Moving Day

By: Jenny

Summary:Lee is moving into the Arlington home to live with his family. A mysterious package appears in midst of the packing and moving. What is inside really packs a wallop! But as we learn, you can't always believe everything you see!
Rating: PG 13
Time Frame: Shortly after season ending
Disclaimer:The characters are not mine. They belong to Shoot the Moon and Warner Brothers. I am just really obsessed. I am not making any money with this.


Part 1
Setting: Lee's apartment, bedroom, lights out.

"Amanda, where are my toothbrush and razor? I swear I put them in this box on the bathroom counter. Did you move them?" Lee haphazardly threw the contents of the box in question on the floor in search of the elusive toiletries.

Amanda sits up in the bed. She squints in the face of the fluorescent bathroom light bulb. With a sigh she gets out of the bed and crosses to Lee and says, "I put them in your overnight case when I thought we were going to the house tonight. I had no idea you had so much stuff packed away in this apartment. I wasn't expecting to be here this long tonight! Anyway why are you looking for them now?"

Lee grins sheepishly. "I just wanted to get a head start on morning. I can't believe I am finally going to be part of a normal family. I'm a little eager I guess."

Amanda takes his hand and pulls him to the bed. "Come here Mr. 'normal' Stetson. Let me give you a preview of the rest of your life." She pushes him down to lie on his pillow. She turns off the bathroom light and joins him. Just as her roving hands reached the last button of his pajama bottoms, the phone rang.

Lee releases the breath he had been holding and wryly stated, "Well, so much for normal."

Amanda chuckles and responds, "No I think this may be very normal for us."

She answers the phone and Lee settles back to watch her talk while he proceedes to run his hand lightly down her long bare leg. She moves to sit closer to him and continues the conversation. "Mother we will be home first thing in the morning. I know just where Jaime put his science report and I'll be there in plenty of time to get them off the school. Go ahead and tell Kurt to get you at seven instead of eight. I am sure. Mother, really go ahead and go with him for the early bird special." She listens for just a minute and then hands the phone to Lee.

He takes it and says hello. "Hello. Lee, we just wanted to say goodnight to you and Mom. And that we're glad you are moving in. It's gonna be real cool." Phillip's voice sounded as excited as his words. Jaime chimed in and added, "Night Lee I'll see you tomorrow." Lee Stetson, the infamous Scarecrow, was visibly affected by the late night phone call. "Now, that kind of interruption I can get used to." His wife raised her eyebrows in question as she ran her fingernails down his bare chest. "Well, maybe not that used to it."

Part 2
Setting: Arlington. Exterior. Lee and Amanda are pulling boxes out of the back of Amanda's Wagonner. The back door slams and Phillip and Jaime run out.

"Mom, Lee, you're home!" Lee can't help but smile at how right those words sound to him. Amanda answers, "yep! And you guys can help unload these boxes. Take them upstairs to my… our bedroom." Grumbling good naturedly both boys grab boxes and follow their parents into the house. Nobody notices the mailman walking up the driveway and covertly putting a large manilla envelope into the partially open box on top of the stack in the driveway.

Several hours later, a now slightly disgruntled Amanda is going through boxes in the bedroom. "Lee, did you just throw this stuff in these boxes? This is the biggest mess I have seen in a long time. What is all this stuff?" Lee poked his head out of the closet where he was hanging up clothes in the newly emptied space. "It's just stuff, Amanda. You know, stuff." Sarcastically she replies, "Oh stuff! Now I understand."

Exhausted she flops onto the bed for a break. The box on the edge of the bed fell over and a large manilla envelope fell onto the floor and spills open. On his way over to join her Lee picks it up and looks at the contents. His eyes were wide as he looked at Amanda. "Uh, Amanda, I don't think this is mine. And I really hope it isn't yours but I don't know who it should belong to."

He hands it over to her. "Ohh my gosh. What? Who? Where?…"

Part 3
For several minutes, Amanda can only stare at the contents of the packet and sputter. Finally she says in a whisper, "Lee, this just can't be. I would never pose for this. I don't understand where these came from….Lee you do believe me don't you? Lee please say you believe me."

