Beta Volunteers


The following people have generously offered their services as beta-readers for SMK stories. Some have special requests of the people sending them stories, some have limited time that they can read. Just to be polite, please send them an e-mail first before you send them their stories to make sure they are able to read your story. If you would like to add your name to this list of volunteers contact with your short bio and email address!  Thanks!

Angie My strengths are that I am good at spelling and punctuation. I also love SMK. I can devote several hours a week to this-at least an hour a night. My biggest weaknesses are that I am new to this group and, as much as I love the show, I don't have every episode memorized so I look things up when in doubt.

My strengths are spelling and grammar, and asking questions. I'm not very good at punctuation outside the few rules there are ::g::.

Return time is usually a day or two depending on my workload. I would prefer if someone asks me first if I'm available before sending the story to me (sometimes I'm out of town without email access and it wouldn't be fair for the author to wait a week or two without notice).

Clarabelle I'm a faithful viewer now and swap episode tapes with a small group of friends. We even have a discussion group that meets every third Thursday at the Denny's to talk about favorite moments or hypothesize about fanfic.  I can provide 2 day turnaround, and am a very detail-oriented reader. Non-sequiturs and anachronisms are my specialty.
Daphne Most of the time I can beta in 24 hours of receiving the story. I'm strong in spelling, fair in sentence structure, I believe I have a good handle on the characters.
Dawn Yzaguirre I'm good at everything except for some points in punctuation.
EmilyAnn Will beta anything, but very busy. Please email first to check availability. Beta will be rather thorough w/ look at grammar, characterization, plot, flow, word usage, etc., and turnaround will be b/t 5 days and a week.

- Very careful reader, who will catch small, easy to overlook errors (e.g., a comma in the wrong place, misspelling of an unusual word)
- Excellent grasp of the SMK characters'' peersonalities, verbal styles, and plausible interaction
- Able to see the big picture and suggesst iimportant overarching changes (such as the need to make a story longer or more fully develop a plot point)
- Great sense of humor (appreciates humoorouus content and will suggest good additional humorous elements)
- Fast turnaround time (usually from a ffew hours to 2 days)
- Comfortable handling a variety of formmatss (from short vignette to novella)
- Always gives positive feedback and enccourragement, as well as important critical comments
- Very good grammatical/spelling skills<
> - Attention to a wide variety of contentt (nnonverbal cues, dialogue, description, plot, POV, as well as the grammar and spelling basics)
- A real flair for finding excellent opeeninng and closing lines for a story

Merel Flexible schedule, willing to beta most anything. Strengths would be in characterization, plot development, and dialogue.
TanteKiki Will beta anything and am generally flexible about availability but advance notice is preferable. I look at spelling and grammar (but prefer if it's been through a spell check first), word choice and sentence flow, characterization, etc. I notice plot holes but am not necessarily adept at fixing them; the same applies to dialogue. Can do a quick once over or something more in depth.
Teresa Strengths are the technical aspects of writing such as spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc.  Longtime fan of show, but can't necessarily recall plot details of individual episodes; I have only a
dozen or so on tape. Turnaround time generally 1-2 days.  Please check availability before sending story.