't know how it feels. But I do know with you that I have strong feelings for you. So much that I just wanted to know how much you meant to me. That is why I didn't tell you about the fake marriage." As he finished Amanda stood up and considered what she was going to say.

"Lee on the Island when you kissed me I had never felt that way with anyone, not even my ex-husband. My mind was racing in all directions, thinking to myself god what am I going to do with these feelings I am having for this man." she said as she walked towards the window.

Lee began to speak and she stopped him by saying it was her turn.

As she thought about what she was going to say she turned and looked him square in the eyes and said, "Lee I love you, I think you have known that since we first met, why do you think I have stuck around the Agency this long for, cause I like getting shot at, I don't think so Scarecrow, it is because of you." She hesitated and then continued, "do you remember us having that arguement right here in my living room and I came out and said that I didn't ask to be at the agency that you go me into it in the first place, and you come back and said "I'm not holding you there am I".

Lee just shook his head as he listened to her.

Amanda just kept going and said, "Well I wanted to tell you then Lee that you were what was holding me there. You were the only thing that was holding me there. God Lee I can't believe I am going to say this agian but I LOVE YOU, and have been for soo long. And I can't understand how you could do this to me. You played on my feelings, you always did." she stopped and turned around crying.

Lee got up off the sofa and went to her and put his arms around her, she tried to shrug them off but he wouldn't let her. He wrapped them tightly around her and said, "Amanda I am so sorry, you are right I had in the past played on your feelings, knowing how you felt about me, but this time was different Amanda," as he said this she turned and looked at him and said, "how, how is this different."

Lee looked at her and said, "Amanda I know you want me to say that I love you, but I can't, not now atleast, I am not saying that I don't love you, cause I don't know what I feel, all I do know is when I am around you I feel alive. When I touch you my body reacts. When I kissed you the other day, Amanda my whole body reacted and scared the Hell out of me." He looked at her and continued. "Amanda I don't know maybe that is love. But I do know one thing." "What?" Amanda asked.

"I do know that I want to get to know you better, Maybe if you want to we can go out, and before you say anything , Yes on a date, with the works. We can take whatever is happening between us slow, for the both of our sakes." Lee finished as he waited for her reply.

Amanda stood there for awhile conteplating on what he had just said. It wasn't what she was hoping for. She was hoping he would say I love you , but atleast he did admit that he had some feeling for her. But what if she was just another of those women liked to tell about, she didn't know if she could be like that. Just as she was ready to say something he jumped in and said, "and before you ask, Amanda you are not like any of those other woman I date, your are special, that is why I want us to take it slow, no rushing into anything, " and at that he winked at her and she knew what he was saying.

She then said, "Okay let's do it Stetson. Our first offical date." She smiles as he looks into her eyes.

"Amanda", Lee says.

"Yes." she answers

Nothing else is said he leaned down and took her lips into his and kissed her with such passion they didn't hear the phone ring. It rang several times before they ended there kiss, and by the time Amanda got to the phone they were gone. "Well if it was important they will cal back." Lee said.

As they started to kiss again Lee pulled away and said I better go." Have to go home and rest up for tomorrows big date." He smiles, grabs his coat and walks out.

Amanda shuts the door to the kitchen and puts her fingers to her mouth and says, "well we are getting closer and maybe he will tell me he loves me." She smiles as she walks to the sofa.

The end.