Title: S is for Snoring

**Disclaimer** Scarecrow and Mrs. King is copyrighted to Warner Brothers and Shoot the Moon Production Company. This story, however, is mine. It is intended for entertainment purposes; please only archive it with the rest of the Alphabet stories. No infringement is intended.

Timeline: Two years after the end of the series. Stupid Mystery Marriage is no longer a mystery.

Summary: Complete fluff…a discussion in Billy's office early one morning.

Rating: G

Author's Note: Thanks to Sabrina for the quick beta. Hopefully we got everything fixed.


"I can't believe I'm even telling you this, Billy," Lee says as he paces around Billy's office. "Please keep this under the strictest confidence. Amanda would kill me if she found out I told you. I just can't take it anymore. I can't sleep; in fact, I don't think that anyone else is sleeping either. I've even resorted to ear
plugs, for me and the rest of the family."

"Ear plugs!?! It's that bad?" asks Billy as he begins to laugh. "Have you tried going to sleep before she does?"

Lee looks at him incredulously, "Of course…we've all tried that, and as for the ear plugs…Dotty said that it helped Carl when they first got married. Evidently, she would go to sleep first, to avoid his snoring and he would wear the earplugs to avoid hers."

"This is just now becoming a problem, she never used to snore? I mean, come on Lee, surely it's not that bad."

"Yes, it is and she never used to snore like this. I'm beginning to think that maybe there's something wrong with her."

"Have you confronted her about it? Have you mentioned getting help for it?"

"Yes, complete denial. I believe her exact words were…'I do not snore!'" As he speaks Amanda walks in behind Lee as Billy begins to clear his throat to try and get Lee to be quiet. "So naturally she won't even bring up…getting help…she's right behind me isn't she?"

"Oh yeah…"

Turning around abruptly, Lee begins, "Amanda, I can explain…"

Putting her hand up to cut him off. "I can't believe you told Billy! I told you that it's not a problem. There is nothing that needs to be done."

"Amanda, I had to get some impartial advice from someone who's been married for a while. Besides, no one is getting any sleep even with the ear plugs."

"You told him you bought ear plugs...like you don't snore!"

"Amanda, I know I snore. I'll admit that I snore, but this denial has got to stop." Adding in a more playful tone…"It could affect the boys."

"Oh Lee, I don't see what a couple of more days could do to affect the boys. It's summer; they sleep in after we all leave. Besides, after the wedding on Friday, it's going to be Charles's problem. Let him deal with Francine's snoring."


The End