Dead Men Leave No Trails *What If*

By: Isabel
Summary:Alternate scenes to Dead Men Leave No Trails, what could have happened if Amanda's family didn't show up when they did.
Disclaimer:Scarecrow and Mrs. King is copyrighted by Warner Brothers and Shoot the Moon, they retain the rights to the character.
Author's Notes:Okay this is another *what if* so if you don't like those, please, don't read it. This was my first fanfic so its really short.


Lee and Amanda sat on the couch together. Lee's attention was not on the cake Amanda had made, but on her. She caught his eyes and set down her plate.

Lee did the same. "Amanda",he said with a gentle tone in his voice. He reached for her arm. She leaned toward him and their lips touched gently.

She pulled back for a moment and met his eyes once again. He had the most amazing eyes. He smiled at the compliment as if he heard it, almost reading her mind. He tilted his head until their lips met again, this time with more passion. He pulled her close, this time almost into his lap. But she really didn't object to that idea.

She moved slowly into a more comfortable position close to him. She felt so safe with his arms encircling her with a strong but gentle touch. She had waited for this moment for three years and now, it was better than she ever dreamed. She had put off her feelings for so long that their kiss seemed to release the passion and love they had for each other all at once. They were able to express what they couldn't put in words.

As if on cue they heard a car door slam shut outside. They pulled back from their embrace and with a panicked look to the door Amanda whispered, "Its mother, they're home. Quick out the back!" She scrambled for the "extra" set of dishes. Lee rushed out the back like a teenager caught by his girlfriend's father. Girlfriend. Lee liked the sound of that, and he smiled to himself.

Amanda put the dishes in the sink and stepped out the door, half wanting him to stay and have a normal relationship. As she stepped out she was quickly grabbed by the arm and in one graceful movement swept into Lee's arms. She couldn't help but smile at the self satisfied look on his face.

He tilted his head until their lips met again with a quick kiss. As he started to leave his mouth crossed hers again almost teasing her with a second kiss. And then he was gone. She wanted to go with him but all she could do was smile. Their first kiss was almost worth three years of waiting.

The end