"Of course I believe you. I love you and you would never do something like this anyway. I would never in a million years believe this was you."

As Lee laughs to back up his statement, Amanda narrows her eyes and says, "Why? Don't you think I could do it? Do you think no one would want this kind of pictures of me. I am not the same little homebody housewife you meet five years ago!"

"Whoa, Amanda! I know that. Are you saying that these are of you?"

"Of course not! It's just…" Lee interrupted and said, "Besides, I happen to know these pictures are not real." He wraps his arms around her and nuzzles her ear and whispers, "I know your body very well thank you very much and that isn't you. Not nearly beautiful enough."

"Oh Lee, thank you. But what are we going to do about this? I really don't have any idea where these came from."

Dotty rushes through the door with an armload of laundry and asks, "Where what came from?"

"Nothing!" Lee and Amanda practically shout together. "Well OK. No need to yell about it. Jeez, you two are quite a pair aren't you? All your secret film projects and such. You'd think it was national security you work on everyday the way you two carry on sometimes." With a huff, she puts the laundry down on the bed and stomps out he door.

Lee and Amanda exchange looks and breath a sigh of relief as she leaves. "Look Amanda, I think I may know what this all about. Francine was really upset with us about keeping secrets from her. We used this gag one time on a case and I bet this is her idea of a practical joke to get even with us."

Amanda thinks momentarily and then agrees. "You're right. But I never thought even Francine would stoop this low. What if one of the boys found these or Mother? How would we ever explain this?"

"Yeah, I know. But Francine doesn't think about things like that when she's angry. And she is very angry with us." Lee shakes his head as he takes one last look and then drops the pictures into the trash and lights them with a match. When only ashes are lest he douses the flame with water and disposes of the mess.

Amanda says under her breath, "Well, I think it is time for me and Francine to have a little heart to heart talk."

Together she and Lee finish unpacking then go get the boys from school. They promised them pizza for supper and a movie before they went back to work the next day.

Part 4
Setting: Next day, IFF, morning staff meeting

"All right folks, that's a wrap. Anybody got anything to add?" Billy Melrose was standing behind the podium in the meeting room.

"Lee, do you or Amanda have something to tell us?"

A buzz of speculation went through the collected agents. Francine shot them both venom filled looks and sniffed when Lee stood up and addressed the group.

Lee cleared his throat and spoke with a silly grin on his face, "Well, I am sure you have all heard certain rumors floating around the water cooler. I want to stop them right now. Just so you don't have to wonder any more, yes I did get married and I did marry Amanda and we are very happy. It is not a cover or a convenience. I love her very much .." Amanda interrupted, "and I love him very much and we're gonna live happily ever after." She shot an equally venomous look at Francine. She then stood next to her husband and accepted congratulations and good wishes from the rest as they filed out of the room. She intercepted Francine as she tried to leave. "Francine, could I see you for just a minute?" She and Francine moved to the corner of the room away from Lee and Billy as they discussed the new assignments. "Look, Amanda, I know I have given you two a hard time lately, but my feelings were hurt. I thought we were friends, sort of. Why didn't you trust me ?"

"Francine you want to talk about hurt feelings? How do you think I felt when I saw those pictures you sent over? That was just plain cruel. What if Lee believed those were real? Not to mention if my family had found them. There are two very impressionable teenage boys…"

The tall blond looked at Amanda in confusion. "What are you talking aboiut? What pictures, I didn't do anything."

"You didn't send those..{her voice dropped to a whisper} nude pictures over and put them with Lee's things?" Amanda's eyes darted around the room to ensure they were still alone. "Of course I didnn't! How could you think that I would? Just because I'm mad doesn't mean I would …Nude pictures of who?"

Amanda reluctantly answered, "Of me. Well not me. I never posed for them. I could never pose for something like that. They must have been doctored. They had my head but someone else's body. Very naked body. Very tacky actually."

