"Normal? Oh Yeah!"

By: Jenny
Summary:The infamous Scarecrow discovers that the dreaded "normal' life ain't as bad as he thought. but we're not surprised are we?
Rating:pg 13
Disclaimer:Not mine. no money made.


after marriage and disclosure Lee Stetson, a.k.a. Scarecrow, was sitting at his desk in the Q Bureau. Not really an unusual occurance, unless you take into consideration the dreamy look on his handsome face. He sat with his feet propped up on the desk, his hands laced behind his head, and a small smile on his lips. He was remembering the night before. He and Amanda had finally made it home after a grueling day. Upon entering the house they now shared, they were immediately bombarded by two energetic teenage boys, a barking brown and white furball, an exhausted grandmother and a fussy nine- month old baby girl. They shared a meaningful look and waded in to calm their family. Amanda took the crying baby. Lee kicked the dog outside. Dotty went upstairs to rest before her date with Kurt. Lee separated the fighting boys and demanded an explanation of why they were fighting. The squabble was settled in a typical Lee fashion. He bribed them with extra allowance if they would do their homework and drop the fight. Phillip and Jaime responded as expected and ran upstairs at top speed to earn their bonus money.

Amanda sent a disapproving look to Lee but was too distracted to reprimand him. Jennifer Amanda Stetson stopped crying at the sight of her beloved DaDa and held out pudgy arms to Lee. He took her and began to speak softly. "Hello baby girl. How's my girl today. You look very tired. You gave your Grandma fits today, didn't you?"

The infamous Scarecrow made funny noises and kissed the baby on the forehead. He looked at Amanda and smiled. He said in an amused voice, "Welcome home." His tone was noticeably sarcastic.

Amanda only shook her head and said, "You know you really amaze me sometimes. Lee Stetson, family man. Any other man would be running for his life right now. This place is more chaotic than Monday morning at the bullpit. The KGB hasn't got anything on this family in the torture department. But I still think that you wouldn't have it any other way."

The Agency's top operative only smiled and said, "You, the kids, and all the resulting chaos are the best part of my life. I waited a long time to be able to claim this life and I am taking it for all I can get. You got a point about the KGB though. I bet two hours here and Phillip could get any information he wanted out of the toughest case!!"

With that said Lee put Jenny in her high chair and removed his coat and tie to help with dinner. "You know what, Lee? Why don't we just order pizza and enjoy our little piece of terrorist alley? I am really tired and I think Jenny is teething and I just… well I just want something simple for a change."

Lee agreed and ordered pizza just as he heard WWIII erupt upstairs. He was still smiling over the remembered sight of Jaime covered in Phillip's model paint when he was startled to awareness by Billy's brisk knock on the office door. The section chief's arrival pulled Lee back into the world of espionage and out of the Wonderland his life had become. The wonderland he loved and would protect with his life.

"Good morning, Scarecrow. Just what continent were you on anyway? I knocked three times."

"Sorry Billy. I was just thinking about all the changes in my world lately."

Billy Melrose chuckled and said, "Is my beautiful goddaughter acting up?"

"No, she's perfect. Just perfect. Amanda thinks she is teething and she has been a little fussy but she is still a little angel. Did you see the latest picture of the kids?" as he began to pull out the snapshot Francine Desmond breezed in and muttered, "Spoken like a truly besotted father. Really Lee, I just can't imagine you in this Daddy mode. It is actually quite tiresome."

"Can it Francine!" Billy and Lee spoke simultaneously. Francine huffed and threw down the files she had carried in with her. Billy picked them up and said, "I will see everyone in ten minutes for morning meeting."

`So Lee, were you saying something about a new picture?" Francine querried nonchalantly. She jumped almost guiltily when Amanda waltzed through the door and greeted her husband with a kiss on the cheek. "Francine, if you want to see a picture of your goddaughter just ask. In fact I wish you would come over and see her. She misses her Auntie Francie."

With a bemused look Lee handed over the latest shot of the baby and her brothers to the alleged ice queen of the Agency. She melted like a snowball in July at the sight. "Oh Amanda, maybe I will come out to Arlington this weekend. I have some…errands to run out in that area. After all I wouldn't want to ignore my duties as her spiritual guide. Someone has to teach her about fashion." With her parting barb she strolled out to join the morning meeting.

With commiserating grins Lee and Amanda followed hand in hand. At the door, Lee paused and pulled his wife into his arms. He kissed her deeply while his hands roamed over her slim back and down to her derriere. "UHUH Scarecrow! We are working and we are in the hallway and Billy is waiting on us."

"You can't blame a guy for trying can you?" He flashed her his best smile and with one last pat he lead the way to the conference room. Life was definitely good for the spy turned househusband.

The End