P is for Photographs

by Beth J

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, just enjoy 'em

Author's Note:  This is my contribution to the alphabet challenge.  Hope it gives the rest of you some ideas.

Sixty-year-old Amanda Stetson placed the finishing touches on her make-up and nearly waltzed over to her dresser.  She was eagerly looking forward to dinner and dancing with her still breathtakingly handsome husband. After meticulous consideration, she chose to wear the pearl set given to her by her husband on their tenth anniversary.

As she latched the necklace, her gaze flickered to the frames decorating the top of the dresser. The most recent pictures drew her attention first. Three smiling grandchildren posed before a Christmas backdrop. She laughed softly as she remembered her daughters-in-law describing the ordeal of taking that photograph.

The next photo was taken by Philip. The year he turned sixteen, he had spent an entire Saturday washing and polishing the Corvette. The picture was given to Lee in hopes that Philip would be given permission to occasionally drive the car.

There were wedding pictures of each son. The young men and their brides of course looking radiantly happy.

It was the final picture that she picked up. Jamie had taken the photo about the same time as Philip's picture of the 'vette. They had taken the boys to a nearby park for a picnic. While Jamie roamed over the grounds snapping shots of birds, Lee and Philip had tossed the Frisbee back and forth. Amanda had planned to simply sit back and watch but the two males soon drew her into the game. Jamie had returned just as Amanda had caught the Frisbee. Lee had playfully grabbed her and spun her around. Jamie had captured them staring into each others' eyes and laughing.

It did not matter that she looked at that one everyday.  For some reason, it summed up all the love and joy she and Lee had found together.

Arms wrapped around her from behind. "I thought I was taking my wife out to dinner. Yet, here she is, daydreaming." Lee gently whispered against her neck as he teased her.

Sighing, Amanda turned into his embrace. "I can't help it. Our life together always overwhelms me."

After a gently kiss, she continued. "Lee, there were so many close calls. How can I help treasuring all the precious time we've spent as a family?"

Lee searched her face for the tears he knew would soon be coming. At the first hint in her eyes, he decided to distract her. "You're going to have redo your make-up and then we'll miss our reservation." Before she could scold him for his heartlessness, he kissed her. "Since we aren't going to make dinner, how about dessert?" His lips moved to her earlobe. "I'm not really all that hungry anyway." His hands unzipped her dress.

Delighted with his plan, Amanda slid his jacket off his shoulders. "I'm all for making another precious memory."

Pulling him towards the bed, she grinned. "Although I doubt I want any framed photographs of this one displayed."

Stetson smile firmly in place, he asked, "How about some for private viewing?"

Their laughter was soon lost to the passionate kisses they exchanged.