"Well, well Miss housewife it seems you have really come up in the world or maybe down would be better." The familiar smirk was back on Francine Desmond's face. "Francine for the last time, those were not real pictures. And please don't mention them to anyone else. It's embarrassing." Amanda all but hissed.

"Well I `ll do my best but I hope you can trust me. Don't tell me anything big, you know like a wedding or anything." She sailed out the door with one last glance over her shoulder to Amanda.

Lee crossed the room to his wife and asked, "Well, did she confess? She really loves to gloat over a job well done." He discreetly rubbed her arm gently. "Lee, she didn't so it. She was very surprised we even thought she would."

Lee's face showed disbelief. "Are you sure she isn't just milking this for all it's worth? It's just like something she would do."

"I'm sure. I've gotten pretty good at reading her lately. She didn't do it. And now were back to square one. Who sent those pictures?"

Part 5
Setting: evening at the Arlington home, chaos, slightly controlled, but still chaos.

Amanda stands at the foot of the stairs. "Phillip, Jaime, stop fighting and hurry up. Your dad will be here soon!" Footsteps thunder overhead. Sudden silence, then "Stop Phillip. That's mine. Stay out! " To which is replied, "Poor baby! Gottta take a picture of Mommy to your sleepover." The fight progresses down the steps. Jaime appears in the family room with an old snapshot in his hands. "I am not taking it with me. I am returning it for Carrie. She sent it back last weekend and I just now found it."

Both boys stop abruptly at the sight of their mother waiting at the foot of the steps. "What on earth are you fussing about? Why would Carrie want that old picture?" Amanda waits for an answer. Both boys look funny and say together, "Oh nothing Mom. Did I say Carrie? I meant ughhh…" A sudden crash from the hall interrupts the interrogation and both use the chance to escape outside.

"Way to go, dummy you almost ruined the surprise." Jaime pounced on Phillip as soon as they were out of sight. Phillip rolls his eyes and complains, "You were the one shooting off your big mouth in front of Mom." "But if you would just stay out of my stuff I wouldn't of had to yell at you." Jaime states this last very slowly as if explaining to an idiot. His older brother is about to retaliate with a punch when Lee intervenes from the backdoor. "Hold it right there buster! We DO NOT hit in this house, right?" Phillip sighs and says, "Yeah right. Jeez Lee you used to be soo cool." His stepfather returns the sneer and points inside the house. "Very funny. Come on, your dad and Carrie are here for you" Both boys file past him and Jaime pauses to whisper, "Your still cool to me Lee." Phillip snorts and mumbles, "Suck up." They scuffle their way to the waiting car and drive away waving to Amanda and Lee until they are out of sight.

"Well Stetson, we have some time free tonight! What do you want to do with it?" Amanda leans against Scarecrow's shoulder. "Oh I don't know. How about posing for some pictures?" He quickly and wisely ducks out of her reach as she responds with a droll laugh and a "Very funny spy man very funny!"

Two hours later the pair rest against the couch while sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace. Lee gently rubs her arm and shoulder while they stare into the flames. She is feeling familiar stirrings brought on by his nearness and restless hands. She is about to suggest retiring to the bedroom for some "undercover exercises" when Lee asks an unusual question. "Amanda do you ever feel like a…hypocrite maybe with the boys?" It takes a moment for Amanda to process the thought. "What do you mean?"

"Well I broke up a fight this afternoon and I said we don't hit in this family, but Amanda we hit people sometimes everyday in our line of work."

"Well, Lee that's not really the same thing you know." I guess so, Manda. I just feel so strange in this parent role. I have played a lot of roles but this may be the scariest yet."

Amanda faces him and softly says, "Lee you're a great stepfather. They are crazy about you. Just relax, it'll come to you."

Lee sighs. "I hope so. You know they were fighting about some surprise when I intervened this afternoon. What was that all about?"

Thoughtful, his wife shakes her head. "You know they were arguing about an old picture of me this afternoon, too. I could of sworn I heard Jaime say Carrie had borrowed it. What could she want…Lee you don't think Carrie could have..? No never mind. Of course Carrie wouldn't."

