C is for Cover

By: Guinan

**Disclaimer** Scarecrow and Mrs. King is copyrighted to Warner Brothers and Shoot the Moon Production Company.  I'm just borrowing the characters for a lil play time, I promise to return them as I found them when I'm done.

Archive: With the rest of the ABC stories please.

Thanks to Daphne for beta reading for me.

Timeline/Summary:   Probably third season, definately AU as it is an alternate "Frist Kiss" story.  Pure Fluff  This is my first attempt at SMK, constructive criticism is welcome, flames will be used to make popcorn!

Rating:  PG

Lee caught up with Amanda outside the bullpen after the Rozhenko case, falling into step with her as she headed for the elevator.


Stopping to turned to face her partner, with a wry smile on her face she knew what was coming, the cover lecture.

"Yes, Lee?"

"Um... about this case. I mean, Well what I wanted to..."

She held up her hand to stop him. "It's OK Lee. I know it was just our cover." Amanda had a twinkle in her eye, as Lee continued on.

"Well yes that's right, I mean we were supposed to be a married couple and of course in a situation like this..."

Amanda interrupted him, closing her eyes and using her best "Scarecrow" voice she recited the *speech* " A certain amount of intimacy is to be expected. Agents in the field have to learn to put aside any personal objections or feelings and play the part as best as they can with out compromising the assignment. Chapter 23, section 4B.   I know it isn't personal, it's work." Lee stood in silence as he listened to her quote the textbook chapter & verse on agents intimate contact while under cover.

Smiling she put her hand on his chest, "Really Lee, even if I wasn't studying the Agency manual I would definitely have this permanently etched into my memory you've told me it often enough." Amanda patted him, she turned to resume her walk to the elevator, Lee fell in step beside her.

"Besides, we've kissed as part of our cover more than once, and yes I know I screamed when I woke up to find you were in bed with me, but that really wasn't my fault you should have warned me you know, me waking up with a man in my bed hugging me while wearing nothing but pajama bottoms isn't something that happens everyday, well not in the last 3 years but then that isn't the point and besides it worked out anyway with the soviet liaison believed my scream was passion not fright since you were kissing me when he burst through the door, and it is really sweet of you to be concerned, I know I'm not as good as you are at this yet... Well in any case someday I'll be. In the mean time you needn't worry, I know it isn't personal."

Stopping in front of the door she pushed the button to summon the elevator.

Even after these past 2 years he was still amazed at the amount of information Amanda could impart in one breath, Lee was in a daze in it's aftermath. When the elevator doors opened, Lee entered silently to ride down with her. His thoughts were in turmoil, 'did she really think it was easy for him, holding her, kissing her. Especially in bed, with her dressed in a skimpy negligee him in nothing but pajama bottoms, it had been all he could do to keep his mind on business, when all he wanted to do is make love to her all night long. He had been sure she'd seen though his cover, especially the way she responded to his kiss. In fact he thought that had they not been interrupted things might have gotten easily out of hand, but evidently he was wrong his cover remained intact.

'Great Scarecrow, she's right, you're really good at being under cover all right, and the minute emotion surfaces you go right for the cover. Your sure are good at fooling her, too bad you aren't as good at fooling yourself. '

The door opened and they stepped out together. At that moment Lee made a choice.

"Amanda... before you go could you come up to the Q Bureau for a minute? "

"Well...Mother has a date, and Jamie has a geography test I promised to quiz him on..."

"It's important, and it won't take long, I promise."

"All right."

Lee followed her up the stairs to their office. Once in the office, Amanda set her purse down and leaned against her desk, Lee took a moment to lock the door. Running his hand through his hair, he moved to stand directly in front of her.

"You're wrong, you know."

"I am? About what."

"It isn't easy for me. In fact, it's damn hard."

Amanda smiled, "Well you make it look easy, to me anyway. I mean no matter what cover you always play it like it was second nature."

"When we play a part it is easy, but that is because hiding what I'm feeling is second nature I do it every day." Lee moved in closer "But while undercover assignments are a breeze, it's my every day cover that is getting harder to keep."

"Oh?" Amanda was at a loss for words.

Lee grasped her gently by both arms pulling her towards him, Amanda straightened to stand bringing her almost eye to eye with him, his hands caressing her arms softly as he spoke. "Amanda, I'd like come out from under this cover."

Amanda placed her hands on his chest and smiled, "I think I'd like that."

And with that he covered her lips with his.