A Long Ride Home

Author:  Jenny

Disclaimer:  The characters belong to Shoot the Moon and Warner Brothers.  The story is mine.  There is no infringement intended.

Rating:  PG-13

Timeline:  Post season four.

Synopsis:  While staking out a potential terrorist hideout, Lee and Amanda become bored with their assignment.  Does boredom reign?  Not for long!

Lee Stetson stood in the shade of a tall tree watching the nearby ranch estate of local newspaper editor and possible terrorist backer, Clark Newsby.  He and Amanda had been there for hours.  They were assigned to watch the comings and goings of the inhabitants and visitors of the plush ‘ranch’ but so far only one coming had been noted.

The little red sports car had parked in the circle drive, after screeching to a halt.  It’s lone rider and driver had gotten out, ran up the steps and into the arms of an unknown man.  The pair had entered the estate house, shut the door behind them and hadn’t been seen again.

No one else entered the gates and no one else left the gates.  Scarecrow was going out of his mind with boredom and tension of varied sorts.  Frustrated, he thrust the binoculars at his wife and partner and stalked to the car to call Billy for the 5pm check in.  As he spoke to the section chief, his wife lifted the glasses to her own eyes and surveyed the gates once more.  There was still no further activity and the clouds, which had threatened rain all day, were now banking up and forming an unpleasant black wall in the west.

Even Amanda, who was known for having the patience to deal with the most tedious of tasks, was thoroughly ready to call it a day.  Not only was she bored and tired, but she was convinced that she and Lee deserved some free time together, without work or family distractions.  The underlying activities of today’s efforts proved that.

She lowered the binoculars and turned her attention back to Lee.  He grinned at her from his position near the corvette.  He gave her a thumbs-up sign and she sighed a huge sigh of relief.  Billy was calling them back in, finally.

Together she and Lee packed up their cameras and listening equipment, most of which had gone unused.  Glancing often at the darkening sky, they worked without speaking, seeming to sense the others next move.

Today had not been a total waste.  At least they had the chance to talk without interruption for the first time in days.  They caught up on lots of things, like Jamie’s latest science project and Phillip’s batting average this last ball season.  As well as discussing the boys and their escapades they talked about the possibility of revealing their marriage to the world.

It was a frequent topic of conversation lately.  They shared a longing to live together openly as man and wife.  It was seemingly overpowering at times.  It was almost a physical pain they each felt when they parted at night, either at Amanda’s back door or in the parking lot of Lee’s apartment building.

However, the need to insure that the family was safe and protected from the seamier aspects of their jobs was an even more worthy issue.  All discussions so far had ended with an agreement that the marriage would remain hidden.  Today’s talk had been no different.  As always, it left both parties frustrated and even more likely to grab whatever time they could and hold on for as long as possible.

Indeed Lee had tried to do just that.  Amanda smiled as she thought back to the early part of the afternoon when it had become apparent that no one was going anywhere near that estate, except for the woman in the red car, who was obviously there for the night.

Lee had commented that the man in question was enjoying himself and why shouldn’t they?  He had grabbed her around the waist and pulled her against his lean form.  Too startled to object, Amanda had melted against him as he kissed her softly.  He maneuvered her body until he leaned against the car and she leaned against him.  His hands had roamed her back and probably would have gone farther except for the shrill ringing of the car phone.

By the time he was through talking to Francine, Amanda had resumed control of the situation and had firmly refused to allow any further disruptions in their assignment.

So, instead of touching her, he had settled for long smoldering looks and breathing down her neck every chance he got.  He knew several ways to arouse her without even laying a hand on her and he had been using them all today.

Now with the car packed and their assignment over, Amanda decided to give her naughty husband a taste of his own medicine.  She leaned in the window of the driver’s seat where he was already seated.  The third and fourth buttons of her blouse now lay open exposing her creamy skin to his eyes.  His face registered the impact of the sight.  His eyes dilated slightly and he smiled seductively.  Amanda laid one lingering kiss on his mouth and whispered close to his ear, “I’m really ready for a nice long bath and a cool glass of wine.  Do you know where I might find one or both?”

The rush of her breath over his skin caused him to shiver slightly.  Gruffly he answered, “You know, I know just the guy to help you out.  He lives real close to me.  In fact he is me.”

He stretched his neck for another taste of her lips but she pulled away and said, “Well then, let’s go big fella.”  She grinned at him and walked slowly around the front of the car.  She looked back at him briefly, winked saucily and blew him a kiss.  When she got in the door, that he held open for her from inside, Lee peeked again at her neckline.  The buttons were firmly closed.  He thought, “When did she do that?”  He didn’t comment, he   just turned his attention to the task at hand and started the car.

He reversed the car and started on the road home.  He looked down when he felt her hand slide boldly up his thigh.  It came to rest just above the inseam of his jeans on his upper leg.  He turned to face her.  She was looking studiously out the window.  He groaned low in his throat.  It was going to be a long ride home.