By now Lee is distracted by feel of her soft skin and the faint smell of perfume he loves and conversation is lost as they love each other in the glow of the dying embers.

Part 6
Setting: Joe and Carrie's apartment, next morning. Amanda has arrived to pick up Phillip and Jaime. She and Carrie are having coffee as they wait on the boys to get ready.

"Carrie, I just want to say how much I appreciate the way you relate to the boys. They're both very comfortable with you and I know they enjoy their visits." Amanda Stetson wraps her hands around her coffee mug and sips the brew. She is obviously sincere in her comments and Carrie appears quite discomfited by the praise. She stutters a response.

"Uh gee thanks Amanda. I try hard but heaven knows I could never compare to you." The latter half of the statement is tinged with sarcasm. Amanda senses the change in attitude and raises an eyebrow in question. "Carrie have I done something to offend you?"" The young blond seems to be gathering her courage to speak and when she does Amanda is rather surprised by what she hears.

"Of course not. You only work a full time job, run your house like a drill sargeant, go to PTA meetings, cook delicious meals, all I hear is how wonderful you are. I just can't seem to compare with you. Not only that but I have too listen to what a good wife you were and how Joe was wrong to ever leave you. But no I'm not offended. Quite frankly I'm just pissed off!" The outburst was punctuated by arm waving, cup slamming, and lots of sneers and hard looks. Carrie abruptly drops into her chair and bursts into tears.

In a typical Amanda reaction, she stands up and wraps the younger woman in her arms. "O sweetheart, I had no idea the boys were saying these things. I'm so sorry!" Joe's new wife sniffles out, "No Amanda, it's not the boys. It's Joe!" She cries harder now. Amanda spends several minutes calming Carrie and finally says, "Do you want me to talk to Joe about it for you?"

"Oh god no!.. how bad would that be? I just don't know what I have to do to measure up in his eyes."

"Carrie now you listen here. You don't compare yourself or your marriage with Joe's and mine. First of all, that is the past. I know Joe loves you. But he is awful set in his ways. He doesn't realize that the modern young women can't act like I did 14 years ago. I think you should have a long talk tonight and get this out in the open. From experience past and not so past I know that you can't keep these things inside. You two have to communicate." She gave one last hug and stood to leave. Carrie stops her with a sobbed "Oh no!" she looks Amanda in the eye and says, "I feel so bad. You have been so sweet and I may have done something really terrible to you."

Puzzled Amanda questions, "What do you mean Carrie?"

With a huge sigh, the blond explains. "Did I ever tell you that I work with your old boyfriend Dean?" Amanda shakes her head negatively. "well I do. I didn't know it at first. He's been real nice to me at the weather bureau and I talk to him sometimes. Well I was complaining one day about how Joe said my roast beef was not as good as yours, and he asked who Joe's ex was. I gave him your name and he got real weird. Ho looked kind of mad and then sad and the next thing I know he was telling me that you were engaged once but that you broke it off for some hot-shot movie producer. I never knew that you had been engaged before Lee and I feel for his sob story. He asked me to get him a picture of you so I did and…" Amanda interrupted at that point and wanted to know, "How did you get a picture of me?"

If possible Carrie looked even more ashamed and whispered, "That's the worst part. I used Jaime's willingness to make me and you happy and told him to sneak me a snapshot for a surprise welcome gift for Lee. He thinks I had it framed or something for the boys to give to their stepdad." She was obviously contrite but Amanda was beginning to get real suspicious and pressed for more answers. "Carrie what did Dean do with the picture?"

"I thought he just made a copy for himself. But a few days ago I heard him saying how he was trying to get even with an old girl friend for dumping him. I think he may have done something real bad with it, Amanda. He and the guys in production are real close and I have seen some of the gag pictures they can mock up." Amanda suddenly stands and says, "Carrie I need to run an errand. Can the boys stay a while longer?"

