Marital Bliss

By: Kim

Summary:Another VSS (Very Short Story) Lee and Amanda try to adjust to married life. Taken from a scene in one of the latter eps of the 4th season. The part from the episode is not verbatum, so please forgive me!
Disclaimer:The main characters in this story belong to Shoot the Moon and Warner Brothers Productions. No enfringement intended, just picking up where they left off.


Lee and Amanda had been married for exactly two months. Both, for the most part, were blissfully happy. They were, however, two people who had been on their own for a long time.

"Amanda, have you seen my keys?" Lee asked in frustration, after searching his apartment thoroughly.

"Yeah, I put them by the door," Amanda responded.

"Oh," Lee said tensely, his jaw tightening. "I usually keep them in the desk."

Amanda pretended not to notice his irritation. It was more logical to keep the keys by the door, for obvious reasons. With a small frown, she shuffled through her cosmetics bag.

"Lee, have you seen my eye shadow?" she asked.

"Eye shadow, eye shadow. Oh, yeah. I saw it, but it looked empty, so I threw it away."

"You threw it away?" Amanda closed her eyes. Men! "Well, that's okay, but eye shadow can be very deceptive," she said, watching Lee, who was not paying attention at all. "It can look empty, but if there's even just a tiny bit in the corner, it's good for another week or so."

"Mmmm," Lee offered.

Amanda frowned again and turned to look at her husband. "We're having a little problem, aren't we?"

"I guess so," agreed Lee.

Their eyes locked. "Well, I guess we can talk about it later tonight," she suggested.

"Okay, I'll see you later," Lee said, hurrying out the door.

Amanda sighed. Honeymoon over so fast? An unusually cynical voice said inside her head.

Later than night...

Everything looked perfect. Amanda stood back and surveyed the room. All the lights in their apartment had been dimmed, and several candles burned romantically. The table was set, the wine chilled. Soft music played.

Returning to the bedroom, Amanda quickly stepped out of her clothes and into a long, flowing black gown with spaghetti straps and matching black lace robe. He won't be expecting this at six in the evening, she smiled to herself as she dabbed some perfume on her wrists and neck. Sweeping her hair up, she surveyed herself in the mirror, glad she had told her mother and the boys that she had an overnight assignment. True enough, she smiled to herself.

Returning to the kitchen, she checked on dinner. Everything was ready, even the gift-wrapped package on Lee's dinner plate.

At five after six, Amanda heard Lee's key in the door. He stepped into the apartment and smiled. He set his keys down in the customary place, then thought better of it and took them and set them in the desk as he called, "Amanda, I'm home!"

Eagerly he went to find her, taking note of the candles and dimmed lights. In one hand he held flowers, in the other, a gift-wrapped box, which he set on her dinner plate.

When he caught sight of her, he grinned. Her back was to him, and she was tearing lettuce into a bowl. She glanced over her shoulder at him and said, "Hello," with a seductive voice, and went back to shredding lettuce.

"Hello, yourself," Lee returned, then set the flowers on the counter. Wakling up behind her, he encircled her waist, holding her tightly. He kissed her neck and shoulder, and then nibbled on her ear. "You look amazing."

Amanda shivered, hastily dropped the lettuce and dried her hands. Turning around to face him, she greeted him with a kiss. "I love these kind of discussions," she teased.

"Me too," Lee agreed. "This is a pleasant surprise."

Amanda gestured towards the flowers. "So are those," she smiled.

Lee took her hand, and said, 'Come here," leading her into the dining room.

Handing her the package, he said, "I picked these up for you. I hope they're okay," he told her, somewhat nervously.

Amanda removed the gift wrap to find a small box filled with several shades of eye shadow, and laughed. "Lee, this is so sweet! Thank you!"

"The salelady thought I was insane. I'm sure she was wondering what a man was doing buying eight different eye shadows," he laughed with her. "They all look alike to me, but they have different names - Shimmering Sands, Matte something-or-other, Sands of Sahara, Taupe, they go on and on!"

Amanda laughed again. "These are great, and I'll never have to buy another eye shadow! Now you have one to unwrap, too," she smiled, handing him his gift.

"I'd rather unwrap you," Lee said seductively and moved toward her purposefully.

"This one first, Romeo!" Amanda batted at him playfully.

Lee grinned good-naturedly. "First. Okay. As long as it's not 'instead of'!"

Opening the package, Lee found an oak key hanger with brass hooks. "It's perfect!" He smiled. "Thank you, Amanda."

"I thought we could hang it right by the door, so the keys don't scratch the table," Amanda explained.

Setting down their gifts, they took each other into a warm embrace. "Now can I open my other gift?" Lee asked.

"What about dinner?" Amanda asked, a seductive smile playing about her lips.

"You don't care about dinner any more than I do," Lee said, kissing away her further weak protests. He swept her up into his arms and carried her into their bedroom.