I is for Interrogation

Author: Ceeg

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Scarecrow and Mrs King is copyrighted by Warner Bros and Shoot the Moon Production Company. Typical lines, situations, clichés, etc are borrowed from SMK as needed.

Time Setting: Spring, 1987

Lee Stetson was in the kitchen when his wife entered the apartment. He called out a greeting, and heard her response, along with the sound of her keys dropping to the foyer table. He pictured her pausing by the sofa to drop her purse, and slide out of her shoes. He waited patiently for her to join him.

His patience was rewarded when Amanda came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. "I love you," they sighed in synchronicity, content to be rejoined at the end of the day. Her eyes closed as she rested her head against his back.

"You're wearing my apron," she murmured, tracing the frilled edges and stroking his chest.

"I'm preparing one of your recipes," he responded in defense. "It inspires me."

He took her hand and kissed it, even as he finally laid aside the spoon and turned to take her into his arms. Their lips met and clung as they breathed and tasted each other. Time stood still, but then leaped forward to the point where they had to separate and come up for air.

She snuggled against his chest, and he continued to hold her, his cheek against her hair. Appreciating their closeness, and the privacy to stand together like this. Enjoying the way they fit together.

He broke the silence, as he had to turn aside to stir the pot. His right arm remained across her shoulders, her arms around his waist.

"Long day?" He asked.

"Mm-hmm." She sounded half asleep. "I hate all-day classes!"

"What was it today?" he prompted. Even as he wondered sometimes why she bothered when she had already received so much 'on the job' training, he admired the way she threw herself into her classes, determined to prove herself and show that her Agent status hadn't just been handed to her along with that package.

"A seminar on 'Advanced Interrogation Techniques'," she replied. "Francine even lectured on using our wiles on members of the opposite sex." She reported with a smile.

"She would!" He chuckled. "Did you learn anything?"

"I have ways of making you talk," she teased in an outrageous Russian accent. She raised an arm, and wove her fingers into his hair, pulling his head towards her. First she sucked at his lower lip, then ran her tongue between his lips. Immediately he opened his mouth, permitting her full access.

"My uncle told me to never talk with my mouth full," he declared when she withdrew. He breathed evenly, trying to appear unaffected. After all, he'd been trained to withstand 'wiles'...

"Ah, you are too clever for me," she continued, diverting her attention to his right ear.  A lick, a blow, a nibble. She tried not to laugh as he put down the spoon.

"Francine taught that in class?" He choked out.

"Certainly not!" She protested, "I'm making it up as I go along." She released him, and started to leave the kitchen.

"Amanda!" He begged. "Don't stop!"

"That was just a sample, you get more when you answer my questions." She promised, leaving a trail of clothing as she proceeded to their bedroom.

"I'll tell you anything you want to know." He moaned.

Lee Stetson turned off the stove and put their dinner in the refrigerator before hurrying after his wife.

The End