"Of course they can. I am really sorry. Do you want me to try and find out what he did?"

Amanda shakes her head. "No I'm sure he was just bragging. He never was brave enough to do something very bad. I'll be back in a few hours. Tell the boys to be sure and do their homework ." She rushes out the door and pauses to wait on the elevator. She dreads telling Lee her suspisions. "I sure hope I can control him. Dean may never be the same again." The doors open and she disappears.

Setting IFF, Q Bureau.

Lee slams his fist onto the desk. "Do you mean to tell me that that wimpy, idiot who didn't even fight for you made those pictures. I'll kill him." He heads to the door. Amanda intercepts him. "Now Lee, I think you need to calm down first. We don't have any proof. Just speculation and Carrie's suspicions." While she speaks she is leading her hot tempered husband to the couch and forcing him to sit. She sits on his lap partly to be close and partly in an effort to hold him down. "Let's talk about this calmly."

"Amanda how can you be calm? He may be doing anything with those pictures right now! I say we go over there and beat the negatives out of him."

"Lee, he is NOT a Russian spy or A German agent. He's a weather man. He could have you arrested for that." She is now leaning on his shoulders to keep him on the couch. Any further discussion is curtailed by the door opening and Francine rushing in. she immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion and smirks before saying, "Save it for the bedroom you two. You better get down the Georgetown foyer right now!"

"Why?" Lee and Amanda ask together. "Well it seems that Amanda's old beau is planning a little show and tell session as a wedding present to the happy couple. You better hurry because Smythe is in the building and you know how he is.'

With a near roar of outrage, Lee stand quickly sets Amanda on her feet and rushes to the afore mentioned "stage". He comes down the steps and sees Dean clutching a handful of pictures and pacing the room while curious people look on. Mrs. Marston is frantically trying to convince the disgruntled ex suitor that Amanda and Lee are not there when he catches sight of the pair now together at the foot of the stairs

"Well, well, well. Look who came to join the party!" his voice had an odd tone that Amanda has never heard before. "I have a present for you Amanda or maybe it is for Lee or maybe it is for everyone. Let's just pass it around and see what happens." He starts to hand the sheaf of photos to the nearest Agent onlooker. With a snarl Lee crosses the floor and grabs the weatherman by the collar. He slams him against the wall and speaks in a low lethal voice. "You son of a… how dare you even think of her like this. She was too good for you then and she still is. I'll have you buried in the deepest hole in the African mining pits!" Each word is emphasized with a vicious shake of Dean's body. The disturbed weatherman makes a sudden lunge toward Amanda who had approached to pull Lee off the weaker man. It's just the excuse Scarecrow needed. He pulls back and treats Dean to a hard punch in the face. Blood blooms from hus nose and Lee tells him, "No way buddy She's mine. She always was and she always will be."

Security decided to respond the Mrs. Marston's previous pages and takes the now defeated man into custody. Lee turns to Amanda holding out the offending pictures. Together they head up the stairs while telling the other agents that the show was over. Behind the locked door of their office they destroy the prints and negatives in the envelope. Sitting on the couch close, Amanda wonders out loud how she ever could have considered letting that man into her life or near her boys. Lee looks deep in her eyes and responds with heartfelt emotion. "A man would do most anything for the love of a woman like you Amanda. I thank god everyday that I won and he lost three years ago. Even though I was to stupid to know what I had right in front of my eyes for so long, I love you Amanda Stetson."

Amanda pulled him down to her and kissed him gently at first and then with more heat. Their tongues meet and flirt. She feels his hands slide under her blouse to carress her side and trace the lace cup of her camisole. She breaks the kiss and suggests leaving for home. Lee grins and says "And just what do you have in mind for me, Mrs. Stetson?

Amanda gives one last kiss and caresses his handsome face then stands and crosses to the door. She winks and tosses over her shoulder, "Why, unpacking boxes Mr. Stetson! You just never know what you might find!" She ducks out the door just as Lee lobes a small throw cushion her way and groans, "Amanda!"

The End